An UnDiet Interview with My Husband Josh Gitalis

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UnDiet on Tour with Josh Gitalis

You know that first interview is a prime thing, and for this, there was really only one option, my husband, Josh Gitalis, clinical nutritionist.

We set up the interview in our home kitchen, in the very spot where the photo was taken that opens up Chapter 10 of the book entitled “Love What You Do, And Do It With Love”.

Josh asks some great questions and our conversation went from calorie counting, to the land of Away, to what my ideal day would be, and much in between.

Hop on over to to watch the full interview.

Coming up next on the UnDiet Book Tour: Eating Bird Food, this Thursday. Be sure to check out the full roster (with more being added everyday), and follow the Book Tour tribe on Twitter for more insights, tips and inside scoop.

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