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Do you love what we're doing so much that you're telling everyone about what we're up to? Has something you learned from us changed your health (and maybe life!) in some way? So start making some moolah off of your love spreading efforts. If you believe you are ready to rock out the cheerleading on our behalf, than fill out the application below.
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New To The World Of Affiliates?

Have no fear, for we will show you the ways! Once you sign up below and our little affiliate fairies give you the stamp of approval, everything you need to know will be ready and set and easy for you to follow. We'll have banner ads and text links you can use on your own website, in emails, on your blog, on your facebook page, on twitter- wherever you like! We will pay our affiliates at the end of each quarter  if your balance is $50 or more. Payouts are made via PayPal- which means you must have a PayPal account.

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Brand Shiny and New to and our Affiliate Program?

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  1. Meghan Telpner inc. does not provide technical support on how to design websites, update ads, create other affiliate accounts, post banners etc. It is up to you to design your own website and to paste your link or banner add into your website. 
  2. Commissions are paid quarterly through PayPal.  Ensure your paypal email address/account is correct and up to date so that you receive your payment. 
  3. The affiliate program is designed as a referral program in order to generate sales from new customers and is not to be used for personal orders. 
  4. Products may go on sale from time-to-time and at any given time there may be package rates on multiple products. You will earn commission based on the sale prices, should you choose to share the bundle packages with your audience. 
  5. Meghan Telpner Inc. has the right to modify the affiliate program without notice. 
  6. It is the responsibility of the affiliate to clearly post their own affiliate coupon code. Meghan Telpner Inc. is not responsible for paying commissions based on referrals unless the affiliate code was entered.
  7. If you would like us to modify creative to include your affiliate code, there is a minimum fee of $20.