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Part 1, Tampax Tampons: Toxic Sticks of Death


I can't help but wonder if Mr. Cutlet, or someone like him, was the genius that came up with the tampon. It's all pretty and white and fluffy. It comes in a little flowery, pink, plastic package and essentially removes us ladies from any contact with our body and the filthiness that is The Period. Am I wrong on this? It's gross right?

No, it's not gross! It's not necessarily something you want to frame and hang on your wall, but it is what makes us ladies. We are an all inclusive package that comes with tummies, hips, bums, boobs, an occasional bout of The Crazies, and for the most part, we also get our periods. We are all very careful about how we dress up the hips and bums, attempt to hide the tummies and struggle to lift and squeeze the boobs, but how much thought do we give to a product we use on a monthly basis in the absolute most intimate of regions?

Have you actually thought about what is getting inserted into your vag for 3-7 days out of the month?

It wasn't until my first class in nutrition school, Nutrition And The Environment, that I actually gave it any thought at all. I decided to write my term paper on just that, the chemicals used in the processing of conventional tampons. And wouldn't you know it, I discovered that they seriously were like Toxic Sticks of Death.

Consider this: The average woman, menstruating for five days a month for 38 years will use approximately 11,400 tampons in a lifetime. With roughly 73 million menstruating women in America, the toxicity levels of commercial brands of tampons is a major concern.

Now because I like to stir the pot, as my grandma says, I wanted to find out what actually went into the 'pon. I may have had better luck breaking in to Fort Knox. Ingredients are listed on nearly every product we buy these days but not tampons. Tampons, a product that requires contact over an extended period of time with one of the body’s most porous and highly absorbent mucous membranes, are categorized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a ‘medical device’. Therefore, manufacturers are not required to adhere to the same labeling regulations as food, drugs or cosmetics.

As with toxicity testing for chemical residues in our food supply, testing on chemical levels in tampons is done by the manufacturer or private researcher with findings presented to regulating bodies for review.  Essentially, the scientists researching whether or not tampons are safe are getting their paycheques from the people who make and sell tampons.

Proctor & Gamble, the manufacturers of Tampax brand tampons, are keen to keep secret the chemical-soup tampon recipe. Seeing that North American women spend an average of two billion dollars per year on these chemical laced commercial brand sanitary napkins and tampons, the truth about these toxic products will not be revealed anytime soon.

My question of course, is what are they hiding? You know that when someone starts trying to cover something up- something fishy is going down.

Alas- I never suggest you  avoid something without first explaining why, and then offering an alternative. The Diva Cup,  my sweet fertile ladies, is my top top top recommendation. It is fan-freaking amazing. Change it twice a day, no fuss, no muss. Yeah, you do have to get up into the bits a little more intimately than you might be accustomed to- but if you aren't wanting to get up in there, why should you expect anyone else to either. Over the next couple of days, I will be sharing more info with you on the hazards of the 'Pon.

Over the next few days, I will be sharing info from my research paper, Tampax Tampons: Toxic Sticks of Death. If you prefer, you can download the entire document with references, at no charge, here.

109 Responses to “Part 1, Tampax Tampons: Toxic Sticks of Death”

  1. Hi Meghan, I'm so excited you posted this!! I already have a Diva Cup that I love love love and I think this is so important to educate women about. Tampons are filled with nasty things like pesticides and bleach...not something I want! I used to be very involved with the Tampaction campaign. Have you heard of it? Sorry, I get so excited when people bring this stuff up!
  2. Meghan, you should publish your paper as a series of articles to get the word out. It's amazing how many toxic chemicals women are exposed to. These chemicals are absorbed into our bodies. Then we wonder why we get sick, why the rate of autism has skyrocketed...when we are bathed in chemical soup, inside and out, that our bodies were never meant to battle. Keep getting the word out!
  3. I love coming here. I never know what is coming next. Very insightful information. I just bought organic tampons at TJ's. I'm hoping they are better for me than Tampax.
  4. Julia said… October 13, 2009
    I have a Diva Cup and absolutely love it! These handy dandy little devices are used all over Europe and it's a pity they haven't been discovered in the US. I guess that's something to do with P+G. I agree with Jeanne, you really should publish your paper to help get the word out.
  5. Samantha Angela said… October 13, 2009
    I've been wondering about the toxicity of tampons for a long time now. Can't wait to read what you have researched!
  6. Meghan, Good for you, great post with important information. You know, they don't call it "toxic shock syndrome" for nothin'! Girl power, yeah! Melissa
  7. I've been using organic/clorine free pads and tampons for the past year or so. I rarely use tampons though, and after talking to my acupuncturist about it, I stopped using them all together. But pads are! I've been scared to try the Diva Cup, it looks so intiminating!!!!!
  8. I follow you on twitter!
  9. I am a member of your group on FB!
  10. I tweeted this contest: LaurenGinger
  11. I am now following Diva Cup on twitter~
  12. Yay! So happy to see you write about this. I've used a Mooncup for around 3 years and I love it! It's changed my life I have to say. I would be lost without it. I'm so happy not to pollute my body or the environment and I feel more in tune with my body these days. I converted one friend to the Mooncup but sadly it's not very well known in this country and most people wrinkle their nose at the thought of it. I did too until I read about it, bought it and just went for it. It takes time to use but within months it becomes second nature. Can't wait to read the rest of your posts!! This is a topic that women NEED to read about.
  13. I haven't taken the plunge with this one. I think about doing so and I know I should but still haven't. Thanks for discussing this on your blog.
  14. Michelle said… October 13, 2009
    I'm glad you are writing about the Diva Cup- I am always telling my girlfriends about it, I love mine! It took a couple of cycles to really get used to it but it's seriously great and hassle free! Spread the word! Great post :)
  15. Hmmmm.... this is one area I haven't wanted to look at... we are so picky about our fem-hygiene products... But, maybe it is time to consider a switch. I don't know enough about these cups, and how they work... maybe time to do a little googling! Anyway, sign me up! Audrey
  16. Stephanie said… October 13, 2009
    Thanks for sharing this great info, Meghan! This has been a concern of mine for some time but I've yet to try the Diva Cup. I've used the disposable Instead cups but it's not easy to find and it still creates waste for the environtment. Baby steps! I'll definitely try Diva next. By the way, I follow you AND Diva Cup on Twitter. I also joined your Facebook group. I look forward to reading more!
  17. Wow, I've never thought about what could be in a tampon--that's pretty scary to think about absorbing who-knows-what chemicals into our bodies every month. I'll be tweeting & reposting on my blog. Can't wait to see what research you dug up on the chemicals!
  18. I loooove my diva cup! We are the best if friends!
  19. Thanks for the info! I've been looking into Diva cups recently! Would love to try one. Great site by the way!!!I love your enthusiasm!
  20. Look forward to reading it. A friend once told me that tampons can cause cancer. Being the nerd I am (and kind of wanting to prove her wrong because sometimes I really need to be right and it seemed like an outrageous claim), I went researching and concluded that this was an urban legend based on outdated information and old methods for making tampons. Maybe I was wrong. I like the cup because I'm lazy (i.e I want to plug myself in the morning and not think about it all day) and rarely have to worry about leakage, except for the last time when I had fuss and muss and an embarrassing situation. A while back I ruined one when I did what the website says NOT to do and let the pot I was sterilizing it in boil dry. I haven't boiled since. Last December I used pads for the first time since i was in my early teens because I was hiking and camping in the Andes and didn't want to deal with sanitary issues. Bonus: I got the ones that came with wipes, quite useful for camping. Surprisingly liberating. Pads have come a long way since the early 90s (no longer feel like diapers) and hold liquid well. I now sometimes use them at night when I want a break from having something inside.
  21. ckwebgrrl said… October 13, 2009
    I've been thinking about trying out the Diva, would love to win one. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!
  22. I LOVE MY DIVA CUP!! (yes, enough to yell about it) I've been using it for probably a year and a half now and it has seriously been one of the greatest things ever! I feel so much better using it, not having to worry about how long I've had it in and not having to waste money on and deal with tampons anymore. I will go on to say that it has reduced my cramps, which is a major plus!! I also have a few lunapads that I use sometimes when I'm home and they are wonderful too.
  23. cookingforaveganlover said… October 13, 2009
    1. Post a comment here = 1 entry 2. Follow Diva Cup on twitter = 1 entry 3. Follow me on twitter = 1 entry 4. Post this contest on your Twitter = 1 entry 5. Join the Diva Cup Facebook group = 1 entry 6. Join Making Love In The Kitchen with Meghan group of Facebook = 1 entry 6 chances to win! i've always been intersted in Diva Cups and have never tried them
  24. Amandamoo said… October 13, 2009
    I have wanted to try the Diva Cup for years but haven't had the chutzpa to make the switch. I'm so looking forward to your info!! Thank you!
  25. Jennifer R. said… October 13, 2009
    thanks for sharing this great info -- I would love to win a Diva Cup!
  26. Jennifer R. said… October 13, 2009
    I follow you on twitter.
  27. Jennifer R. said… October 13, 2009
    I'm part of your Making Love in the Kitchen with Meghan facebook group.
  28. Jennifer R. said… October 13, 2009
    I posted the contest on my facebook status.
  29. Kelly said… October 13, 2009
    Wow never even heard of such an alternative. Would love to win one!
  30. Jennifer R. said… October 13, 2009
    I joined the facebook Diva Cup group
  31. Alex said… October 13, 2009
    I am a Diva Cup embassador. Not literally, but almost. I spread the word to anyone who will listen...I love my cup! At first, it IS a little weird to be so, um, intimate with your period, but once you get used to it, it's kind of cool! It's a great way to better keep track of the fluctuations of your flow. And let me tell you, when I was travelling around Ecuador last year, my one tiny little Diva was wayyyyy better to pack than a six month supply of boxes and boxes of pads and tampons....I literally would have needed a whole other backpack! I have a friend who, ever time she inserts Diva, is compelled to sing, "Diiiivaaaaa, Las Vegas!!" Haha, this product is so good it will make you break out into song :)
  32. I have definitely thought about tampons and their possible dangers. But I never thought they would be laced with chemicals! I definitely am going to look into the diva cup. Thanks!
  33. wow, this is very interesting! the diva cup definitely has me intrigued. thanks for the info!
  34. Angelica said… October 13, 2009
    I *love* my DivaCup! I've used it for the past year or so. I originally bought it because I didn't like the amount of waste I was/would create during a lifetime of using disposable tampons and pads. I never thought much about the toxicity of tampons until I just recently decided to carry a little spare one in my purse as the classic back-up, and switched to a 100% organic company for it.
  35. I am obsessed with my Diva Cup. There has been one month when I couldn't use - forgot to bring it! - and it was TORTURE not to have it! I can't live without my Cup!
  36. Oh man I have been wanting to try this forever. My roommate uses these. (she loves green as a thistle.) She has been trying to convert me and I am readily accepting it but they are pretty expensive and I have really short periods so I was hesitant. I would love to win one that ould take the problem right out of the issue.
  37. Jeana said… October 13, 2009
    Like many, I have been staring at the Diva Cup for a long time, but have been too nervous to give it a try. Perhaps now is the time. On a secondary note, The Wonder Years is my all time fave show. Loved the clip! : )
  38. I'm so excited about this post and giveaway! I must say you just might be the first nutritionist I have ever encountered that actually talked about tampons and toxicity. And let's just say I've had my fair share of experience with nutrition "experts." Shocking, in my opinion. So thank you, thank you for caring about this important issue (I admit, you really aren't anything like other "conventional nutritionists"). I've heard of the Dixie cup and even talked to a few people who use one, and they love, love, love them. I've really been wanting one for quite some time, but for undisclosed reasons, have not been able to purchase one. So I am very excited about this giveaway and am ready to spread the diva cup goodness! ps- I already happily follow you on Twitter :).
  39. I just tweeted about the giveaway. I now follow Diva Cup on twitter. I joined Your facebook group! I am a fan of Diva Cup on Facebook. (6 entries)
  40. Brittany said… October 13, 2009
    Count me in for the contest, pretty please with Tempeh Testicles on top!!! I have to say, this post came just in the nick of time. Lately I've been researching tampon alternatives such as Lunapads ( that are washable and reuseable. They even have organic flannel ones, as well as Lunapanties which are an all-in-one washable alternative that have pads built in. (We all have "period panties" anyway, right?) Honestly, I've never been a pad fan, and the thought of washing one immediately provokes an *ick* reaction, but the ladies at claim that they will change my life. *shrug* We'll see. I will admit that the thought of letting my precious cookie breathe instead of clogging it with chemical sticks is a huge incentive to try them out. Not to mention saving all that moolah, and less toxic waste in the landfills. Not that my cookie is radioactive or anything! It just seems like tampons would take FOREVER to biodegrade. Looking forward to your next post!
  41. This is so timely for me! I've been using cloth pads and organic tampons for a while, and just found out about menstrual cups and was thinking about trying one. I'm totally in!
  42. Chandra said… October 13, 2009
    I saw the diva cup on a blog about a year ago and I just wasn't sure about it. But I would defiantely be willing to try if I won it. Thanks for having the contest!
  43. Just blogged about it. Heehee..
  44. I just started following you and Diva Cup on Twitter, and joined your FB page. (I'm FB "friends" with too many business type people, so I'd rather not have my profile show me in the "Diva cup" group... TMI doncha know?) But here's the thing. I don't understand the Diva Cup. How does it work? You seem like someone who wouldn't be afraid to explain it to a dummy like me that can't figure out the logistics behind it. I just keep thinking I'll spill menstral blood everywhere taking it out. Is that a possibility?
  45. Great article! Can't wait to read more about this and our monthly gift from the heavens. Wondering if you'd be able to offer your thoughts and advice on dealing with The Crazies that come hand-in-hand with aforementioned monthly gift of awesome. :)
  46. Im going to enter in every way. Ive never heard anything about this before. I cant believe I never even questioned what was in a tampax. Aren't there organic tampons available? Ive never heard of a Diva Cup. No idea if they are in the shops over here. Im going to look into it.
  47. Amy said… October 13, 2009
    Heya! I've been using an alternative to the Diva (a Mooncup) for about 4 months now and I love it! Admittedly, I had a few minor issues in the first few months, but I persisted and now we are best friends. I no longer dread my period or spend too long wondering what damage I am (was!) doing to myself with tampons (I've never trusted the things). I highly recommend all ladies embrace their 'bits' and try a Diva, Mooncup or alternative out- you won't look back! Live, love, laugh. Amy
  48. I've been reading a lot about the Diva Cup and I'm going to buy it before my next period. I'm so excited not to have something toxic and to only have to change it twice a day!
  49. nikki said… October 13, 2009
    I've been attempting to use an alternative to tampons for years. I've tried the Keeper and most recently the Diva Cup. I cannot get them to work. That said, I've never met anyone else who's had a problem using the Diva Cup. I've recommended it to my friends and family and I hope to provide them for my daughters when the time comes. Really, I can't say enough good things about Diva Cup, and I really wish I could get it to work for me. I feel so silly, it's not like it difficult to use. :) Maybe I should try the other size? PS. I see in the comments that you're going to be talking about adrenal support and blood sugar balancing. Can't wait. I've some issues in that department that western medicine doesn't care to address properly. I want to strengthen my body, not mask symptoms, darn it!
  50. nikki said… October 13, 2009
    PPS. My mother-in-law became ill with TSS from tampons years ago. It was awful.
  51. Christy said… October 13, 2009
    I have been using the diva cup for 5 years (wow has it been that long already). I am currently on my second cup (the first was lost somewhere while moving). I have also been responsible for 'converting' at least 4 women to the cup. I learned about it in my first year women's studies class. Where I learned about the toxicity of tampons, (along with menstrual pads). My women's studies professor actually had been using the Keeper for over 20 years. I love this little cup and will never go back to disposable pads or tampons! (please don't include me in the contest since I already have and love my cup I don't really need a second one)
  52. yeah baby! i want chemical free lady bits.
  53. Amanda said… October 13, 2009
    It is so scary to think about what 'pons do to our bodies and how people are deliberately complacent about the dangers. Meghan, I don't think they have DivaCups here in Australia!! I am at work so I can 't access FB or Twitter but I will try and do that tonight so I can enter a few more times. If I don't win, I will happily send you the money and cover the cost of postage if you wouldn't mind picking one up for me and sending it downunder. :) Never thought us Aussies were this far behind!! xx
  54. Amanda said… October 13, 2009
    Oohhh question! What about pantyliners? I wear them everyday in between monthly visits to remain fresh. Is there an alternative to this? Thanks! xx
  55. Michelle said… October 13, 2009
    Great, informative post and now I have read all these rave reviews of the Diva Cup.... I guess it's time to get one! First of all, I'll hope I win your contest. I joined your FB group too! Michelle S.
  56. LOVE love love love LOVE my diva cup. LOVE!!! Serious love. Seriously, I never would have believed it, but I actually forget that I have my period now... it's been over a year and I couldn't be happier!!!!
  57. Mle said… October 13, 2009
    Looks like I came back at the right time! I would love to try a Diva Cup! I am so interested to hear your findings on all this and would love to hear more about your take on birth control... I know you've mentioned the Lady Comp in the past and I would love to hear more about it. I looked it up when you mentioned it and I can say it sounds good but is a lot of money to pay so I want to know as much as I can before investing!
  58. Meghan, Thank you so much for putting a link to your paper. I never use tampons because I was afraid of this very thing (toxicity), and have been too freaked out to try the Diva Cup, and now am living in a place where they don't sell it (India), but it was sorta on my mental list of things to purchase when I go home next (It has been a year!!! That list is HUGE by now!). So, now you are forcing me to think about it again! Thanks for that. Sometimes we need to be shaken up to make a change! Jennifer
  59. pdw said… October 14, 2009
    I used another menstrual cup for a number of years. I have a very heavy flow and still needed to use a pantyliner or pad with the cup, had a number of problems with changing throughout the day (no, twice a day was not nearly enough, I can blow through a super tampon, maxi pad, and several layers of clothing in an hour at times), and ended up with a yeast infection that reoccurred every cycle until I stopped all internal protection for about a year. Note that yes, I did use the menstrual cup for about five years, so yes, I did know what I was doing as far as proper handling and insertion.
  60. Ariel said… October 14, 2009
    Great post! I love my Diva Cup.
  61. Denise said… October 14, 2009
    I just made the recently made the switch to organic feminine products. After reading this I think I need to take it one step further:) Hopefully I can win one to try ;)
  62. I keep forgetting to try these things out - a friend of mine recommended it to me years ago and you know how it goes - always pushed to the back of the To Do List. However, I'm doing a serious toxic cleaning this month, and I think this should be an important part! Great posts! Love your work!
  63. emily said… October 14, 2009
    man, i want one of those to replace of those toxic products. its hard to believe what we have been putting up there. emily
  64. Jody said… October 14, 2009
    Okay I've looked at the Diva cups before - just a little scared and intimidated to purchase and use. Your post has me relooking at this as maybe this is definately the less scary option. Thanks for all the great info!
  65. I am looking forward to hearing more abou this. I thought the only alternative were organic tampons and pads! If I don't win, I'll still be purchasing and returning all my products!
  66. I'd never really thought about what were in tampons before. Your paper was a real eye opener. Yikes! All those chemicals in places they shouldn't be. I've been hearing great things about the Diva.
  67. very enlightening. i'm convinced!
  68. Morgan said… October 14, 2009
    Amanda, They don't have DivaCups in Australia, there is only 1 cup brand that is approved for sale....can't remember which but it's not the Diva. carries the DivaCup though and they ship all over the world, shipping is pretty reasonable too. Check em out (in case you don't win!)
  69. I use Gladrags. I'd love to try a Diva Cup.
  70. Katherine said… October 14, 2009
    I've been wanting to try out the Diva cup for a while now. This information is great motivation to just do it!
  71. Gretchen B said… October 14, 2009
    I am so excited to see this entry and part 2. I have a diva cup and realized if I only use it a year, I would get my monies worth in regards to savings compared to pads and tampons. Plus add keeping that stuff out of landfills and fertilizing plants, heck yea it's worth it.
  72. Heather said… October 14, 2009
    Wow! What great info. I am going to get the Diva Cup's as soon as possible. I think they are a win win situation to your monthly reminder that you are a lady!
  73. *eek* gotta get me one of these pronto!
  74. snowflake said… October 14, 2009
    ive never tried this....but there is always a first for everything
  75. I'm so convinced! I've heard that some of the chemicals they use in tampons are to make you bleed more, thus need more tampons!
  76. I posted on my blog (and a pic of your sauce! :) It won't be up until tomorrow morning though!
  77. I'm so glad you're writing about this! I just made the switch from disposable pads to reusable ones because of a challenge I put to myself & family to reduce are waste. A lot of people have suggested the Diva cup I've just been to chicken to try it, but I'd love to win one! I haven't used tampons in probably 6 years because the nastiness that is them. I follow you & diva cups on twitter @easyecotogo I'm a fan of your FB page. And I plan to write about this hopefully the contest is still going!
  78. Madeleine said… October 15, 2009
    Great article! I actually went out to buy one of these yesterday, but they didn't have the right model. Hope I can win one here! Thanks! :)
  79. 1. Post a comment here = 1 entry 2. Post this contest on your blog = 2 entries 3. Follow Diva Cup on twitter = 1 entry 4. Follow me on twitter = 1 entry 4. Post this contest on your Twitter = 1 entry done! I first heard about the diva cup through dionne ( and since then i have been doing my best to win one, as i cannot afford one right now. why? because ifter reading about what i place so close to me, and learning how bad it really is, and being inspired to be greener, i just believe it is the way to go. not only do we deserve it, as our bodies are our temples, we are helping the earth, our home, to heal from the aches and bruises we have given her. thank you for this give away.
  80. I learn more and more every day from your blog! Please consider me entered in your drawing. Thank you thank you!
  81. renee said… October 16, 2009
    wow! what frightening information. I'm all for the cup, but it seems a bit intimidating. How many out there are currently using it? Any encouraging pointers or comments to help us newbies? Thanks
  82. lazysmurf said… October 16, 2009
    That is so nice you are giving away a Diva Cup, I have wanted one forever but it is such a big investment.
  83. I am very interested in trying a diva cup...I use far too many tampons and I often wondered about the impact on my body. I joined your Facebook group I became a fan of the diva cup facebook group I'm leaving a comment and I am posting the contest on my blog! Thanks so much for the eye opening info!
  84. I have been wanting to get one of these every since I had my baby... but spending $40 on something that i'm not confident i'll be able to get in comfortably has been the issue. thanks for all the info. also i've joined the facebook groups/fan (Jamie Hunter) and i've followed you and divacup on twitter (@bashtinyourhead) :)
  85. Linda said… October 16, 2009
    I spent months educating myself about alternatives when I found the diva cup. I was skeptical, but now as a happy owner, I"m happy to see others are joining the band wagon!!
  86. kim said… October 17, 2009
    Would love to win a divacup. I have been hearing about this for a little while now and was wanting to pick one up. it would be great to win one.
  87. Stacious said… October 17, 2009
    I would love to win one too. I was recently looking at the LadyCup. Anyone know which is better?
  88. Hey Meghan once again you've got my content mind all a twitter. I read your articles last week and just about went into my own toxic shock! I downloaded your entire paper on it too and have been just absorbing...haha all the information. I would love to win a diva cup. I can't even for the life of me fathom using one more tampon. (of course I have a full box) I have never seen them here in the States..and I wonder why though! Thanks again for so much more to think about!
  89. Laura said… October 19, 2009
    i'd love a diva cup haha!
  90. Michelle said… October 20, 2009
    I have wanted to try one of these but never willing to pay the money in case I hated it.
  91. [...]  Speaking of that time of month…anyone catch Meghan’s articles Toxic Sticks of Death? [...]
  92. Brittany said… October 27, 2009
    After reading this, I found a nutrition store that carries the Diva Cup and bought one. That first day, I was so nervous that I'd put it in wrong, or that it might slip and I'd have an oops moment during dinner with my sis. But by the end of the night, it had earned my trust, and I was hooked. By the end of the week, I felt a shift in my mindset similar to what others have described. I became at peace with my cycle and started to view it as a beautiful, natural part of being a woman, rather than an icky monthly pain-in-the-arse that contaminated my body for 5-6 days and had to be disposed of like toxic waste. It was surprising to say the least. Not to mention I am actually spending way less on this than I was on tampons. It kinda helps balance out the extra money I spend on recycled products and organic/local food! Thanks again for the insight and advice.
  93. [...] GREAT! I bought it about three or four years ago based on concerns about tampons and their toxicity for my body, their high cost, and their environmental impact, and I’ve never looked back [...]
  94. Whitney Boyachek said… October 30, 2011
    I never really realized all the downfalls of tampons...and would love to try the diva cup! Would be better to win it! ;)
  95. [...] Telpner has a fabulous blog post where she gives away a free printable expose that she wrote on the tampon industry.  In it, she [...]

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