The Shift Is Happening: 5 Films That Can Change Your Life

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5 films that can change your life

There is a shift happening. A really, mighty big one. You and me, we’re active members of it. Seeing and watching and listening to all that has happened, just in 2013, I think we can see there is a quickening going down.

Like nothing anyone living today has ever seen, there is an aggressive and urgent need for us to wake up and do it all a little differently. Apathy is no longer an option. Being obedient to those that never served to serve us anyway is no longer okay. That is what got us where we are and where we are is critical. Action is critical.

Personally, it was this shift that had me take my once small and comfortable culinary program into the big wide world online. This is what I can offer right now — an education on healthy sustainable living and a way to share it.

We have come to a place on this planet, in this time, where it is our responsibility to question everything, to do our own digging and decide for ourselves what works and what’s broken. We need to figure out what makes sense and what doesn’t, and what we’re willing to stand idly by and watch happen and what we are ready and able to take a stand against.

Today is the day, my dear sweet friends, and I am honoured to be part of this movement right along with you.

Matt Damon shared the below video nearly two years ago, and it has suddenly surfaced and is going viral. Why now? Why are we just now taking notice of a reading of an excerpt from Howard Zinn’s speech, originally delivered over 40 years ago, in response to an impending arrest for protesting soldiers going to Vietnam? Perhaps because now it is becoming even more dire, more relevant and more essential.

Perhaps you have already seen this one. Actor/Comedian Russel Brand, challenging (and being challenged by) long-time BBC journalist Jeremy Paxman that his reason for not voting isn’t apathy towards politics but quite the opposite. He doesn’t vote as there isn’t anyone to vote for who is truly representing the needs of the citizens of this planet.

And then we have Marianne Williamson, one of the foremost spiritual teachers of our lifetime running for congress, and doing so on a platform of love, inclusion, and non-violence.

There is a shift and whether we like it or not, we have a choice to make. We can stand by as witness or we can be active in making it happen. Imagine a planet of non-violence where we work to heal and love instead of fight. And who is that enemy we are fighting, anyway — is it a perceived or fictitious enemy in a land far-far away? The makers of our food? The diseases we run for in the name of hope (or is it fear?)

As Seth Godin writes in The Icarus Deception, the age of industrialization when we were best served by keeping quiet, staying within the safety zone and comfort zone, are gone. As he explains it, this is the age of connectivity where as individuals we have the capacity to do big, great, amazing things.

Let’s do that, then!

And so here I have for you five films that every citizen on the plant must watch. These are five films that can change your life or, at the very least, might light a spark. You don’t necessarily have to agree with my choices, but they’re a place to start.

During this holiday season, when we have the opportunity to slow down, cuddle up and relax, I want to ask you to take some time to watch what I have shared with you below.



There has been no human study beyond 90 days on the effects of GMOs on our health. If we look at the greater population, we are not getting healthier, we are not feeding the hungry and we are not generating higher yields. The only thing we have more of is suicides among Indian farmers, cancers and autoimmune disease in our population, and increased level of pesticide use, increased revenue for Big Agro/Pharma and still children are dying of hunger.

And if you still don’t get the food thing, then watch this:

2. I Am

What if what we think is most important, doesn’t really matter at all? An exploration of the state of our world and what we can about it.

More on the film.


If we continue polluting and treating the planet as we do, we have 20 years before our oceans die. No population has ever survived beyond this. What is the world our children are inheriting from us?

3. Pink Ribbons, Inc

Wait a second… What are you running for, again?

Watch the full movie here.

4. Food Inc. 

The food choices you make are not just about you, you know. We spend less on our food and more on disposable consumer items here than on any other place on the planet. Our food choices are also political choices, sustainability choices, environmental choices and life affirming choices. Every choice counts. Who do you want to support? Who do you think is truly supporting you back?

If you want to learn more about this, check out this interview with author of Pandora’s Lunch Box, Melanie Warner.

5. Walmart

We think it’s okay to buy cheap stuff because everyone else is doing it and it works better with our budget. But what really is the cost of this cheap stuff? What is the cost to communities near and far?

Other films that deserve mighty recommendations from me include:

  • Black Fish – Are amusement parks and zoos okay for entertainment? This isn’t just about animal rights, it’s about the laws of nature.
  • The Promise – Is cutting off women’s breasts really how we should be treating the cancer epidemic?
  • Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business – How the FDA interferes in a proven, effective cancer treatment for terminal patients.
  • The Corporation– Why going for profit is broken.

As we wrap up the year and head into a fresh one that promises great change and still so much learning for all of us, what we can we do? What can we do individually and what can we do together?

The list above us simply a start. Can you help me complete it?

What film, book or interview have you seen/read that sparked change in your life? Please share below. This is important!

19 Responses to “The Shift Is Happening: 5 Films That Can Change Your Life”

  1. Alia


    Dearest Meghan, I didn’t watch any of the movies above, but I plan to watch them. I just wanted to share this documentary that I watched this year and it really helped me to understand some failures around the world and why some governments still support some decisions that benefit small groups in detriment of the majority.

    “Four horsemen” written and Directed by Ross Ascroft

  2. Danielle


    Great list! Love love love Blackfish, such a powerful film with an important (and much needed) message. I also love the Cove, FoodMatters and Simply Raw :)

  3. Robyn


    The best documentary I watched this year is called “Bag It: is your life too plastic.” It caused me to change my behaviour when it comes to plastic bags. I now use a lot less and am careful about re-using ones I already have.

  4. Mandy


    Great list. I have yet to get my paws on OMG GMOs. I would add “Forks Over Knives” and “Food Matters” to that list as well. And, personally, “The Secret” was a game changer for me too.

  5. Greg


    Great post Megan. Life changing films for me were Earthlings, Forks Over Knives and Vegecated.

  6. Julie Gravelle


    Not a food related movie but one called “Doctored” changed my opinion of the Chiropractic field of medicine and taking a more holistic approach to my health

  7. Cindy Whicker


    Another movie that is a game changer is Unacceptable Levels, It’s about the chemicals that are in everything in our lives, from food to personal care products; how they got there and what we can do about it. Great great film! I think it’s now available on Netflix but there are also movie showings throughout the US.

  8. Kristy C


    Ohh, where to begin? (Netflix has become my best friend in recent months!) Aside from those already mentioned, Farmageddon, The Business of Being Born and Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead come immediately to mind.

    Great post and discussion!

  9. Tracey


    Happy New Year to all. I enjoyed a Youtube video of a talk about rethinking “lost” urban and former industrial spaces as opportune places for small-scale farming. “Urban Agriculture Meeting Demands in Unlikely Places: Resistance is Fertile.” Particularly interesting near the end when speaker discusses Cuba going through a fuel shock causing farming to move into the cities because the food had to be grown where the people were. I also like her mention of “taste memories” which develop when people discover what locally grown food tastes like. Hugs.

  10. Toni


    I look forward to watching some of the films mentioned that I have not seen.
    I recently was shown ‘Forks over Knives’ and found that many conclusions were based on information that was incomplete. The stuff left out was what I noticed. The general drift of the movie was in the direction of vegetarianism and studies such as ‘The China Study’ were used to bolster the argument.
    There was much generalizing in ‘The China Study’ too. Assumptions were made about the results of meat eating in the Phillipines for example. The fact that the meat source there is dreadfully contaminated with heavy metals/ poor hygeine etc was not mentioned.
    The problem here is the ascribing of negative health results to meat eating per se – not ‘contaminated meat’.
    Grass fed, humanely raised meat is a healthy option for some – the question of how much the planet can sustain with increased population is another aspect worthy of discussion.
    Humans have been constructed to be omnivores – we produce bile to digest large amounts of fat, we have ‘haem-receptors’ to absorb iron from animal origin which are much more effective than the receptors for vegetable sources. Vitamin B12 is essential for healthy oxygen transport and red blood cells and is only present in appreciable amounts in animal products. Vegetarians require supplementation with this vital nutrient.
    Grass fed animals have good levels of omega 3′s in their fat – a crucial and under-appreciated nutrient.
    These factors do not get mentioned in ‘Forks over Knives’.
    I appreciate the need to diversify and include healthy foods from many sources – especially vegetables, nuts, legumes and valuing meat as an ingredient among many others that can contribute to overall health.

  11. Tina Michel


    This film unmanned is only available for a short time streaming:

  12. Jen


    A bit older but Hungry for Change is powerful

  13. Lynn


    Check out King Corn or It will make you totally rethink about nearly everything you eat and/or drink.

  14. Nicole


    Thank you for sharing these! I love documentaries! I have seen a few you mentioned, and plan to watch the ones I haven’t seen. The documentaries that created a huge shift in me this past year was ‘Genetic Roulette’ and ‘Seeds of Death’. Also Hungry for Change. These really helped me to understand what is happening with the food industry and allowed me to feel more empowered about how/what to feed myself and my family.

  15. lila


    Wow!!! Absolutely fantastic! Well said!! I couldn’t agree more! I would probably add….. We Are Not Broke and Zeitgeist to that list :)
    We just started a progressive group/page on facebook that follows these exact ideals. Come visit us! Look for us on facebook @ Revolution Hub!! We need progressive thinkers to all come together!! It’s up to us and we can’t wait much longer. We need to take back our freedoms and earth from the corporation. The time is now!!! PEACE and transparency for all!

  16. Rally


    The best documentary I’ve watched last year is Blackfish. It had changed my life in the sense of opening my eyes to the backstage aspects of this highly profitable industry and the costs on its behalf, affecting everything from the environment to food chain. It stirred an urge inside of me of doing a continuous research and sign petitions as a desire to make a change, as well as encouraging others to get educated.
    The videos listed on this page are valuable as well. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Traci


    The movie Farmageddon really made me think. It is thought provoking and should be added to your list. The producer Kristin Canty is doing great things and is someone to be watched.

  18. Adi klein


    Thank you for great recommendations ! I agree all of the above are life changing ;) mine was “earthlings” ( URL above ) extremly hard to watch but it’s a MUST! After this documentary I become a vegetarian & now my eyes were open to see and seek for the hiding truth! And was able to see other docomenteris from a better angle ! We have the power to change, grow and make a better future for our next generation ! Love & peace !!

  19. Lynn


    I forgot about “The Story of Stuff” too. I think it’s on YouTube.

  20. Leanna


    The Economics of Happiness. Samsara. The vanishing of the bees.


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