Get Your Greens In All Winter Long

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Where did I find this?: I am a big lover of all things Ron Teeguarden- like the delicious Spring Dragon Tea- Last March when Josh and I hit up the Natural Products expo in Annaheim, we chatted with the fine people at the Dragon Herbs booth and they had us try out this goodness. Wowza is there a lot packed into this powder.

Why I Love It: Let’s talk about this nutritional powerhouse of a green powder for a minute.  This is the belle of the green powders ball- with 71 superfood ingredients ranging from barley grass (gluten-free)  to broccoli, to ginger, garlic, kombu extract, spirulina, cherry, papaya, sea fern, celery, cucumber, pearl, reishi mushroom, green tea- the list really does go on and on. With a simple scoop in my morning smoothie, I am getting all the essential nutritents to help me thrive.

Why You Will Love It: Everyone is always asking, if they only got one green powder, what is the best? I think this one is and think you’ll agree.  With a little hint of sweetness at the end- likely from the Goji, Apple, Cherry, Stevia extracts- it makes for a perfect addition to your morning smoothie/green juice.  Yep, you could even sneak it into your salad dressings for an extra boost. The best part is this blend will promote mental clarity, energy and overall health…I like you best when you’re all mentally clear and energetic!

Why You Need It: When busy times rolls around, we typically tend to lose a lot of those nutrients we get in each day during the summer months or the time when we are doing more fresh cooking/prepping.  The nutrients of fresh produce are crucial to health and in this powder- you get them all as concentrated extracts making it super easy to get high doses of the goodness.

Click here to check out my favourite uses and to order your very own.

Tell me: Do you use a green powder in your smoothies/juices? Which one and why?

3 Responses to “Get Your Greens In All Winter Long”

  1. Nanda


    Yes! I use Raw Reserve by Amazing Grass.
    I blend in the morning protein shake.
    The Tonic Alchemy seems awesome and I can’t wait to try.

  2. Andrea


    Progressive VegeGreens is my #1 choice. Prior for finding it I liked Barleen’s Greens, but that became harder to find. Progressive also makes a greens/vegan protein combo that I sometimes buy.

  3. sjheathcote


    Does anyone know if Tonic Alchemy is gluten free?


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