Green Juice Power, Asparagus Pesto, Green Curry, Green Quinoa Bread

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Ready to have the BEST summer ever? Then you must play along with this goodness. Also, don’t forget about our awesometown Get Baked: Gluten-Free bread baking workshop coming up in the kitchen on April 1st!

image courtesy of The Travel Peach

Written by Meadhbh Ni Gallchobhair 


Yep, ’tis true my friends.  The Emerald Isle is aptly named for its lush and rolling green hillsides.  I like to think, rather fondly, if you could juice a country what colour would it be? Happily, Ireland would be a nice, big green juice (or smoothie).

On that note- Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Or as I have referred to it over the years “everyone pretend to be Irish day”.  And I get it, I really do. We Irish peeps are highly likable- charming, charasmatic, modest (obviously), what’s not to love? So the masses, decked out in shamrock gear, take to the streets, the bars, the pubs- drink massive amounts of green beer and whiskey, fall in and out love and get into a bunch of fights.  All the stereotypical events that are associated with the Irish.  Don’t worry- we don’t take offense.  Perhaps our greatest quality is our sense of humour, after all…

Funnily enough, as a REAL Irish person, I know that St. Patrick’s Day is meant to be a dry holiday in Ireland- not the extreme boozy boozefest it has come to be known for. The holiday is meant to honour the patron Saint of Ireland himself, who famously used the three-leaved shamrock to explain the Christian holy trinity back in the day. So- history lesson aside, let’s talk about using St. Pat’s inspiration for our meals today…and make four of Meghan’s “greenest” recipes.

Top Green St. Pat’s Recipes (Which Don’t Include Booze OR Potatoes!)

Morning Green Juice Power

Asparagus Pesto

Green Curry

Green Quinoa Bread

So there you have it, friends! All this beautiful green goodness, reminiscent of the Emerald Isle herself, and none of the food coloured beer.  Enjoy and have a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day!

Congratulations to our winner of the Living The Creed contest, Laurie! Keep your eyes on your e-mail, we are sending along some deets for you!

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    If Ireland Was A Smoothie, It Would Be… #health #holiday #recipe #wholefood #asparaguspesto

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    If Ireland Was A Smoothie, It Would Be…: GREEN! Yep, ’tis true my friends. The Emerald Isle is aptly named for…


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