Meghan Telpner and all that she does represents fun and vibrancy. Her website and blog, launched in 2008 have become a sought after and sweetly loved destination for all things healthy, creative and delightful.

Our goal is to promote an inspired health promoting lifestyle through great food, whole and real ingredients, a few pretty things, lifestyle and kitchen essentials and all things conscious and enviro-loving- without being too hippied out. We work our hearts out to keep things fresh and fun, and help people integrate the most optimal and amazing living practices into their everyday life to help them to achieve their greatest potential and abundant health.

Current Statistics: Including our blog, we receive 4,500 page views each day. In the past month we have attracted about 150,000 page views! Our readers are split mainly between Canadian and US and the majority are women between the ages of 26 and 45.


Corporate Ownership

With  numerous eBooks, print on demand books, video content and presentations as well as live programming such as live stream video demonstrations and chats there are endless opportunities to take existing content or co-create content that can carry your branding. This allows you to incorporate your brand culture and even key personelle into anything that Meghan currently creates.

Corporate Program Creation

Together with Meghan, create something completely new for your business. This could include:

  • custom video content
  • health coaching programs
  • eBooks
  • group coached health programs
  • customized lunch and learn sessions.


Meghan and her existing online programs are available for fundraising opportunities. She can donate a significant portion of proceeds as well as sponsorship and branding to your not-for-profit organization or the NGO of your choosing. This is an effective way to offer health inspiration for your fundraising efforts, raise money with close to 100% going directly to the cause and offer your supporters an inspiring product for their donation.

Consultancy Team

Need a whole posse to back up your big plans? Meghan has pulled together a team of her very best experts to be able to offer you a comprehensive and complete plan where we will take care of everything for you. The team is available as a group or Meghan can pull from this board of  key people for your project needs.

Further details and rates available upon specific request and are quoted on a per project basis. Contact or call 855-558-0233 ext. 701

Web Property Sponsorship

As a trusted influencer online, Meghan has built up a loyal following across social media platforms of consumers who trust her opinions, recommendations and guidance.

Meghan’s engaged audience goes a step beyond consuming her  visuals, tips and advice to act upon the content by sharing it with their own networks and converting their interest into purchase.

Though high volume traffic is often what is most appealing to potential advertisers, and we have that, our greater focus is on attracting a high quality of traffic that have an active interest in participating in Meghan’s community.

The Company You Keep

We are very selective about the company we like to keep, as should you. We would never promote or permit advertising from brands or services that Meghan wouldn’t personally endorse or use. You can therefore trust that your message won’t be diluted by shlocky, bad ads and useless content.

“Meghan’s passion for people, food, and nutrition comes through in everything she does. Her knowledge is astounding, but it is her ability to connect and inspire everyone that is her true gift. In a matter of minutes, Meghan’s engaging teaching style and unique recipes created a wonderful buzz at our local chef series demonstrations. Not only was the end result a hit, but the process of working together was more than enjoyable! Fearless and fun, I have no doubt Meghan will continue creating new ways to inspire those around her to live healthy and delicious lives.” 

- Janice Chan, Regional Marketing Director Whole Foods Market


  1. Main Page Ownership
  • Image + text in main slider
  • Blog article
  • Link from main image to blog.
  • Graphic in slider menu
  • 1 available/per month
  • 2 month minimum
  • Meghan Approved / UnDiet Approved listing

Rate: From $1,600 / month

  1. 300 x 250 Side Bar Ad
  • Displayed prominently across the website (including blog).
  • 2 Available/month

Rate: From $550/month

3. 300 x 100 Side Bar Ad

  • Displayed prominently across the website (including blog).
  • Rate: from $120/month

4. 150 x 100 Side Bar Ad

  • Displayed prominently across the website (including blog).
  • Rate: from $60/month


  • 590 x 100 banners that tag the end of blog posts.
  • 1 banner per blog post
  • Five blog post minimum.
  • Rate: from $50/post

Advertising Packages

We love creating amazing packages that suit your business, an upcoming event or specific promotion. Please get in touch and we’ll send you our full media kit and proposal for a customized plan.

Further details and rates available upon specific request and are quoted on a per project basis. Contact or call 855-558-0233 ext. 701

Full Disclosure: This is a for profit biz and blog. Though I LOVE to help out and promote the goods and products I love, writing my blog and running my classes is my full time gig. I am thrilled to accept and promote peeps and goods who fit with my philosophy and all that we do over here in the kitchen. All of the sponsored giveaways that we do are compensated. The goods we feature that are not part of giveaways are usually just the things weI have discovered and love. You are free to send us goods, but that does not guarantee you will get the write up you are after. We stick by the old “If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all” but will also sing the praises of that which I do love to bits. If you want to send us goods, contact us first at maeve (at) meghantelpner (dot) com.