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Arbonne Calling: Is Arbonne Really As Pure And Safe As You Think?


Have you been contacted yet by your friendly neighbourhood Arbonne consultant?

We all know one, don't we?

This might have something to do with the fact that the number of Arbonne consultants has doubled, worldwide, in the past year.

Arbonne is not living up to what they claim to be.

In the last six months, I have been approached by an Arbonne consultant nearly weekly. I would be a prime candidate to be a consultant: I cheerlead for the pure, healthy, clean lifestyle. I also have access to you, my very well informed, intelligent community who might be open to spending a little more for great quality products when they come with the assurance of non-toxicity. I thought that rather than continue to kindly decline offers to sign up as a consultant, I would look into the products a little further, because maybe this could be a widely available brand that, even if I didn't sell it, I might feel okay recommending it- after all, I have seen them at natural health shows and most recently, at the Green Living Show. For those of you who don't have a neighbourhood Arbonne rep, Arbonne works much like Avon, or Mary Kay cosmetics, Usana, Juice Plus, or the old school Tupperware. It's a multi-level, or what they refer to as "network marketing", company where independent reps go out and promote and sell the products to friends and family, and hopefully get those friends and family to sign up as consultants too, so they will earn income not just from their own sales, but also a commission on the sales their friends/family make. Top sellers are rewarded with lavish gifts like cars, cruises and financial bonuses, It's an effective structure for a business, and is a great, self-empowering way for consultants to be in control of their careers, income and schedule. You know how I LOVE that! For the cost of $95 and 35% off your purchases, anyone can be an Arbonne consultant, no training needed- at anytime.  It is the responsibility of consumers to become their own best expert, and ideally, that information should not be coming exclusively from the company's own promotional materials. Is Arbonne really pure?

Is @Arbonne as pure & safe as they claim?  via @MeghanTelpner #healthwashing
Many people are choosing Arbonne, because of the image the company promotes as being high-end, pure, simple and plant-based. As it states on their website:

At Arbonne, beauty begins with premium botanical ingredients, an integrative approach to beauty and an unwavering commitment to pure, safe and beneficial products. Arbonne creates personal care and wellness products that preserve and enhance the skin, body and mind. Working closely with scientists around the world and our Arbonne Institute of Research and Development (AIRD®) facility in Switzerland, we continually explore and develop scientifically advanced, botanically based proprietary formulas that meet our exacting standards for quality, safety and sustainability.

One might think from this description that the products really are quite pure. I might also then ask you to name any skincare, or even supplement that could not prove to be botanically based. Nearly everything in our world once came from plant or earth matter in some form or another. The other small catch is that from the sounds of it, all of their products are being tested by their own research labs, something pharmaceutical companies get in trouble for rather often. I went into my research thinking Arbonne was better than most, especially as they also highlight these key features: Arbonne personal care products are formulated without:

    • Animal products or animal by-products


  • Parabens



  • Formaldehyde donating preservatives



The following petroleum-based ingredients:

    • PABA


  • Benzene



  • Mineral Oil



  • Petrolatum



  • Phthalates



  • Toluene



Arbonne nutrition products are formulated without:

    • Artificial colour


  • Artificial flavours



  • Artificial sweeteners



  • Animal products



  • Animal by-products



  • Cholesterol



  • Saturated fats



  • Trans fats




It's equally important to know what's not in a product, as to know what is in there.

As you know, I am not a fan of healthwashing and so rarely take claims at face value.

I first called the company, but no one called me back. I am still waiting. I then sent an email to Arbonne, using the form they provide, requesting ingredient information and received the following auto-response:

  1. Access the Arbonne website at (or for Canada)
  2. Click on The Products
  3. Select the Product Category
  4. Access to the Product Line will be displayed with information about the product and its ingredients.

So off I went, only to discover there are no ingredients listed on the website- anywhere.

I put a call out on Facebook and we were flooded with comments and emails from people who knew reps, but none readily came forward with ingredient information.

Finally, ten days after I first went searching, I got a call from an Arbonne consultant who was willing to share, and proudly, information about the company and the products. I immediately loved her passion for what she was doing.

I shared my surprise at how tricky it was to get ingredient information on the products and was told it was due to the proprietary nature, to ensure other companies wouldn't copy formulas.

Most botanically based, pure and natural cosmetic companies however, freely share, and even highlight their ingredient lists with pride. Look at Living Libations, Thera Wise, Green Beaver, and even Alba Botanicals which is on the border for me of how natural it really is. I share the ingredients of my own All Purpose Body Butter- and would encourage you to make it in your kitchen.

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My first question was about how pure the products are and I got the response that always makes me cringe: We use the purest ingredients we can, wherever possible. 

That stance allows for a great, big wide open door to use whatever is the easiest, cheapest or most accessible but still maintain their principles of being vegan, and cholesterol free, which by-the-way, would have to go together as cholesterol is only ever found in animal based products. From what I can tell, Arbonne cartwheeled through that loophole.

As the consultant wrote to me following our conversation:

The motto we stand by is 'Pure, Safe, Beneficial.' We aim to use the purest ingredients possible, married with the safest of science to provide products that provide benefit to our clients. I know there is some confusion around whether Arbonne is "100% natural". This is not our claim. Arbonne wants to ensure that it provides the purest quality in skincare, health & wellness while maintaining safety. To do so, we combine ingredients and technology (like airless pumps to prevent oxidization which means we can use fewer preservatives) that are proven to be safe while doing the job required of the product.

Wait, they are not 100% natural? But the Arbonne manifesto declares it so, using words like green, pure, simple, natural and healthy. They say they are "Earth lovers and protectors", "Champions of wellness", "Forward-thinking",  "Forward looking" and "Future-friendly". You know I love a good manifesto, but you do have to actually do what the manifesto says for it to hold merit.

The consultant went on to stress the importance that all of their products have gone through rigorous testing, all are FDA approved and all have a Drug Identification number (DIN). What she said to me was this:

Wouldn't you rather know the products are tested and use ingredients that will keep the product stable and not go off, than stuff people just made up in their own kitchen?

A valid question and one certainly worth asking. Many of you may agree too.  My personal stance on this is that if someone is making something in their own kitchen, then at least I know they are not using Polysorbate 20 and Butylene Glycol as the main ingredient in a body mist, hydrogenated olive oil stearyl esters in an eyeliner, dimethicone in a facial moisturizer, or HDI/trimethylol hexyllactone crosspolymer as an anti-caking agent in my make-up. You can bet my man is not using a cetyl ethylhexanoate based after shave lotion. Not to mention that the oils that form the base of most of the Arbonne products, sunflower, safflower and in some cases canola, could not be confirmed as GMO-free.

Unfortunately, many of their formulations are not living up to their own green, simple, pure, natural, healthy, forward thinking, planet-protecting manifesto. The simple use of GMOs negates all of that, on its very own.

If you look up any of those aforementioned ingredients, most of the risks listed are between low and moderate in terms of being carcinogenic, hormone disrupting, allergenic and immuno-toxic. That may seem like a good place to start, and for many, it might just be a great place to start. This is why most women buy into the brand.

The definition of the word Pure:

  1. Not mixed or adulterated with any other substance or material.
  2. Without any extraneous and unnecessary elements.

How pure are products that use upwards of 20-30 plant-derived ingredients, that are not in their whole or unadulterated form?

Is @Arbonne as pure & safe as they claim?  via @MeghanTelpner #healthwashing

Consider this: the toxicity of a product is much greater when we consider the sum of its parts.

Suddenly, if using a selection of Arbonne skin-care and cosmetics products, plus their supplements, meal replacement shakes, and appetite suppressing 'Fit Chews' (which are mainly sugar, and really just blood sugar spiking candies), we are taking on a massively un-pure cocktail, of which the combined toxicity is not known, not tested and not harmless.

Arbonne's "unwavering commitment to pure, safe and beneficial products" has hit a blip and most certainly has wavered. Or perhaps Arbonne and I just define "pure, safe and beneficial" differently.

With what we now know about these 'science-made', 'botanically-derived' chemicals, we should know better than to keep using them, and companies need to know better than to keep telling us they are okay.

There is no need to continue to use products that are ultimately a work of chemical engineering.

My original intention for looking into all of this was just to be informed, so that when people asked, I knew for sure how I felt about the products based on facts.

Prior to gathering this information I thought that Arbonne would likely make a great transitional product, and would be a better, more health supportive, more natural option than what you would find in your local pharmacy or department store. This is why, most people switch to Arbonne- because they believe it to be a more natural option, whether Arbonne uses the word or not. Many of the products are better than a lot of what you'll find in comparable price points, but is better enough?

More pure, more safe, or more beneficial, is not the same as actually being pure, safe and beneficial. 

Similar to how healthier, is not the same as healthy.

I requested the ingredient list of a random selection of products so I could get an idea of the full spectrum of their products. You can download the entire ingredient list of what I collected here.

The list included the following:

  • Item#: 4555 Brightening Moisture Face Cream with SPF 30
  • Item#: 637 RE9 Advanced for Men Post-Shave Balm
  • Item#: 811 RE9 Advanced Smoothing Facial Cleanser
  • Item#: 8703 Calm Soothing Eye Gel
  • Item#: 7621 Perfecting Liquid Foundation with SPF 15 Alabaster
  • Item#: 7892 Eye Liner Charcoal 
  • Item#: 7905 Eye Makeup Remover
  • Item#: 849 Arbonne Baby Care Sunscreen SPF 30+
  • Item#: 7085 Awaken Rejuvenating Body Mist
  • Item#: 7316 5-in-1 Essential Massage Oil
  • Item#: 2067 Fit Chews - Caramel
  • Item#: 2069 Arbonne Essentials Protein Shake Mix Meal Replacement - Chocolate
  • Item#: 2065 Antioxidant and Immunity Booster

The ingredient labels for each of these products is long. Really, really long.

Most of the chemicals we are exposed to daily were once plants that have been so stripped down and refined to such an extreme as to evolve into a science-based synthetic chemical, also known as a drug.

Even abiding by their mission outlined above, Arbonne products contain such varied substances as hydrogenated castor-oil, sunflower, safflower and canola that are NOT certified to be GMO-free.  The Fit Chews gets 16 calories from pure sugar and 4 calories from palm oil, making them, yes- a candy through and through. The Antioxidant and Immunity Booster is made up primarily of various juices from concentrate- making those sweetener sources very much fructose concentrates, similar to that of high fructose corn syrup. The eye-make-up remover that can easily be replaced by pure coconut oil or jojoba oil contains nearly 20 ingredients including babassuamidopropyl betaine an anti-static, foam boosting cleansing agent that is not particularly harmful, but also not particularly necessary either.

The products all just seems very, very complicated when the solutions can actually be remarkably clean and simple.

When I asked the Arbonne consultant what training the consultants have to make recommendations for specific creams and lotions for skin conditions, or supplements for client's health needs, she said it is up to the consultant to get their education, beyond the company's own promotional materials and training. She compared it to asking an employee at a drug store to recommend a vitamin. You know how I feel about drug store supplements and untrained people recommending supplements.

Why am I telling you this?

I have nothing against Arbonne, or their consultants. I love that so many women are taking ownership over their lives, their businesses, their finances and setting themselves up for a life they love. That is UnDiet living through and through!

The challenge is that most of the information being circulated by Arbonne has been generated by the company itself and many consultants, understandably, trust it. Without having any prior education in cosmetology, aesthetics or nutrition, many consultants also don't know the questions they should be, or need to be asking of the brand they are representing.

With a global network of consultants, Arbonne is in a very powerful position to create new standards of purity and transparency.

I certainly would not want all of these consultants to have to re-think their decision to work with the company, but I do think they are in a mighty position to initiate amazing and powerful change in the cosmetic industry worldwide. That's a great place to be standing!

As we know, change happens from the ground up and it starts with each one of us.

Are you an Arbonne customer? When you get approached by a consultant, ask them the questions I have posed here. Why are the products using this ingredient? Why aren't they GMO-free? How is this Meal Replacement drink and Fit Chew candy making me healthier? What is the difference between this mascara and that one?

Are you an Arbonne consultant? Start asking your company the very same questions and make sure you understand the answers, fully and completely to be able to inform yourselves and your customers who are trusting your expertise. Start calling for change, for transparency in the products, their ingredients and ensure they are truly as pure and beneficial as you are being told.

We have so much choice!

There is now the option to choose sustainable, stable, chemical-free, GMO-free, non-allergenic, filler-free products. If this is what you are seeking, then it is your responsibility to make sure this is what you are getting- no matter where you are getting it from and who is selling it to you.

Please help share this important message so we can all do our part!

Is @Arbonne as pure & safe as they claim?  via @MeghanTelpner #healthwashing

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112 Responses to “Arbonne Calling: Is Arbonne Really As Pure And Safe As You Think?”

  1. michylacroix said… May 6, 2013
    I checked out Arbonne a couple of years ago, in my quest to find clean, non-toxic products. I was disappointed by what I found - the lack of disclosure with regards to ingredients was troubling for me, as was the sheer number of ingredients in each product. In my experience, less ingredients make for a much healthier product. Yes, their products are paraben free etc. but they still contain a bunch of other chemical ingredients I'm not comfortable using on myself or my family members. Now I stick with non-toxic companies that have full ingredient disclosure (Cocoon Apothecary, Pai Skincare, Living Libations, Earth Mother Angel Baby for kids stuff) and/or make products myself. They may not have the same shelf life (a good thing in my opinion!) but I'm able to select organic, non-GMO ingredients, and that is far more important to me.
    • Tracy said… June 25, 2013
      I am a self employed Nail tec and run my business from my home. I have been on the search for safe, natural, and healthy products for myself and my clients. I was approached by a Mary Kay and Arbonne rep to buy their products. Once I read this about Arbonne I made my mind up not to buy their products. I'm now asking if there is anyone who can guide me to the products that I'm looking for to use on my clients and myself, please feel free to share. I want to make a note that I do not do gel nails or other fake nails. I believe all lady's can have nice strong natural nails if some proper care was done. I do use coconut oil for cuticles, it works wonderfully. It's soooo sad to see so many company's not giving us customers the whole truth on what they are selling us. It's all about the money, not the customers. What is the best out there? What can I use on my clients to make sure their health and safety is not being damaged. I for one am one person who can make a big difference to every client that receives my service, who truly cares. May God Bless all of you lady's who have been sharing all of your comments. Tracy :-D
      • I am a consultant for Ava Anderson Non-Toxic. I would encourage you to check out my website and read about her products! They are amazing, the only fragrance they have are the actual ingredients, so there is an ever so subtle citrus smell to them (not a medicinal smell like some). She was 14 when she started the company. You can read her story here: If you would like any information please let me know. I'd love to send you a catalog. Just email me.
  2. Amy Coulter said… May 6, 2013
    hey! Love you and your amazing site and the wealth of information you loving share! Thank you for all you do!! I wasn't able to open the link for the ingredient list. It could be my computer, but I wanted to see if anyone else was having an issue or if it was just me.
    • Meghan Telpner said… May 6, 2013
      Hi Amy! We're testing it, and it seems to be fine in the Google Chrome web browser, but we're seeing an issue in Firefox. Hang tight, we're working on it! :)
  3. Kate said… May 6, 2013
    Love this ! I have been looking to get away from my bare minerals products and to a less toxic alternative but have been struggling to find a natural makeup that's not all hype. Have you found any good makeup products ?
    • michylacroix said… May 6, 2013
      I really like Alima Pure, you can find their products on Saffron Rouge in Canada or purchase directly from their website. I've been looking at a company called Au Naturale as well, they look pretty good, but I haven't tried the products yet.
    • I love RMS.
      • michylacroix said… May 6, 2013
        Me too! They have amazing products. : )
  4. Hey Meghan, I'm so glad you wrote this! I had a similar experience asking for ingredient lists and getting no where - and so I assumed they had something to hide. I kindly declined the offer to "join the team" and decided that using and promoting the real natural stuff (most of what I learned from you) was more my style. Thanks so much for all your sleuthing - you're article was so interesting and informative. Xo!
  5. SM said… May 6, 2013
    The pdf file will not open in my pdf viewer, nor will it allow me to convert it to another type of document in order to view it, it repeatedly returns an error message that there is a problem with the file's contents. Just thought you'd like to know that. Thanks for the article; I'll check back again later.
    • Meghan Telpner said… May 6, 2013
      It seems to be okay when we use Google Chrome as the web browser, but we're having some difficulty with Firefox. Hold tight we'll see what we can do! Thanks for letting us know :)
      • cmbaptista said… June 10, 2013
        Thanks for this. I love that you bring the facts without bashing. I wanted to let you know that I use Google Chrome and I, too, am unable to open the link.
        • Meghan Telpner said… June 11, 2013
          You could have a pop-up blocker enabled on your account - if you email us (see our contact info page) we'd be glad to email you the ingredients lists!
  6. Ami L said… May 6, 2013
    I'm so glad you wrote about this. When I was pregnant with my son I ran into an Arbonne booth at a baby show. They were handing out samples and offering information to try to get people to become consultants. It sounded like a great idea at first... I was about to take some time off to stay home after my son was born and could use some extra income/option to make my own hours. The first red flag for me though was when I opened the sample for their baby lotion and it clearly had a chemically fragrance (also the packaging left something to be desired for a company claiming to be "green"). Also, when I asked questions about the ingredients and environmental commitment I got similar responses to what you did- sounded great, but no ACTUAL lists or facts. Thanks for all the research you do! Makes my job as a consumer a lot easier. Also, because of you I feel 100% confident in the brands I now choose to support (Living Libations has been my BEST find yet!).
  7. Amy Hamburger said… May 6, 2013
    This is the article I have been waiting for. I am a spa owner who tries to do things as green as I can. I carry the Eminence line but have been approached by Arbonne many many times. What always bugged me first was that I spend a lot of money to go to school whereas these people buy their kit and go.
  8. Rosella said… May 6, 2013
    This is very interesting! I have wondered for some time about Arbonne's ingredients and whether they are as pure as they claim. I purchased some products about a year ago - liked them but did not reorder mostly due to the cost of the product. In the meantime I've been making my own body butter with coconut oil, shea butter and lavender essential oil - love it! Thank you so much for this review - food for thought!
  9. "Wouldn’t you rather know the products are tested and use ingredients that will keep the product stable and not go off, than stuff people just made up in their own kitchen?" I own a small skin care business with its own lab (legally required) and get my products tested. I know many other small personal care businesses and none of us work out of our kitchens. If this company were the real deal, they wouldn't be trying to throw local, clean companies under the bus - they would be supportive. So many better products out there (without the harassment).
  10. Kassia Lueck said… May 6, 2013
    Thank you for posting this. I was an Arbonne consultant for a couple of years and the reason that I was attracted it besides "multi-level", was the whole "pure, safe, beneficial." Then I started questioning the "botanically based". (enough with ") And that is when I had to switch to a GMO free, company. I loved the concept of Arbonne but that was it. It was a concept of what people were looking for. I think Arbonne got away with it 10+plus years ago but people like ourselves are becoming too knowledgeable about great products out there. I'm so grateful for what I've learned but glad that I don't have to look back. Thanks for validating the best decision I ever made!!! You rock!!!
    • Neasse said… June 4, 2013
      What GMO free company did you find? Curious to know. Thanks!
      • Nisha said… June 5, 2013
        I just asked the head office people - Arbonne is GMO free. They screen all of their ingredient suppliers to ensure it.
      • NYR Organic is GMO free.
    • Iren Lakatos said… July 17, 2013
      Thank you all for posting your comments. I tried the first time the Arbonne facial cream and I had to wash it off after a few minutes. Smells horrible and feels greasy, reminded my grand mother's cream! Sorry. No disrespect but this is not what today's women or young women are looking for. I use H2O and Dermalogica for years and it's amazing! I tried the Arbonne because one of my friends suggested. Thanks but no thanks.
      • Kimberly said… July 18, 2013
        have you tried TreSkinRX? I love this product. My skin is smooth. The base ingredients in this product is organic aloe vera. My white heads are almost gone from my checks.
  11. Thanks for sharing, Meghan! I've had good experiences with *certain* Arbonne products in the past, but a company is only as good as its most recent product, and I agree that many seem to smell, feel, and product results that are suspiciously unnatural seeming. I look forward to seeing whether or not your get a response back!
  12. Great questions to be asking! This is amazing and exactly how I found NYR Organic. I hadn't even heard of organic skincare products until last year when I was introduced to Arbonne, but when I started asking questions the consultant couldn't answer, I started looking into things myself and found NYR Organic. The company has won ethical awards, health awards, product awards, etc. They label every ingredient, tell you what % organic each product is(water, clay and minerals can't be certified organic). It is certified by a 3rd party. The BEST, most honest, trustworthy skincare company I could find.
    • Neasse said… June 4, 2013
      Hi Laura I found NYR Organic online too but Canadians cannot join (yet) and I would like to try some products. Not sure how to get them in Canada? If we can connect that would great. Thanks
  13. Carla Lopez said… May 6, 2013
    I have a relative who is a Arbonne consultant. I wanted to help her, but when i asked about the ingredients and mentioned I could not find any mention of them on the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep database, she became evasive. I see now Skin Deep does have some information on them, but it's not great.
  14. Heather said… May 6, 2013
    I have thrown away all of my skin care products - a bottle of castor oil and a coconut oil is use now and my skin has never felt better!
  15. Lisa Cipparone said… May 6, 2013
    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! A million times over for this post Meghan. I was approached by Arbonne a few years ago and like you did some investigating. I tested the products and quickly got a migraine from using them....which then made me think.... these are not natural! So when the consultant came to my home as a follow up she let me in to her back office to see the ingredient list. We were both astonished to see all the chemicals. Especially in the Baby Line!! And did you know on the Baby line rates as TOXIC! I too get approached by Arbonne Reps all the time and to let you in on a secret a few of the Arbonne Reps actually purchase Miessence Certified Organic or Ilike Organic Skin Care products from me once they realize how toxic these products are. They say there business is too lucrative to give up but they would not use the products themselves or give it to their families!! I too am all about the empowerment of women I just wish more would do their homework before they choose to sell Arbonne. Thank you again for this. I will share it multiple times!! Best! Lisa Cipparone The Rejuvenation Room
  16. Thank you SO MUCH for writing this!!!!! I had been contemplating how to do this for months. (Especially re. the shakes.) I have so many friends, acquaintance and women in my life involved with this company I haven't for fear of offending them (and I definitely would). Even thought about doing it incognito. Now I don't have to. Thank you!! xo
    • P.S. The "baby cream" made my skin break out in a rash, and the shampoo made my hair fall out. So yucky!!!!
      • Maya said… June 11, 2013
        what shampoo/conditioner are you using now on your hair?
        • Meghan Telpner said… June 11, 2013
          Hi Maya, when we're not using Apple Cider Vinegar and Coconut Oil (and nourishing our hair & scalps from the inside out), we love Living Libations around here!
    • Alicia said… May 7, 2013
      Good thing you can do it incognito Sara, no one will be offended then.
  17. Thank you for posting this. I own Purelement Naturals and make organic skincare products. I have been so frustrated with companies that claim to be so natural and pure, but once you evaluate the ingredients, you learn they are not so natural. People are bamboozled every day with clever marketing. It's really scary what some companies put into skincare and cosmetics, and of course food too. I look forward to reading more of your posts. : )
  18. BRAVO!! Thank you for doing all of this work Meghan! Well done! I am approached at minimum, once a week by these consultants who arm themsleves with the false knowledge that Arbonne is a product perfect for a vegan :) I never entertained them as I felt it was just a high pressure, great-rich scheme for these ladies who kept approcahing me. I asked for an ingredient list many times and none could supply me with one. It was funny, they kept saying, "Well it's vegan....". (Does that automatically mean it's HEALTHY and SAFE? :))) too funny. Thank you! Now I get to share this!!! xo
  19. MF said… May 6, 2013
    I have been talking to a consultant about the products and I had no problem at all getting an ingredient list, I told her I am very picky about what I use and promote, she also gave me the email of the ingredients guy and he answered many of my questions. I am surprised that everyone had such a hard time getting them. I too am leary about the ingredients
  20. I left Arbonne two years ago for all the reasons stated in your research. I was with them for 6 years and with each passing year and objection I had to learn how to spin, I lost my excitement for them. Very thorough research and a fair assessment. To have to be a consultant to get the ingredient information should be a red flag to everyone.
  21. Laura G said… May 6, 2013
    Thanks for looking into this. I was on the cusp of joining but I knew in my gut that something didnt quite add up. Having said that, what the heck DO I use?? Any suggestions on making my own shampoo? Body cream? IN MY OWN KITCHEN!! :) Thanks
  22. Lorraine Gray said… May 7, 2013
    My cousin-in-law sells Arbonne. I immediately went to the website to find out more. I didn't like what I saw. So I never touched the stuff. Expensive without a very good reason. And I don't like the way they sell it. Much like Melaleuca products - sketchy.
  23. Meghan Telpner said… May 7, 2013
    As was discussed on Facebook, from your other message to us, I would be pleased to update any misinformation you feel has been shared. No consultants have been able to point specifically to where there have been inaccurate statements. We are very open to a conversation around this and encourage you to support your views critically, without the need for personal attacks. I would assume from your comment that you do have cosmetic chemistry training, and that would be very helpful to the discussion. Thanks in advance, for your input!
    • Rebecca Tracey said… May 7, 2013
      Beautiful reply to a clearly disgruntled Arbonne rep.
  24. Kickass. I love dispelling healthy marketing myths and will definitely pass this one along!
  25. Marcella Lynn said… May 7, 2013
    To echo nearly all the comments, I totally agree. I was hounded by a rep after a single "no thank you" did not satisfy her; she left "samples" at my place of business that I threw out before she told me she needed them returned. Apparently, they were open bottles that she lends out to whomever has an interest (or to just whomever). I figured if a rep lives by these unhygienic and disrespectful standards, how can you trust the product? I'll stick with Eminence, thank you.
    • michylacroix said… May 8, 2013
      In response to several of the negative comments posted on this blog – the last time I checked, stating one's opinion openly falls under the category of freedom of speech, and is justifiable regardless of your credentials (of which Meghan has many). A nasty personal attack reflects poorly on the sender, and does not lend any credibility to any potential counter argument. Thank you Meghan for having the guts to do your research, and voice your concerns about this company. Given the nature of many of the responses, you are not alone! If we lived in an environment where people kept their mouths shut for fear of reprisal, we'd be in a very sorry state indeed.
  26. Pam said… May 7, 2013
    Great article. You mentioned a few companies that list their ingredients that claim they are natural. I have have often wondered about some of the ingredients because they still sound to be chemical in nature. How would you go about finding out if it is chemical or botanical? Is it as simple as googling it? Because there is another company that I am trying for essential oils and they say naturally safe, purely effective, guaranteed 100% essential oil. I want to be sure because I really like the products. And is it possible some products are safe and others in the line might not be as safe? thanks
    • I use for TONS of research on things like that. I consult with NYR Organic, and found some of the items sound chemically, but they are UK based, and the labeling laws there drive that. For example, Sorbitan olivate sounds creepy, but it's an emulsifier derived from olive oil.
      • Meghan Telpner said… July 12, 2013
        The carcinogenic chemicals currently being used in cosmetics have been approved for use by the government. I believe that any government supported/funded review board is worth questioning.
  27. Cherie Elliott, RHN said… May 7, 2013
    Thank-you for this article!! I have also been approached by and know of many local Arbonne consultants. As an RHN (and an environmentalist), I have been meaning to investigate further (I had previously been frustrated with being unable to find the ingredients in the products). This puts my questions to rest. Thank-you!
  28. Hi Meghan, Thank you so much for doing all this research on Arbonne. Natural skin care is my passion, and I spend a lot of time researching toxins and advocating for healthy skin care products. I have always found Arbonne to be really sneaky with their marketing techniques, and am disappointed when I see them at health trade shows. Glad you went through all this to expose them for the health-washers that they are!
  29. Greg said… May 8, 2013
    I'm not sure how long this will work, but if anyone wants to find an ingredient list for an Arbonne product, go to the Arbonne website, and find the product number. For example their FC5 Shampoo is Item#: 7391 Then enter in[item#]_us_eng.pdf Example: For the shampoo enter: (Note: you can enter us,ca,uk,au depending on your country) This brought up a pdf of the ingredients list. I found 378 documents in total in the US domain.
  30. Yvonne Souza said… May 8, 2013
    As a licensed skin care professional I also have been solicited by not just Arbonne but many other skin care lines. The bottom line is that you have to know skin physiology, skin care ingedients and skin typing. I am certified in Oncology esthetics which has major concentration on ingredients, their origin and processing methods. Even in the professional aesthetics arena there are plenty of product lines that formulate with chemical ingredients claiming to be natural. It can be overwhelming even for trained professionals. Anytime a product is marketed throug MLM there is always someone at the bottom being lurred into the "lucrative business plan." It's not ever what it seems unless you get in on the ground floor and have lots of people under you. And the products are always over priced with the excuse is that it is competative with the market. Bottom line is this, there are ery few prodct lines of any kind that label according to INCI standards. Companies can hide the true nature of all ingredients because there are no laws in place to require it. Seek out a licensed skin care professional who has advanced training or buyer beware.
  31. Marissa said… May 8, 2013
    HI Meghan, This blog was sent to me by a friend. I will just start off by saying that I am an Arbonne consultant. I am not offended by your article. I commend you for looking into products as a consumer and knowing what you put on your skin and sharing the knowledge. Arbonne is a brand that states it uses safe science and botanical ingredients. It does not or never has claimed to be "all natural". A lot of people have that misconception and then feel duped. Safe science I think is what you are arguing more so. Arbonne follows the guidelines of the FDA but more importantly the European Union (which is a lot more strict). Arbonne is offering a safer product to many that are on the shelves in department stores, but is in no way organic or all natural. Anyone looking for all-natural or organic products should not consider Arbonne as their skin care/nutrition brand. True. Arbonne's goal is to get people to look at what they are using. They have helped many people change to safer products. YES. We pride ourselves a lot for what is NOT in our products, but I can say that we are also proud of what is in our products. Many of Arbonne's products are clinically proven to do what they say they are going to do. And a lot of people are looking for products that work for them. I cannot say that Arbonne "cures or heals" people, but I will say that so many people have had incredible results using Arbonne's skin care lines. I personally know babies that have come off cortisone creams using Arbonne's ABC line. Also people with ridiculously sensitive skin using those shots of cortisone to stop their skin irritations, prescribed by doctors, try our baby line and see miraculous results. I can't say that will happen for everyone, but many it has worked for tried many natural/organic creams and everything else possible, but this was the one thing that worked. So, for some people, using safer products vs. all natural ones, work better. In regards to GMO's, Arbonne has put into place an ingredient policy to screen out gluten and ingredients that contain GMO. They are working to continue to bring to market top-quality products that are carefully reviewed to meet their high standards of safety. Many products (including corn, soy, etc.) potentially have GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms). A genetically modified organism is an organism whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering. They are potentially in certain commodity crop seeds like soy and corn. They are created to possess desirable traits, such as resistance to pests or harsh environmental conditions. Government regulations manage the risks and safety. And the company regularly audits Arbonne’s raw materials and finished products to ensure there are no GMO's. As for our testing... it is not done through our own labs, for safety and efficacy (I am not sure where you got that information?). They are through Third-Party, Double-Blind panels on human volunteers. (By Dermatologists, Pediatricians and Ophthalmologists). Arbonne's Green commitment is stellar. I am surprised that you brought this up on the negative. Arbonne uses recycled, soy-based inks for 80% of their printed materials, and they seek out printing facilities that aim to achieve carbon neutral standards. They use FSC-certified renewable sources for 100% of their paper packaging and all printed materials. Their catalogues are printed with the first high-efficiency printing press, resulting in a significant power reduction during catalogue printing/drying. 90% of Arbonne's personal care product packaging is recyclable. Arbonne harvests responsibly, they are a carbon neutral company themselves. And the list goes on... Is that not Green? If people are looking for all natural products, Arbonne is NOT for them. I agree. I am hoping this is not sounding like an attack. I really just wanted to start a conversation...
    • Meghan Telpner said… May 8, 2013
      Thank you Marissa for this very intelligent, balanced and informed response. I appreciate you being part of the discussion.
    • Lyndsy P said… May 31, 2013
      Thank you Marissa for proving that Arbonne serves a great purpose in the safe product market today. YOU are the definition of an Arbonne consultant. Clinical studies and dermatologist testing proves that we are effective and provide results with the marriage of nature and science. I also want to point out that many of what you are underlining was simply in the catalog. I imagine that the Arbonne consultant that Meghan spoke to didn't provide her with one. Just like any profession or specialization there are consultants who are not as versed as others in what they are selling. Just like bloggers.
    • Hi, everyone. To Meghan - thanks for this blog, and your discussion! A fabulous conversation to start, and in a beautiful, non-biased way. Love what you write and looking forward to reading more. To Marissa, Nisha, and any other consultants I may have missed, you are the true embodiment of my Arbonne experience! I will add my little corner of the world here: I'll now say that all of the following are my own personal views (some of them go a touch off-topic), so take what you will from them! I'm an Arbonne consultant, and have been for 2 years. I am in love with the people I've met so far with this company. I joined Arbonne in 2011, and prior to that point had spent a couple of months wrestling with myself if I felt comfortable promoting a product that used chemicals in its ingredients. I was a strict vegan at the time with no income, and wanting to keep my energy focused on creative projects. I did the MLM research, the product research, and listened to a bunch of people say online how bad their experiences were. In the end, I got clear about what I wanted to create in life. What was important to me were the people who introduced me and the values they lived by: the personal development training, comraderie, and total acceptance of my now-team has made me a better person. Challenges in my success-line are not sales-driven challenges, but "how can I stretch my comfort zone and better person today"- driven challenges. Every time I commit to growing my business, things in my life have shifted for the better. And the more time and income I can create with a home-based business, the more I can write creative works (i'm an actor-singer-writer), travel the world, and meet more vibrant people! There is a lovely Saskatchewan-based woman I met earlier this year on a sideline who, with her Arbonne income (working from home, her own hours, etc), has retired her husband from working in the oil industry, and he now has a small start-up selling affordable alternative energy. Yes, she sells beauty products, some of which are made with chemicals. But if it weren't for Arbonne, her husband would still be working for (in my opinion) a far worse thing for the environment. And my own experience: prior to Arbonne, I would make money where I could: doing well-paid promotional work for yogurt companies (remember I was vegan), shoe companies, beauty companies with even worse ingredients on their labels. We live in a world where we drive cars that use fossil fuels, where we are told to lose weight and look like certain people or we can't succeed, we are told we need to make money in this world. Perhaps it's getting a bit out there, but my perfect world is an economy based on the service and love we provide to others, where grow all our own food together (or at least know where it's from), where no one cares what our faces look like, where we are always working to be the best human beings we can be to others and ourselves! (totally attainable in this lifetime, obviously, riiiiiiight???) :D In my travels, I have encountered strict vegans who meditate for hours every day, and yet say terribly slanderous things to others on facebook. I've also met the most loving, happy people who work "unmeaningful" jobs like being servers just to pay the bills. In my opinion, who you are being while you do something is what matters way more than what you're actually doing. Arbonne is giving me a vehicle that allows me to travel with my solo show, interact with people who are wanting to make a difference (one of the women in our team goes to Africa every year to build housing and help bring food to smaller communities), and write works of art that offer one person's perspective little pocket of the world. Our compensation plan is pretty phenomenal - "ordinary" people actually succeed with a little consistency. I've seen it happen with myself, and others in my team. This business is teaching me consistency in daily action and belief-building - something I didn't have in my own life prior to joining. Marissa is bang-on: I have NEVER claimed to sell an "all-natural" product! But we have a product that works, that is lower on the scale of harmful stuff out there that also works (though not as well, in my experience). Working in the film & tv industry, I am having more and more makeup artists join my team and client list. There is not a makeup artist in Vancouver who does not carry some form of Arbonne in their kit. Our products do what they say they are going to do: they work on Hi-Def digital film, which is an incredible quality to have as a vegan company (not many makeups will work Hi-Def, let alone vegan and safer than other stuff out there). Everything Nisha and Marissa have said already are so true. The company has a heart, and has recently made quantum shifts in its leadership team. They are so great at responding and respecting to even just "consultants" - even those who don't have the car or make the million-dollar incomes (yet:D). There's been stories of people who work for the head office of Arbonne (they see the day-to-day development, etc), and leave to become consultants of their own, because of the time leveraging. My team strongly discourages smack-talk on other companies, poaching others, etc. We focus on ethical business-building and work with the laws of atraction and karma. My personal crusade is to help people feel better about themselves from the INSIDE out, both with my Arbonne business and my small vocal coaching business (which I like small... if I teach too much I get grumpy). If I could change society and the Entertainment industry right now, I would. But currently, that's not my reality. Arbonne is giving me the vehicle, growth, and opportunities to change my industry through the space to fund my own films, and to live from a prosperity mindset. The company's made me a better person, and helped me to support other people in their own transformation. And don't get me wrong -- I'm out to change the world! I just want to be able to live abundantly in the process with a company that listens to what I and other consultants have to say. So yes! Please read, make informed decisions, and listen to your gut. And keep writing your perspective. It's a good conversation to have. Thanks for the space to write this, Megan
  32. Nadia said… May 8, 2013
    Arbonne never claims to be 100% natural. There is a difference between saying you contain natural ingredients, and are 100% natural. Even in what you post directly from the Arbonne site, it does not say 100% natural. "words like green, pure, simple, natural and healthy. They say they are “Earth lovers and protectors”, “Champions of wellness”, “Forward-thinking”, ”Forward looking” and “Future-friendly” - nope, doesn't say 100% anywhere. I've also never personally had any issue with obtaining their ingredient lists.
  33. Wow! Thank you so very much for such an informative and objective piece of journalism. I am asked about Arbonne quite often, and as you have alluded to, "it's all about the ingredients". My own research led me to join the Ava Anderson Non-Toxic Company - a company that truly "walks the walk" when it comes to disclosure, purity, and non-toxicity. We are actively involved in helping get legislation as part of the "Safe Chemicals Act" in the Senate right now, in fact...and all of our products are rated 0-1 by EWG! No parabens, PEG’s. synthetic “fragrance”, hidden ingredients such as phthalates, nitrosamines or formaldehyde, no Glycol, sodium laureth sulfate, petroleum byproducts or animal testing. All products are gluten-free, most are Vegan and all of the packaging is recyclable!
  34. Jessica Rinner said… May 9, 2013
    I agree with Jody C. Ava Anderson Non-Toxic is the way to go!!
  35. Nik Juneau said… May 9, 2013
    Thank you very much for this article. I only have one slight correction for you. It is "Mary Kay" not Mary Kaye and Mary Kay is DIRECT SALES not Multi-Level Marketing. Otherwise, I found this article informative and quite interesting so thanks again.
  36. Kerry said… May 10, 2013
    I'm an Arbonne consultant and I'm fine using and promoting products that are formulated using European standards. The "selling point" for me is that Arbonne's products are certified vegan. I want a guarantee that I'm not putting something on my skin that came from a rendering plant. (If you'd like to know what goes into rendering plants, just google "Wise Geek" + "rendering plant.") BUT, this is not why I'm responding to your article. I'm responding because I feel obligated to set your readers straight about Arbonne's Antioxidant and Immunity Booster. I don't want anyone to miss out on its benefits due to the misinformation in this article. READERS, this is such an awesome product!!!! The main ingredient is saccharomyces cerevisiae. The trademarked name for that is EpiCor which has been clinically proven to balance your immune system. (See link below.) In addition it has milk thistle extract powder, amla extract powder, holy basil extract powder, olive extract powder, elderberry extract powder, turmeric extract powder and green tea extract. You can look up all those ingredients if you'd like to know the benefits of each ingredient. And yes, this potent blend of ingredients is in a concoction of water and fruit juices to make it easy to drink. PLEASE don't let that tiny fact prohibit you from trying it if you ever get the chance! I know so many people who have benefited from this 3 ounce drink. One of my friends had sinus infections every winter all winter long until Arbonne came out with this product. I'm not making medical claims, but I'll bet she will never quit using this product just to see if it was a coincidence she quit having sinus infections when she started using it. Arbonne doesn't need anyone to defend its products, but I just didn't want misinformation to keep anyone from trying a product that could help them in some way.
    • Greg said… May 10, 2013
      So the anti-oxidant/immune booster has brewers yeast (saccharomyces cerevisiae) in it. What it also has is 10g / 3 fl. oz. of sugar Which is 2g / fl. oz. more (mostly fructose) sugar than you get in the same amount of Coca-Cola according the the USDA nutrition database. It might have some beneficial ingredients, but that doesn't make it healthy. You need to look at a product as a whole in order to judge it, and as long as it has that much sugar in it, I don't know that I could take it with any sort of regularity. (and really, anecdotal data isn't useful in talking about wether something works or not, google placebo effect)
      • Kerry said… May 10, 2013
        I totally agree with you, Greg, that you need to look at a product as a whole in order to judge it. And I'm willing to risk consuming 10 grams of sugar from fruit juice to get all the benefits from the product. Did you check out the link to do some research on EpiCor? I gave you an anecdotal example, but if you'd like to see the scientific evidence, you'll have to go to that website. BUT, if a placebo effect made my friend's sinus infections clear up, she probably wouldn't have a problem with that. Yay for placebo effects! :-) Anyway, my post wasn't meant to get into an argument about whether or not anyone should use the Antioxidant & Immunity Booster. My point was to let the readers know that there was more to that product than fruit juice. If anyone doesn't want to take it, they shouldn't take it! It's okay with me! :-)
      • Ky-Lee said… June 13, 2013
        Coca Cola is not a relative comparison as it's a different sugar and added sugar and a serving is 20 fl oz compared to the immunity booster being only 3 fl oz with no added sugar, only fructose from the juices. The immunity booster contains Vitamin D's, Vitamin C and Selenium which are the three properties together that produce the human tumor suppressor protein named p53. Deficiency in this runs rampant in our society.
  37. I am THRILLED to see a number of people in the replies mention NYR Organic, as I am an NYR consultant. It means word of our company and product is spreading, and I think that's great. I am a former Arbonne customer, and was approached often to be a consultant for them - I always declined. I'd never been interested in direct sales, or any sales for that matter. I discovered NYR Organic product at a local farmer's market, and loved using the product. Initially, I decided to sell it because it would fund my "organic skin care addiction". Over the past year I've learned about the company, its history, its product, its "DNA" and I am so proud to be affiliated with them! Every ingredient in every product we sell is clearly listed on the product page of our website. Ingredients are sourced ethically, GMO free, no animal testing and so many other things in it and NOT in it that I feel strongly about. There are other truly good and pure products out there (Eminence is one for sure) - this is just the one the one that I've discovered, use and freely recommend.
  38. Kerry said… May 11, 2013
    I just had a thought about this topic while I was enjoying my cup of coffee this morning. It occurred to me that the author of this article and those of us who commented might be "missing the forest for the trees." I'm going to share my thoughts and I hope that I don't make anyone angry because anger will hurt a person faster than a chemical (that's been approved in the European Union, anyway) in a skincare product. :-) Before Arbonne came along, I drank a 12-pack of Diet Coke a day, had a HUGE sweet tooth and was financially dependent on my husband. Fast forward 6 years . . . I've replaced my Diet Coke habit with Arbonne's Energy Fizz Sticks and Arbonne's Detox Tea and I manage my sweet tooth with Arbonne's Fit Chews. Are those products perfect? Probably not. But, I'm extremely grateful for how they've helped me improve my health. Because of Arbonne, I've learned things about nutrition that I probably wouldn't have taken the time to learn if I had never gotten involved with the company. I've become a "product of the product." My doctor told me that my numbers (i.e., blood pressure/bloodwork) are "disgustingly good" and I plan to run 60 miles on my 60th birthday this July. I feel better playing softball than I did 10-15 years ago. In addition, because of my income from Arbonne, I was able to buy a house and turn it into a daycare for 9 of my 11 grandchildren. I have a life that most grandmothers can only dream of. The best thing that's happened to me because of Arbonne, though, is that it has given me a way to give people hope. I've seen what hope can do for people who believe they're stuck forever in a job they hate or who believe they can never get out of debt. My mission in life is to help people who are living lives of "quiet desperation" whether it's through Arbonne or some other avenue. I'm so happy that I didn't read this article 6 years ago or I might have gotten stuck on the "trees" and missed experiencing the wonderful and magical "forest." But there is a bigger "forest" encompassing MY "forest." Two years ago, Arbonne created the Arbonne Charitable Foundation to "provide support for programs and opportunities that promote the development of confidence and self-esteem in teenage girls and boys . . . and empower the next generation." Arbonne has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to organizations like "Big Brothers Big Sisters." I've seen Arbonne consultants who are at the top level of the company pour their hearts and souls into helping young people through this Foundation. They're not just involved in fund raising. They're involved in mentoring and building relationships with young people. The reason I'm writing this isn't to convince people that Arbonne is a great company. There are other companies that have transformed the lives of people like me and there are other companies that support charitable organizations. The reason I'm writing this is to give readers food for thought which can probably be applied to many situations. Is it more important that Arbonne's products aren't "natural" OR is it more important that Arbonne has helped thousands of people get off medication for blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, and other disorders by educating them about nutrition. Is it more important that someone in Arbonne's customer service department failed to return a call OR is it more important that the company is on a mission to improve our society by reaching young people when we can actually make a difference in their lives? Is it more important that Arbonne's definition of "pure, safe and beneficial" includes the use of chemicals (that have been approved by strict European government agencies) in order to make them safer and more effective OR is it more important that Arbonne has given baby boomers like me the opportunity to avoid poverty after retirement. People will have to decide for themselves. As for me, I'm very grateful for this article because, until today, I had never given any thought to the idea that I could be taking away someone's "forest" by causing them to focus on the "trees." That's a pretty sobering thought.
    • Carolyn Henderson said… May 17, 2013
      Not really happy with the negative comments in this blog about Arbonne. It is constantly stressed that it is botanically based with the safest in science. It's not completely natural and in no way was presented to me that way - ever! It is an awesome alternative to what's on most store shelves. It's providing an income to many people were in dead-end jobs and are now making good money and constantly uplifted with praise. I've had the healthiest winter season in years using the protein shake, vitamins and immune booster, and that's saying alot considering I have an auto-immune disease. It has sugar, oh well, the other ingredients are amazing. If you have been approached by pushy salespeople with misinformation - don't brand the whole company with the same negative brush. I think since Dr. Peter McTraverse joined five years ago, most products have been reformulated and will continue to be. There are so many positives with being carbon-neutral, blind-panel testing, and it's educating people on harmful ingredients. Take a step back for a minute. I used to be a reporter. So your misinformation is upsetting to me especially since you reach so many people. I really don't think you tried very hard to confirm your facts before blogging. I used to go THE contact person before reporting something - maybe you should do the same. Dr. McTraverse is very approachable.
      • Meghan Telpner said… May 23, 2013
        Hi Carolyn, Thank you for your comment. We are currently in talks with people from Arbonne, including Dr. Matravers, and are waiting for their responses to our questions (I believe they have to consult with their legal team before responding) to ensure we are being as clear as possible.
        • Ky-Lee said… June 13, 2013
          Meghan, That is really cool. Thank you for continuing to look into it. Arbonne has changed my life for the better, so much that I have prevented repeat removal of abnormal cell surgery that was originally excelled from toxification in my food and products. I am an Arbonne Consultant but was very scared of products and spent 5 weeks straight researching every ingredient in Arbonne and compared it to a dozen other "organic" or "with organic ingredient" companies. TRANSPARENCY IN ARBONNE As many have stated Arbonne does not claim to be 100% Natural and that is ok with me. They have never stated to be Organic and that is ok too because a GMO screening method to me is much more powerful of a mission. In America that really is the purist you can get. Organic is now sadly a buzz word and the laws are not very strict. Arbonne can vouch for their botanical properties and the products are very well formulated and effective, and when you do speak to the company they do avoid chemically treated ingredients. Take Avalon Organics for example, good enough company but they aren't 100% organic certified, they are not vegan certified and I have come across some ingredients that really could be swapped for better options. This is just one company on the market that many think as a pure choice. Arbonne doesn't call themselves Arbonne Organics, nothing. Everything is very transparent. Oh by the way, every rep has quick access to every full ingredient list online for easy pdf download and printing. Ingredients change, this is the best method of distribution. Trust me Arbonne is not very good when it comes to their website - they are not a tech company (can be super annoying!). MY STORY I am insanely strict with my toxin intake as it was a matter of life and death. Not only were my cells becoming cancerous but my body was screaming in pain through eczema, dandruff, acne, red blotches, dry skin, etc. I wanted only pure things but natural companies are full of animal products, gluten and wheat which were causing all these negative reactions WHICH IN TURN was taking my bodies energy away from repairing my cells to battle cosmetic complications. I got more sick. Arbonne? Botanical and Vegan, ok give it a try. Unbelievable results. My skin honest to god has no problems now, none except the occasional pimple. My only focus now is internal and mental health. PRODUCT FORMULATION In the beginning and still moving forward with Arbonne, I continue to research (hence why I am on your website today). So in the beginning I was scared of certain ingredients but I had to also consider the conversion rates used in the products, how long the products last and where the ingredients lie. Maybe preservation isn't such a bad thing I thought. The first 3 or 4 ingredients make up 90% to 95% of the entire product. The mid section (but there is a lot of mid section here!) is roughly 5% to 8% and the last 5 or so ingredients make up the remainder 1% to 3%. Lets take Phenoxyethanol for example. I am not ecstatic that Arbonne uses this but I did my research. Its a plant derived preservative, approved by the EU who ban 1400 harmful ingredients (I fully trust them, no one works as hard as they do for human safety), Arbonne uses less of the amount approved in the formulation of products, and here is the kicker - Arbonne products are botanical based and they last for what seems like forever. Since they last so long, consider 100 or more uses per container. If the entire make of a product has .5% of a potentially harmful chemical what rate is actually touching your skin? And does it have time to absorb before you rinse? It takes 26 seconds for the body to begin absorption and not everything is absorbed down to a cellular level. Not to mention if you are living the Arbonne lifestyle of purity through out your daily life, then your body is strong to detox and is able to detox as it is now paraben, SLS, and petrochemical free (we use zero of these compounds!). Some of these maybe harmful chemicals in Arbonne have been tested in strange circumstances such as moderate exposure over long periods of time on animals. Where as we have a tiny amount that we instantly wash off? Yes still maybe not ideal but preservation is pretty important too. Arbonne does have many products with very short labels and they don't pose to be anything they aren't. Sea Salt Scrub Ingredients: Sea Salt, Carthamus Tinctorius (safflower) seed oil, crambe abyssinica seed oil, passiflora edulis seed oil, passiflora incarnata seed oil, persea gratissima (avacado) oil, sclerocarya birrea seed oil, tocopherol, tocopheryl cetate, citrus medica limonium (lemon) peel oil, coriandrum sativum (coriander) seed oil, musk, rose flower oil, citral, limonene, linalool. EWG MIGHT NOT BE RELIABLE Also wanted to leave a quick note on, so many people here are referencing that site when most naturopaths and doctors (even Facebook bans the linking of that site) have said it is spammy, their % rates are so out there based on random studies and aged facts. LABELLING The real effort we need to focus on is proper labelling laws such as Australia has. We also need to follow EU standards, not the FDA. And dont trust something simply because it says natural or organic - this doesn't mean much anymore. Do you guys realize that restaurants are the biggest source of chemically treated and GMO's? If you avoid this in your products but consume it all the while, the purpose is defeated. Your restaurant will say the same thing "we use organic whenever it is readily available". Take your anger and yell at Monsanto if you really do care. Stop the supplier, then we have nothing to worry about.
          • Meghan Telpner said… June 18, 2013
            Hi Ky-Lee, thanks so much for your informed and well-articulated contribution to the discussion!
    • norah said… June 20, 2013
      Dear Kerry, thank you for that! It was very heartening to read. It is a life changing organisation and they are hugely proud of that...I have not as yet introduced any baby boomers, but will absolutely consider now! Just one thing...your sweet tooth..Im sure you are aware ( but just in case you were not ) that a tin of DIET COKE or any other diet drink has not been near a grain of sugar in its life? Far is loaded with ASPARTAME. This is the most pernicious, evil "food" additive on the planet. It is linked with obesity, brain seizures, cancers such as , breast cancer, pediatric brain tumours, too name but a few. It is also linked with Gulf War Syndrome and it is in sooo much of our diet. Chewing gum, "no sugar" added soft drinks, weight loss food....vitamins....the list is endless. One of the by products of a ASPARTAME is Formaldehyde which is a deadly toxic chemical to the human system. ASPARTAME was invented as a possible ulcer cure I believe, and the scientist, James Schlatter, running the experiments discovered that it was incredibly sweet! Opportunity struck! My biggest advice to you is to do a little research and share this info with your community. Just google Aspartame and you'll be shouting from the tree tops! Forgive me if you know already but if just one person reads this who does not know then that could save a life and many more! That good old word of mouth method! Best wishes, Norah Marshall / Arbonne Consultant London Uk
      • Cali said… June 20, 2013
        I completely agree with you on the aspartame, its better to have regular soda if you choose to drink soda. I have completely cut it out of my diet, and I used to be addicted to diet soda (3 months without having any soda). Its also in green tea that is already pre-maid, drink mixes etc. So scary in how much stuff this is in. Wish the FDA would ban it from being in products.
  39. jules said… May 14, 2013
    Again, another great article exposing "healthwashing". No offence to the previous poster, but after battling health problems for over 20 years, I am so glad to have finally been able to soar high above the trees over what use to me my forest....and see the big picture. Everything used to be so complicated. For every ailment was a band-aid. For every body part an expensive product to make me "beautiful". For every new fad a health claim. Thanks to you, my own research and other bloggers I've soared above the forest I used to be lost in. Everything is so light now. Simple ingredients in the body create health from the inside out. Simple ingredients on the body create beauty from the outside in. I don't use any particular company apart from ordering most of my products online to save money. I simply use the EWG website and buy products within the 0-2 rating. I use a $6 honeybee gardens eyeliner and a couple of $10 keeki nail polishes and a bottle of top coat which lasts me all summer. I love my Dr. Bronner, Burt's bees or Sierra Bees lip balms and some Aubrey's Organic or Badger tinted lip glosses for special occasions. My biggest splurges (after battling an eye rash for months) are a $20 Korres mascara and $18 Korres eye makeup remover from Sephora which last me for a few months. My biggest expenses are about $15 a month for my Dr. Bronners or Aubrey Organic hair care products and $7 for my Andalou Naturals, Badger or Burt's bees lotions/balms which keep my cracked sensitive hands looking like a newborn baby's bum I no longer use anything on my face, except for coconut oil, which is usually put on my face whilst baking....$0 because I use whatever was left on my spatula or spoon. I make my own deodorant from 3 safe my kitchen. My skin has never been so clear, my hair shiny and my inner beauty so light. Beauty doesn't have to be complicated.
    • Cali said… May 15, 2013
      Just a heads up, I read an article yesterday that Burt's bees lip balm has lead in it. I completely agree with ou that beauty does not have to be complicated!
      • Greg said… May 15, 2013
        Just to correct you a bit Cali. No lead has been found in Burt's Bees lip balm. Traces of lead have been found in Burt's Bees lip shimmer. This likely comes from iron oxide, (rust) that is used as pigmentation in red coloured cosmetics. While lead exposure is serious, and should be avoided where ever possible, it should be pointed out that the levels found in the Burt's Bees lip shimmer was still between 1/10th and 1/50th of the FDAs "safe" level. Burt's Bees non coloured lip balm did not have detectable levels of lead. Here is a list of the lead levels in 400 different lipsticks
        • cali said… May 15, 2013
          thanks for the info Greg, I just saw a couple of Burts bees lip products on the list and again it was from an article I didn't research it.
          • Greg said… May 15, 2013
            No worries Cali. Been on a big life detoxification kick and my wife loves BBs so I had done the research already. Just wanted to share.
    • Kerry said… May 15, 2013
      Absolutely no offense taken, Jules! I'm THRILLED that you have overcome your battle with health problems over the last 20 years. I never care what products people use to get healthy. I just want people to get healthy! :-) I wish you a lifetime of health! ~ Kerry
    • norah said… June 20, 2013
      Hi Jules, I dont know what your feelings are around this, but just wondered if it concerned you that Sephora are owned / allied with L'Oreal and Korres are allied with Johnson and Johnson. Both companies have terrible records of animal testing and which by any other name is cruelty. It just seems incongruous to me that if one is so into "natural" that one could tolerate the idea that this goes on to provide us with the products we are using. Hardly a natural process, even if we are not directly applying the ingredients or caging the animals ourselves. Just food for thought which might help you review your ethos, particularly if you were not aware. We all love the idea of natural but this needs to be aligned with integrity. By the way, this is also something I really need to review for myself. Thanks for inadvertently waking me up! Best wishes as we all strive to live and eat well...not an easy thing to always achieve with so many cloak and daggers and misinformation! Norah.
      • Cali said… June 20, 2013
        I actually have to say that I love Korres products, and my skin has never been so great, I still do like Arbonne products but Korres has worked better on my face and actually has reversed my fine lines that Arbonne RE9 set couldn't. Sad part is the RE9 set worked for a while and then stopped and my skin was actually getting worse with fine lines.
  40. Cali said… May 14, 2013
    I am a new consultant to arbonne and have been questioning it and doing more research. I'm also researching on finding new products that are safe and natural that "actually work". Thank you so much for this information!
    • Jessica Rinner said… May 15, 2013
      Cali, Check out Ava Anderson Non-Toxic. If you like what you see I can send you samples to try! I found them a year ago and love the products so much I signed up to be a consultant!!
      • Cali said… May 15, 2013
        Thanks, I will check it out and let you know :)
    • Kerry said… May 15, 2013
      Hi Cali! I think it's awesome that you're doing research. No one should get involved in building a business with any company before they feel comfortable with the products. Before you give up on Arbonne, though, I think it would be helpful if you emailed Dr. Peter Matravers with your concerns. According to his profile in Bloomberg Businessweek, Dr. Matravers came to Arbonne from Aveda and "guides the Product Development and Regulatory teams in creating extraordinary and innovative products. He has more than 25 years of skin care and consumer product development experience and has supported the success of several major name brands. His accomplishments include proprietary ingredient development, creative formulations and new methodologies in product performance testing. He is also the recipient of over 20 U.S. and international patents in these areas. He holds a Doctor of Pharmacy degree." I've heard him speak and I believe he's brilliant. I give his words much more weight than anything I read on blogs written by people who don't have his extensive education. He made me realize that there is so much that goes into formulating personal care products and that "natural" does not always mean safe. If it makes any difference to you, the founder of the American Anti-Cancer Institute endorsed Arbonne's products in the second edition of his book, "Killing Cancer - Not People." I haven't done research on that organization or read the book, so I don't know how much validity there is to that. You might want to check into it when you're doing your research. I wish you the best in making a decision that works for you. I decided to join Arbonne 6 years ago and it has been one of the best decisions of my life! :-) ~ Kerry
      • Jessica Burman said… May 15, 2013
        Why isn't Arbonne listed on the EWG's Cosmetic Database? This is the main source for non-toxic brands.
        • Jessica Burman said… May 15, 2013
          First of all, the EWG Cosmetic Database is not meaningless. Just look at the comments on this blog for proof of how relevant it is to people. Thousands of people in your target market visit this database every day so I highly doubt Arbonne is dismissing this marketing opportunity on these grounds. This ‘doctor’ refers to a higher safety testing program than what the EWG has proposed. I have no idea what he is referring to unless he means the Safe Cosmetic Act in the US which I truly hope Arbonne supports since it will help to regulate the cosmetic industry (much needed). When he refers to testing, is he talking about the regular microbiology testing that all companies put their products through – big or small? See, I’m starting to get the impression that your company is trying to make small personal care companies seem irresponsible to make your mass-produced line look better. The doctor states, “Lastly the most important element, EWG/SKIN DEEP/ Safe Cosmetic Compact ingredient evaluation method is bogus, and not scientific” Excuse me? EWG draws all of their information from academic and government sources so what on earth is he talking about? Go to EWG and look at a product, for instance, your Arbonne Baby Care Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 30 (rated a 7 OUCH!) If you click on one of your ingredients, say the oxybenzone, you will see all the data sources i.e. Environment, Cosmetic Ingredient Review, and several academic studies proving it to have serious endocrine-disrupting properties (this is a product you are selling for babies?) This doctor is implying that your internal testing, which he is quite vague about, is superior to the governments, NGOs and universities of the world. Ridiculous. He sounds like more of a spin doctor than anything. The truth of the matter is that Arbonne does not sign the compact and does not list their products because they rate poorly on the database. To malign one of the most important environmental groups in the US tells me so much about the character of your company. Thanks for the clarity:) P.S. The cosmetic safety standards in the EU are better than the US but still not great so I wouldn't use that as some kind of a selling feature.
          • Greg said… May 15, 2013
            I think there is a point that needs clarification here. When the Doctor says: "Lastly the most important element, EWG/SKIN DEEP/ Safe Cosmetic Compact ingredient evaluation method is bogus, and not scientific" What he is saying is technically true. But he is also incorrect. Let me give an example to explain. Let's look at Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A) which is found in Arbonne shampoo. If you go the the EWS database it is given an 8 on the harmful ingredient list. it's a bio-toxin, and has been shown to cause cancer in low doses, it breaks down under UV rays into a reproductive toxin, and so on. Seems bad so far right. But if you read on you see that it isn't thought to be persistent or bio-accumulative, it is also see it is used in foods (it is Vitamin A for goodness sake.) and is "Classified as not expected to be potentially toxic or harmful" It almost seems like there are mixed messages here. How is it possible that you could put something in food that rates an 8/10 in the EWS database? The problem is that in large enough Doses, just about everything is bad for you even vitamins. Not only that, but a substance that is perfectly healthy in one biological process is carcinogenic in another. A quote from a friend of mine who is a bio-chemist "What we can say about vitamin A is that in several systems retinoic acid does stop the individual cell from entering the cell division cycle and promotes differentiation instead. This can be a good thing in the context of cancer as it means the tumor cells stop dividing. This can be a bad thing in the context of cancer if it means the undifferentiated tumor cells start turning into a cell type that promotes the survival of the tumor as the whole." So the reactions of this one compound is so dependant on such a multitude of factors, that the only way you are going to say anything about its effect, is to understand what it is in, and what mechanisms it is interacting with in the body. Retinyl Palmitate may be utterly safe in shampoo which is put on your hair and then almost immediately washed off, while being utterly toxic if used in suntan lotion and baked under UV light all day. What is more, is another substance could aid it's skin absorption etc. EWS does not have the funding or mandate or access to conduct clinical trials on every single cosmetic, and so as the Dr. implies, they use a less than scientific method of classification, and look at the product by use and ingredients, but as we see in our example case, it is an utterly unreliable method of classifying it. But. there is a caveat to this and I think Meghan points this out in her article. In such a case, where an ingredient might be perfectly safe, or might be toxic, would you rather a product that has it, or a product that doesn't? Personally I'll do without, and this is why the doctor is dead wrong about the data base. Until I can read peer-reviewed data on the clinical trials undertaken on the product, I want to know which products have ingredients that pose a possible toxic risk. And if it's all the same to you, I'll keep the vitamin A in my carrots not my shampoo. :)
    • Kimberly said… June 26, 2013
      I meant pharmaceutical grade aloe vera. Sorry for the typo.
    • Cali said… June 30, 2013
      Kimberly - these products have peaked my interest and am going to do some more research and will contact you if I decided to use them. Thanks for the info :)
  41. Kerry said… May 15, 2013
    Hi, Jessica! I just relayed information that made a lot of sense to me. Obviously, you feel very strongly about this topic and should probably get your information from someone who is more knowledgeable than me. My own view about the EWG was formed before Dr. Matravers ever joined the company. I used that organization as a source of information until I saw that they listed products from Arbonne that I'd never even heard of. I sent them an email letting them know that those products were no longer available. I think it was two years before they ever updated the old information. As far as oxybenzone, here is some information that might ease your mind about Arbonne's baby sunscreen: "Oxybenzone has made the news recently with sensationalized reports claiming that it is not safe and should not be used as a sunscreen. Yet scientific studies have proven otherwise. The Skin Cancer Foundation ─ an international organization devoted solely to education, prevention, early detection, and prompt treatment of skin cancer ─ released a statement about the safety and effectiveness of oxybenzone: 'Oxybenzone underwent extensive review and was approved by the FDA for its current use in sunscreens. It has been available in the US for more than 20 years and there is no evidence that it has any serious side effects in humans.' " I realize that there is certainly no black and white in anything and a person will be able to find studies that contradict the FDA and Skin Cancer Foundation. We all have differing opinions, Jessica. I certainly didn't mean to make you so angry or slam an organization that you feel so strongly about. (But it is kind of ironic that you feel it's okay to slam a company that I feel very strongly about.) I thought you were asking an innocent question and I replied with the information available to me. My apologies! ~ Kerry
    • Jessica Burman said… May 15, 2013
      Oxybenzone is not known to cause skin cancer so its approval by the Skin Care Foundation is irrelevant. It is considered an endocrine disruptor by the European Commission on Endocrine Disruption. It is persistent, bioaccumulative and eco-toxic. It is responsible for killing coral reef all over the world by bleaching the algae! You would not be able to bring this sunscreen into a protected area. And yes, I am very passionate about the EWG. I am a compact signer with champion status and I believe in what they do as an organization.
  42. Kelly Martin said… May 16, 2013
    Meghan - Is there a way we can email back and forth - I am an Arbonne Consultant, live in the US, have a doctorate in Pharmacotherapeutics, minors in nutrition and chemistry and have the information I believe you would like - I have been going around and around with corporate about disclosing the package labels for anyone to access for the ingredients and I believe I have a unique perspective on the Arbonne products - I would like to be honest and transparent with you but not the entire Looking forward to your response. Dr. Kelly Martin, Pharm.D.
    • Meghan Telpner said… May 23, 2013
      Hi Kelly, Thank you for your comment! We are currently in contact with Arbonne and are waiting for their answers to some follow up questions (I believe they are checking with their legal team before responding). If you have anything to add to the discussion you are welcome to email :)
    • Lucy said… May 29, 2013
      Hi Dr Martin, I'm a relatively new consultant in the UK. As far as I'm concerned the products actually work and are as safe as a product can be without making it with plants from your garden in your own kitchen. I have obviously been doing lots of research and go to every training I can! I would love to email you about your view point. I've met a lot of doctors on this side of the Atlantic who are passionate about their Arbonne businesses, would be great to get your opinion too!
  43. I agree about the CONFUSION even on websites that rate cosmetics products for the already ill-informed consumers. For having been in the industry myself trying to market an "honest to goodness" skin care line, here are some FACTS not a whole lot of people know or will divulge: 1. the cosmetic industry is not properly legislated to fully protect the consumer. 2. FDA or Health Canada have no time to even prosecute the BIG bad companies that pollute or sell neurotoxic baby shampoos and cancer causing skin care, but will find time to impose long and costly procedures for good natural products...why is that ? Because BIG beauty companies have more money to lobby for laws that will protect them instead of the consumer. Even EWG (skin deep data base) is an NGO's initiative to help the consumer find some truth. My simple advice...1. read the LABEL 2. go for a 100% natural ingredients list (no fillers, chemical preservative..etc) 3. search for products your skin will actually use (food for skin: oils, butters, essentials oils) 4. buy creams in airless pumps and waterless if you can find them...remember... the more water content, air and fingers exposure..the more companies HAVE to put preservatives. Visit
    • Meghan Telpner said… May 23, 2013
      Thank you for your well-articulated response Chantal.
  44. Nisha said… May 24, 2013
    Thank you so much for this blog and the discussion it has provoked. As a new Arbonne consultant, I too had the same concerns about odd ingredients after I joined (pure, safe beneficial?). Yes, the products worked, and did what they claimed to do - but all this internet research left me confused, and wondering if I should quit. However, as you say, Meghan, we consultants have a unique opportunity to change this company from the ground up - if we want to. Arbonne has set up a site called the Source, in which consultants can directly ask questions of the head office team. The higher-ups are actively seeking feedback and requesting suggestions from the consultants, and they respond to every comment. Arbonne consultants - if you want something (or don't want something, such as GMOs) ASK, and if enough of us ask, we shall receive! I posted a question regarding availability of ingredient lists for every product on the consumer site (as did about 10 others), and they replied that this is something they are working on as they upgrade the website. Ingredient lists should be visible later this summer for all to see. Despite the occasional ambivalent ingredient (which I asked about, and received satisfactory answers for), I decided to stick with the company. I am proud to be associated with Arbonne because of its commitment to its people. It listens to its consultants; it respects and values their opinions. In the end, feeling supported and empowered is probably much better for your health than the worry and stress over miniscule amounts of whatever is in your food or beauty products. So let's enjoy our products, whatever they are, for the pleasure they bring us (yes, I adore Living Libations too). Belief is a powerful thing... (see "the Roseto effect" for how people-support trumps toxin-avoidance for good health)
  45. April said… May 26, 2013
    Thank you so much for this article! I have recently agreed to become an Arbonne consultant, but it was after much research into the company practices, ingredients used, and after investigating at least 20 other brands of beauty companies' products (I have purchased nearly all of them at some point so just had to open my bathroom cabinet) with "natural" or "organic" somewhere around their name. What I found is that they all use preservatives in some form, and none are actually all pure or all natural. I come from a very holistic background, where I literally just used coconut oil and olive oil on my face and body, so was hesitant to make the switch in any way. That being said, my skin was moisturized, but still getting wrinkly, blotchy, and saggy. In using Arbonne, I am getting the results I want, without wearing the rose colored glasses of believing that this is exactly as safe and natural as say, olive oil. What I like about Arbonne especially is that they are constantly sifting out the not so safe ingredients for ones that are more safe. In addition, they are also switching to ingredients that are more sustainable. They are still using some palm oil derivatives, which angers me, but are searching for replacements, which I like. By being involved and providing feedback to the company, in addition to education to the regular population, I feel like I am actually in a very good position to help promote positive change for our environment and for our health. So no, I won't be promoting their sunscreen products just yet, but am confident that very soon, the necessary changes will be made where I can confidently promote them.
    • Nisha said… May 26, 2013
      Hi April - I did post a reply to the original article but it never appeared. I also just started Arbonne, for exactly the same reasons. I used to be a coconut oil, pure shea butter type, but was still getting skin issues. I even tried the raw diet for a while! With Arbonne, I am finally seeing improvement. I do not promote the sunscreens either (though I will use one only when I am going to be in the water outdoors for a long time). In the meanwhile, I keep asking the hard questions at the Source website, and hopefully that will trigger others to do the same, and eventually get the message across that we want something that is truly safe. I think we can be holisitcally inclined and still be Arbonne consultants. The aim is to be conscious of what we do, always, and recommend products according to what will benefit each person (not always our pocketbooks). Nothing is inherently evil in this world - just depends on how it's used.
  46. Barbara Beaty said… June 4, 2013
    This blog references the Environmental Working Group and the Skin Deep Database. I believe it's important for readers to understand that neither are based on solid science. I recommend that readers go to to get the FULL TRUTH
  47. Greta said… June 24, 2013
    Even though this blog seems to be an Arbonne "hit-list", I have enjoyed using the products for 6 months now. My skin has never ever looked so young and felt so great. I LOVE the products. Whatever your concerns are, aren't most women after the vanity that products produce? How you look? I would say so more than the health reasons. I mean, why do you lay out in the sun or in tanning beds when you know you can easily get cancer? Come on now!!! Let's get real ladies and stop bashing Arbonne. I'm sure you are doing other things that are dangerous to your healthy being!!
    • Meghan Telpner said… June 25, 2013
      Laying in the real sunshine and in a tanning bed can't really be compared. That's like comparing whole eggs and cartoned egg whites.
    • Meghan Telpner said… August 7, 2013
      The point is to be able to make informed choices- that is the sole purpose of what is shared here. Many of the readers of my blog are here because they are seeking safe options to promote their health.
  48. Trina said… June 26, 2013
    The sun is actually good for you Greta. You used a bad comparison. It is the overuse of sunscreen that isn't too healthy. ARbonne sunscreen has too many chemicals. I use the sun products by living Libations. It's from Canada and it's amazing. The sun gives you natural Vit D and prevents depression
  49. By the way - Meghan! - I am SOOOOO looking forward to hearing what Peter Matravers writes you!! He is like a "little Buddha" - to meet him, he's a cute little elvish guy with the most infectious smile you'll ever meet! Talk about someone who lives in his Inner Child!!
  50. susan picano said… June 30, 2013
    I fell into the trap and became a consultant. I wanted to try out the shakes and tea and when it took me 2 weeks and a very annoyed response from somebody in the company to get an ingredients list I lost my interest. What was I looking for? To find out if there were treenut ingredients as my daughter has a treenut allergy. I received replies that were guesses, the lingo, but no list and no specific allergen ingredient list. As time went on I researched further and found what you found. Quite honestly, I wash my face with unrefined honey now and get much better results, much faster than I ever did with the RE9 that seemed to burn most of my customers faces..... I say look to your kitchen, stow your money away and enjoy the benefits of what nature has to offer!
  51. Jessica Fairclough said… July 8, 2013
    I am sad to read your article because you clearly asked one consultant who was not qualified to answer your questions. I do want you to know that Arbonne tests all of their ingredients to ensure that there are not Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) in any of our products.
    • Meghan Telpner said… July 10, 2013
      I have actually spoken with many reps and have been in touch with and communicated directly with the top of the pyramid at Arbonne. I also called and recorded conversations with Arbonne Customer Service team. Unfortunately, I am unable to share those recordings as Arbonne would not give me permission. As well, they would not conduct an audio interview without first being able to vet my questions with their legal team. The questions I sent to them in writing, went through their legal team and therefore their answers were distilled down into public relations form responses. They were unable to confirm that all of their products are GMO free, and they are not organic (though one rep who emailed me insisted they are). Arbonne even sent me a package of products, without ingredients accompanying them which prove my point further. Any brand that is so secretive about the contents of their product are not going to have a place on my skin or in my body.
    • Meghan Telpner said… August 7, 2013
      Neither the customer service reps I spoke with nor the company executives could confirm the GMO status of their products.
  52. Marian Alderson said… July 9, 2013
    Great Blog... I too have always been leary about ARBONNE.... not a good feeling from the reps....however, I too am with a dirct sales company - BEAUTICONTROL - we fall under the TUPPERWARE business umbrella as of 13 years ago. Arbonne approached Rick Goings, CEO of Tupperware at least five times and finally Mr. Goings told them not to come back and that Tupperware was not interested in buying them... Tuppeware did not like their sales force nor the claim of all natural.... I'm sure there is more, however, we weren't priviledged to that information... To me, ALL NATURAL is a apple that is peeled on kitchen counter then stored in refrigerator - that is ALL NATURAL...
  53. Maldon fairy said… July 16, 2013
    Hi, Thanks for this blog, I recently was approached by an Arbonne rep as I rent a room as a beautician in the gym she attends. My back was up straightaway as hate these companies and I should have used my instinct & said no thank you straight away but instead thought what the hell, as she was giving me free products to try. Needless to say I'm glad I tried these products on myself first because after 2 days of using the RE9 range I had an allergic reaction, my skin on my face came out in a terrible rash & my eyes were swollen. I have just contacted the rep to tell her about this & due to this reason I would not be happy to use the range on myself or client. The reaction I got was not surprising from someone who is not in the beauty industry " the products are for sensitive skin maybe that's not for you I'll give you some more products". Note to self stick with your instinct!
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