Superfood Love: Go Go Goji Berries!

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Goji Berries

Where did I find this?: In the early days of discovering Superfoods and Eastern Medicine for my healing, Goji Berries were at the top of my new loved list. They made early appearances in my first superpowered smoothies, salads, stocks and more.

Why I Love It: These treasures are the most nutritionally dense fruit on earth! When local berries are out of season, these handy little “red gems” always give me the antioxidant boost in a flash since they are dried and keep for a long time. So easy to add to any meal, sweet or savoury. I even love to plop a few in my tea and rehydrate them.

Why You Will Love It: The rich antioxidant and nutrient content in Goji Berries are your secret to glowing skin and lustrous hair- imagine tossing all those dirty toxic beauty products in favour for tasty berries, sounds like a pretty good deal right?

Why You Need It: Especially for you fine peeps living in Canada, fresh berries can be hard to come by (that aren’t sprayed with lots of scary stuff, and don’t come from a land far away)- and organic Goji Berries are the perfect replacement. Even during summer months, with greater amounts of Vitamin C and cartenoids, skin supportive nutrients, Goji Berries will help protect you from sun damage (make this Sun Protection Smoothie, too)

Click here to check out my favourite uses and to order your very own.

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