Summer Corn Salsa

Summer Corn Salsa Recipe

Happy Canada Day! I hope my friends here in Canada are having a glorious day with friends and family, or peacing out solo style on this...
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Benefits of soaking nuts

Why I Soak My Nuts

Happy holiday Monday my dear Canadian friends. Slowly but surely the frenzy of UnDiet promotion is calming down which means this nutrit...
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MeghanTelpner_ CNE 1015x125


Zucchini Chips

Class guest: "I have a dehydrator" Me: "Oh really, do you love it?" Guest: "I don't really ever use it... I got it at CanadianTir...
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Cherry Banana Bonanza

Bet you're thinking "mmmmm, how can I learn to make such delicious, raw desserts?" Well, we have the answer! Join guest instructor Lisa...
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UnDiet Revolution


Raw Oreo Recipe

Happy Monday homegirls and lads, Raw Oreo's anyone??? I made these in honour of making great things (Why do we need reasons? ...
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Juice Pulp Pate

Looking for a quick and delicious way to use leftover pulp from juicing? We love our green juice over here in the kitchen. The calmi...
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Open Sesame Halva

We've so enjoyed meeting, teaching, eating, laughing and learning with the CNE program this past semester.  How quickly time flies, an...
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Holy Guacamole!

Our dear little Flexi Lex has flown the coup and returned home to Ottawa to spread the good word of whole food deliciousness.  We miss...
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Raw Onion Power Bread

Happy Monday my fair sweet readers. I just had something I haven't had in eons. A day off! I slept in, I went for a fantabulou brunch, ...
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