Veg-Tastic Edible Centrepiece Creations | Meghan TV

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Vegetable Center Pieces

It’s always a delight when my dear friend and stylist Tiffany Pratt comes by the kitchen to play with me.

Though we make it light and fun and colourful, this episode actually addresses something super real and very important: cut flowers. I’m totally serious here.

Cut flowers, grown in far away lands, may seem like the perfect gift around holidays and love celebrations. However, it’s actually kind of a dirty biz, and far less pretty than pink gerber daisies and red roses.

Consider this: Most of the cut flowers we buy in North America are grown in countries where little pesticide regulation exists.  

This leaves a vast range of pesticides, fertilizers and fumigants that are banned where we live still being used in producing cut flowers. This can include DDT, dieldrin, methyl bromide and methyl parathion — chemicals deemed too dangerous to use, yet are still used elsewhere and leave persistent residue in our bodies. Not to mention the fatal harm it does on to the men, women and children who work in the fields.

“Data from the Netherlands’ Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment shows that Dutch floral workers are often exposed to 60 times the recognized ‘safe’ level of these poisonous chemicals, often in an indoor situation, where residues and vapours may not dissipate. Similar concerns have been expressed about workers in the Californian flower industry” (source).

So what are we to do in the winter when fresh, local flowers can’t be found? Well, that’s what today’s episode is all about — a most beautiful edible centrepiece option that you can customize to your heart’s content… and then eat!

Watch until the very end as I offer some guidance on how you can help change the flower industry for the better.

Spare the toxic flowers and get veggie creative instead via @MeghanTelpner

Cut flowers are super gorgeous, but making creative non-flower arrangements is a great alternative when cut flowers aren’t available locally.

And if you want more ways to green up your holidays, be sure to check out:

4 Responses to “Veg-Tastic Edible Centrepiece Creations | Meghan TV”

  1. Ann


    Love it!! I am going to make one for the Christmas dinner table. Thanks for this great edible arrangement!!

  2. Oona


    Neat idea – but aren’t those fresh flowers in the vases behind you??? Not roses or orchids but not locally grown at this time of year I don’t think….

    • Meghan Telpner


      Hahaha! No… those are fakers that have since made their way onto my bicycle.

  3. Ana


    I love this so much!!!! I’m going to try this.


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