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Breaking Down The Creed: UnDiet For Abundant Health


Each week (or two) I am  breaking down my creed, line, by line. Phrase by phrase. This is my manifesto- that I learned to live by to heal from an incurable disease and that I turned into this here sweet health loving inspiration I offer you. I will tell you what the creed means to me, I hope you will share what it means to you!

UnDiet For Abundant Health

UnDiet living is about breaking rules and creating a lifestyle that actually works for you. It's a fact that 85% of all diets fail, and yet people who believe they have too much junk in the trunk keep trying them. Once you embrace UnDiet living- which is about keeping diet and lifestyle simple, clean, easy, sustainable and maintainable- the extra jiggle in the wiggle, and many health challenges just take care of themselves. It doesn't get any easier!

To UnDiet is to live the creed, to break rules and make up your own. It is about questioning the paradigms that haven't been working for us and being brave enough to do your own thing in a way that makes you sparkle.

UnDiet is the name of my book. The official and final title being UnDiet, Eat Your Way To Vibrant Health. UnDiet however is beyond just what we eat but has to do with what we think, how we move, how we sleep and who we like to chill out with at the end of the day. It's a movement intended to bring vibrant joy, health and abundance to all that carve their way through this sweet world.

As for the book- I can't wait for you to read it... but you're going to have to wait just a little bit longer I'm afraid. The book will be released across North America in the Spring of 2013. It will be well worth the wait though- let me tell you!

So then- go on, UnDiet for abundant health!

Today is the dayMake it ridiculously awesometownEat fruit, lots of cherries, while thinking good thoughts. Love what you do, and do it with love. Smile at strangers. Be youthful, truthful, playful and funfulLaugh at the ridiculousness of seriousness. Ride bicycles covered in flowers. Sit through the storms, for the sunshine and rainbows will follow. Eat real food. Flirt with farmers. Crunch on carrots. Labels are for tin cans. Make it from scratch. Fuel Your Life. Nourish Your Soul. Delight in the delicious. Slurp Up The Sunshine. Dance like a four year-old. Offer the planet what you wish the planet to offer you. Every choice counts. Optimism is most fruitful. Original over conventional. Weird over boring. Break Rules, UnDiet for Abundant Health

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  1. […] What can we do? Ask questions of the brands. Do our own research and always, always, always eat real food. Flirt with farmers. Make it from scratch. Fuel your life. Make love in the kitchen. And UnDiet for abundant health. […]

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