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What Dresses Up Your Kitchen?


You have just until Thursday to register for fall classes with the 10% savings (discount code “EarlyBird2010”). Spots are already being picked up and put in other people’s pockets. Another Green Smoothie Cleanse is coming August 6th with a revised tutorial available next week! Stay tuned for the Green Smoothie Cleanse: Second Edition! And don’t forget to enter this week’s contest.

There are many kitchen gadgets I know and love. My Vita Mix literally travels with me (when I travel by car). I heart my nut milk bags, as you know, a bamboo cutting board and I can skip through the daisies together. Josh often teases me about my need to use measuring spoons for everything, but I blame my devotion to all of you and my desire to be able to offer recipes for my most delicious creations.

But most kitchen trinkets, well, I could take or leave most of them, most of the time. There is however, something I have become hooked on. Aprons. I love a great apron!

I have blah-dee-blah ikea place-mats and plates. My knives are nothing to write home about because on average I have 200 peeps using them in a six month period. But my aprons- I do not share my aprons!

I attribute this to my past life in fashion school. I used to make all my own clothes and when I had a ‘real’ job, getting dressed for work was seriously the best part of the whole working girl thing. Nowadays, however, I am usually on my computer which means I’m lucky if I get out of my PJs or in the kitchen, which means I am likely making a massive mess and so skip the fancy clothes. I have subbed in cute clothes for cute aprons and they really do make the outfit!

I think it makes me feel profesh, in my own special way. And by my own special way I mean that I feel way better when I have a giant food stain on my apron, rather than running down my entire outfit, which is not altogether uncommon. Either way, I am hooked on aprons and can’t stop searching for them and acquiring new ones.

My current fave is by the adorably talented Julie Cline of Julie’s Aprons. I showed off my latest and greatest during the cooking demo at our recent Digestive Health Retreat. I sent an email to Julie, thanking her for helping me to look the part and asked if I might be able to offer one lucky chefista one of her sweet creations. She said yes! So enter to win below.

What I am really curious about though is what is your gadget, trinket, table ornament or what-have-you that you feel rather naked in the kitchen without.

Question of the Day: What if your fave kitchen trinket, gadget or accessory?

Win A Cute As Cute Can Be Kitchen Apron From Julie's Aprons

You can enter to win muchas timos by taking on the following tasks. Some worth 1 entry, some worth 5!

  • Enter a comment below sharing your fave kitchen gadgets
  • Mention the contest on your blog and post a link here for 5 entries!
  • Follow me on Twitter for one entry
  • Join my Facebook Fan Page for one entry
  • Visit Julie’s Aprons and declare what pattern you love best (no guarantees, if you win that you will receive this pattern but we want to know just in case we can do it for you).

104 Responses to “What Dresses Up Your Kitchen?”

  1. Nicole said… July 12, 2010
    These aprons are the cutest! I feel lost in the kitchen without my little hand grater and lemon juicer. So, who gets to ride shotgun to the cottege, Josh or the Vitamix ;)
  2. mar g said… July 12, 2010
    i would love to win-Win = Kitchen Apron From Julie’s Aprons. bedtime ritual-a hot bath with a glass of wine.
  3. My Cutco knives. Nothing replaces my knives. I, too, am quite partial to my blender. It's not a Vitamix, but it's a K-tech, the next best thing. When I don't have my knives or my blender, I go blank in the kitchen.
    • I love Cutco- I remember when a girl came to my parents house when I was a kid and showed me how she could cut a penny with the super powered scissors!
  4. Hmmmm... I love so many things about kitchen... even just the kitchen as my husband and I built the thing ourselves and it is very me... see before and after pics on my old blog. But some of my favs... my Bamix (new love), my stoneware pans (awesome), my bamboo cutting board, and my garlic press (literally use it every day... I eat so much garlic!). Bedtime ritual - spraying rosewater over my freshly washed skin and climbing into freshly changed sheets... not much better!
  5. Megan said… July 12, 2010
    When I am developing recipes, I prefer to use a kitchen scale. Its one of my favorite gadgets because it also allow me to make recipes developed from kitchens using the metric system. I would love to find a healthier sticky toffee pudding recipe!
    • I don't know what sticky toffee pudding is but I imagine it is similar to sticky date pudding which made me large and in charge when I was living in Australia. Everyone was always baking a sticky date pudding.
  6. Ohhh, my favourite kitchen thing? I have two... my lemon juicer (one of the wooden ones that you hold in your hand and has spiral edges... in fact I have two of them so if one's in the sink, I still have one), and my dough scraper. It's metal with a rubberized handle, has inch and cm measurements, and is perfect for moving dough around when I'm making breads and pastries. But where I use it all the time is actually for moving veggies to the pot/pan after I've chopped them -- it has a bigger surface than my knife, and no sharp edges to dull or injure me!
  7. Aprons!!! They're gorgeous -- thanks for the link! I'm loving this "Retro Flair" with the sweetheart neckline. It's so cute, I feel like you could wear it out! (Almost) I think I'd entertain more with this one!
  8. You know what's interesting, is that I HAVE noticed that your apron kitchen apparel tends to be above par. :-) I've actually never thought about the importance of having nice aprons in the kitchen before, but now I'm a convert. I'm officially in love with that apron from Julie, and completely inspired by kitchen aprons on a Monday morning. :-) Aletheia
  9. Sarah L. said… July 12, 2010
    I'd feel lost without my measuring spoons and cups... if I don't use them I tend to dump in way too much of the wrong thing and make a big mess. :) Plus, they help me recreate those perfect concoctions that could be lost forever without them. My favourite is the Retro Style Turquoise with Pink hearts Black Pink pin dots and Lace Apron that you have featured here. So cute!
  10. Obvi I LOVE my Vita Mix. It's not an accessory so much as a life partner though. Otherwise, I have this large wooden mixing spoon with a painted parrot cut-out on the handle. It's fabulous. And wouldn't you know, I'm using it today to make your Carribbean soup-that-eats-like-a-meal?!
  11. Oh man, I've been searching for a cute apron like that!! My favourite kitchen gadget is a baking stone for making hearth breads :d
  12. Following you on twitter
  13. Fan on Facebook
  14. Oh I love the lily of the valley apron
  15. My absolute favourite kitchen thing is my juicer. I don't know how I got along without it before I had it. I mentioned your contest here: I've been a longtime twitter follower, and a facebook page member. Bedtime ritual: low lighting, cup of herbal tea (my own concoctions; I am a homeopath and formerly aspiring herbalist), a snuggle with my kitties, and happy talk with the man. I can send some relaxing and tasty tea recipes if you like. Finally, I love love LOVE "Retro Flair Sweet heart neck fun and Flirty Apron that is Blue Brown Strips and Polka Dots" on Julie's site. I want to wear it as a dress (and on sexy kitchen days may even do just that). Fun contest!
  16. I can't live without my garlic press!!
  17. I joined your facebook group too.
  18. Ami said… July 12, 2010
    I couldn't live without my walnut wooden spoon! I used to snap wooden spoons in half ALL the time baking and then someone bought me a wooden spoon made out of walnut a couple years ago and I use it for everything... and it is still good as new :). The aprons are soooo cute! I really <3 the retro style red poppies and the fall apron (because I loooove fall in a really crazy obsessive way ;)). I have 3 more weeks before my baby is due so I prob couldn't fit an apron around me till then but it would be great after that especially for all the baby food I plan to make!! PS I already follow you on facebook and don't have a blog or twitter ;).
  19. devan said… July 12, 2010
    my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE kitchen utensil are my Star Wars cookie cutters. they make little yoga-faced cookies! so cute!
  20. I am in love with my Vita-Mix! I use it at least 2 times a day. I saved my Bday and Christmas money to buy it and I will never regret it.
  21. I joined you on Facebook! Next up Twitter but it is currently overloaded.
  22. Okay I am following in Twitter!
  23. devan said… July 12, 2010
    I blogged you, I'm following you, I'm your fan! xoxox devo
  24. devan said… July 12, 2010
    Oh, and I totally love the turquoise apron you have pictured above.!!!! devan
  25. I blogged about the contest and the Etsy shop! I love supporting Etsy shops!
  26. Millie said… July 12, 2010
    Like many others have said, it's the Vita-Mix for me, too. Using it daily is the healthiest thing I do!
  27. Cherie said… July 12, 2010
    My most used gadget is my blender or magic bullet because I use them everyday. I can't wait until someday I can afford to buy a Vita-Mix....oh the possibilities I'm missing out on for now!!! Second is my Cutco sandwich spreader knife (can't remember if that's what it's called?)....sooo many it! I use aprons too, but mine are old & so boring. I'd love to win any of these adorable aprons. My favs would be the one you're wearing Meghan and the other one pictured &/or the Retro style Red Poppies turquoise forget me nots and White Daisies. They are all so cute! Thanks for sharing her site!
  28. My fave kitchen gadget is my blender or my salad spinner, because in our Toronto heat wave, all my food came from those two things. Don't know what I would have done without them!
  29. I follow you on twitter
  30. I'm in your facebook group
  31. Jody said… July 12, 2010
    Definitely my blender - not sure what I'd do without it. It's the one thing that gets used at least once a day.
  32. Omg, so many gadgets I heart... I use my lemon reamer every day, as well as my loose-leaf tea balls and bamboo cutting board. I really love my hand-blender (which has various attachments) for soups, jams, apple butter, pesto, etc., but for my ultimate fave, I'm going to be original here and say my ricer. It makes the absolute best mashed potatoes (or mashed cauliflower) -- less whipping required, which means less gluten build up. And man, I heart that "Retro style Red Poppies turquoise forget me nots and White Daisies" apron... if I don't win, I'm going to buy it myself!
  33. sarah j said… July 12, 2010
    it has to be the vitamix - i love it almost as much as my children :)
  34. My favorite gadget is my vitamix, too!
  35. Bamboo cutting board, a sturdy vegetable knife, my rice cooker and my blender. Can't live without those! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!
  36. I also follow you on twitter!
  37. Just joined the facebook group as well!
  38. Andrea said… July 12, 2010
    Oh, I just love the "Red Poppies turquoise forget me nots and White Daisies" Apron! Favourite kitchen gadgets? So many! My latest is a wooden lemon reamer, all the better for my morning lemon juice and water! And I use my blender (not a VitaMix, but still reliable!) almost daily in this heat for smoothies and raw soups. Ditto for my cute little 3 cup food processor - ideal for salad dressings and pestos! And in the winter time, my cast iron skillet is my best friend when it comes to roasting veggies or fish. But I think I'd be really lost without my faithful wooden spoon. It gets along so well with the cast iron skillet. :)
  39. Metta said… July 12, 2010
    I like a good hearty apron. I would love a cute one, but don’t think I would wear it too often. I would be too afraid to stain it. My favorite kitchen gadget is my food processor. I have a vitamix, and do love it dearly, but my first big kitchen splurge was a food processor and I seriously can’t imagine my life without it. Ok, I can imagine my life without it, but it is too depressing.
  40. Brittany said… July 12, 2010
    Food processor, hands down. I use it to chop veggies (because I am lazy and don't care about perfectly diced pieces), puree homemade sauces, and whip up raw dessert balls and homemade Lara-type bars. Though I'm sure that once I save my pennies for a VitaMix, that will be my new favorite. (Sorry, food processor.)
  41. Andrea Raymond said… July 12, 2010
    Definitely my new turquoise teapot with the built in strainer. (Turquoise makes me happy :) So easy to make a cup of mint-rooibus!
  42. My slant cut wooden spatula!! I'm short - just 5 feet! and these slant cut spatulas are just perfect to stir the food. The normal cut ones don't feel right when I use them. When friends come over, they prefer this slant cut one too! Though I'm a gadget girl and love all my kitchen appliances, this one is an absolute must! Those aprons look beautiful!!! Man! I'm in love with this red one ->!! It's just too long I went without aprons. When I moved to Canada from US, I packed away all of mine to GW and haven't got one yet. got to make a cute one for myself, soon!
    • I have to try that! I join you at that height. I have taken to littering my kitchen with step-stools when no one else is around.
  43. Awwwww! I found the cutest of all aprons!!! She's a genius!!
  44. I lLOVE and use my Kitchenaid blender at least once a day, usually for green smoothies.
  45. Dori said… July 13, 2010
    Thanks for the lead for my mom's bday gift. She'll love these aprons. I love the apron with the black/yellow daisy's. I have to say I love my dishwasher (my vitamix is pretty much it's own dishwasher!). I hate doing dishes!!! It's amazing how few gadgets you really need and that you rely on the same items over and over.
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  47. Emily said… July 13, 2010
    I love my kitchen Aid stand mixer!
  48. Fave kitchen gadgets: Vitamix and my microplane grater. How does one choose from so many great aprons? I noted 9 but my fave is the "Retro Flair Sweet heart neck fun Flirty Apron in Red Black Damask Gingham Tulle " - (It's got TULLE!). Runner's up: "Retro Flair Sweet heart neck fun and Flirty Apron that is Blue Brown Strips and Polka Dots" ( ) and "Strips of Brown Red Purple Yellow and Green Halter Apron" ( I'll blog about the contest this evening.
  49. Claire said… July 13, 2010
    I heart my George Forman grill!! :-)cc
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  51. My favorite kitchen gadget is probably my food processor. It's so versatile and such a time saver (and for recipes that require a food processor, there's really no gadget you could use instead). I'm already a FB fan, but I did blog about the giveaway here:
  52. Bliss said… July 13, 2010
    My favorite kitchen gadget is my blender. It's not a vita mix but it does a pretty good job of making green smoothies which I enjoy every day. Love the aprons. They are all so adorable but I think my favorite is the "Retro Flair Sweet heart neck fun Flirty Apron in Red Black Damask Gingham Tulle"
  53. MollyG said… July 13, 2010
    My favorite kitchen helper is my Vita-Mix. It is elitist, yes. And my CuisinArt worked pretty well, but the Vita-Mix is pure magic. Dinner in my hot house last night was a cinch. Pesto made in the Vita-Mix (10 min including prepping all the ingredients) and while that was happening, whole wheat pasta boiling on the stove (15 min including heating the water in my hot kitchen). Pure dinner magic.
  54. What a great giveaway! Right now my favorite kitchen gadgets are my Santoku knife and my stick blender..Didn't realize the greatness of either gadget till I got them..:)- makes my life in the kitchen much much easer! my favorite apron pattern I think would be : Retro style Brown and French Blue and Retro style Strips and Polka Dots Red. Also this one: "Retro Flair Sweet heart neck fun and Flirty Apron that is Blue Brown Strips and Polka Dots" is super cute too! (I follow you on twitter and am a fan of your facebook page)
  55. Kelly Michelle said… July 13, 2010
    My favorite gadget is definitely my food processor. I don't know how I lived without it!
  56. Kelly Michelle said… July 13, 2010
    I LOVE the Retro Flair Sweet heart neck fun and Flirty Apron that is greens and Black
  57. Sarah L. said… July 13, 2010
    I'm a Facebook fan. :)
  58. Amy said… July 13, 2010
    My favourite kitchen gadget is my lemon zester. I got it as a gift on the occasion of my housewarming and thought - other than the odd Cosmo, 'whaddamI gonna do wit dis?' I then starting zesting the sh** out of everything - zest in my water every day, orange zest in the granola, lime zest in toasted onto almonds. Sometimes people look into my fridge and see scalped citrus, wantingly waiting to be juiced. Don't fret, my dear, for their scalped selves get sucked dry too in all sorts of goodies. It's a little macabre, but who said the kitchen had to be horror-free? (insert evil cackle here). P.S. I heart aprons.
  59. Susan Ho said… July 13, 2010
    I couldn't live without my vitamix either. I use it at least twice a day. I was in NY for two week and was dying to make a smoothie or soup. Yum soup. Hummm... I think I going to make some Avocado soup now with the VM. I love the Short n Sassy Retro Ruffles and Gingham in Tans and Blues LAST ONE! It 's suppose to be great on short people like me :) I am now following you on Twitter and also favourited you on FB. Oh and posted a link to my FB page. Hee Hee
  60. Terri Kendall said… July 13, 2010
    I can't live without my food processor. I use it all the time especially since I have a small hummus business out of my home. The aprons are great. I don't know if I could pick my favorite.
  61. I know you'll get a pingback, but watch for a post in my blog tomorrow. I've set it to post tomorrow morning because I'd just published another blog post and I don't like publishing posts too close together. In it I've coined a new term: "Meghanism".
  62. Jennifer said… July 14, 2010
    My favourite gadget in the kitchen is my old-style, wall-mounted bottle opener. It's so simple but somehow completes the experience of drinking a frosty lime soda!
  63. Barbara said… July 14, 2010
    What a great giveaway! My favorite kitchen gadget is probably my food processor. Thanks for the chance!
  64. Barbara said… July 14, 2010
    I also blogged about your giveaway beautiful (#1)
  65. Barbara said… July 14, 2010
    I also blogged about your giveaway beautiful (#2)
  66. Barbara said… July 14, 2010
    I also blogged about your giveaway beautiful (#3)
  67. Barbara said… July 14, 2010
    I also blogged about your giveaway beautiful (#4)
  68. Barbara said… July 14, 2010
    I also blogged about your beautiful giveaway (#5)
  69. Barbara said… July 14, 2010
    In the Julie’s Shop my favorites is the "Retro Fun flirty Cherries Half Apron Black and White polka dowry": it's really beautiful
  70. I love the Masa Spreader because it makes tamale making so easy! I also love my silicone garlic peeler, plate grater, and of course, my KitchenAid mixer!!! Couldn't live without 'em. (and I love This Flirty Retro Style Short n Sassy Apron Black with YOUR CHOICE OF TRIM) So glad I found your blog! I love everything I read about on your about page! Looking forward to reading past posts and future posts!
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  72. Jennifer R. said… July 16, 2010
    My absolute fav kitchen gadget is my VitaMix -- best investment ever (I make salad dressings, dips, soups, green smoothies, and ice cream in it -- LOVE it!).
  73. Jennifer R. said… July 16, 2010
    I follow you on twitter.
  74. Jennifer R. said… July 16, 2010
    I joined your facebook fan page.
  75. Jennifer R. said… July 16, 2010
    okay, so I don't use an apron and you have inspired me to try it. Julie's aprons are all so cute, but if I had to pick one it would be Retro style Brown and Pink thin Strips n Polka Dots. Of course, then I'd also want to purchase the kids one for my daughter (it would make a great Christmas present for her). Thanks Meghan!!
  76. Ohh I lOVE those aprons!! I can see myself developing a new apron fetish. My fave pattern is the black retro apron, but I like all the retro ones as well. My fave appliance is my dehydrator. I dont use it every day, but when I do use it I get so excited and spend all day experimenting with things I can do with it. I have a humongous family size excalibur where most people would have a microwave :) I'm following you on facebook and twitter and am about to post a link to this on my blog. Which I think will count me in for votes!
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  78. [...] my fair ladies and gents- looking to get it on, perhaps don one of these sweet aprons and nothing else, and get baking these Pumpkin Pie Muffin Top Cookies. And by the way, they are [...]
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