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Podcast Episode 22: Ditching The Wheat Belly


Episode: 22


Title: Ditching The Wheat Belly and Muffin Top

Guest: Dr. William Davis, a cardiologist practicing out of Milwaukee is  working with his patients to reverse heart disease, and loads of other degenerative health problems that go with it, by doing an amazing this- working with their diet.

As Dr. Davis explains:

I’m not promoting drugs, fancy medical procedures, or costly equipment. I’m not promoting a process that makes a pharmaceutical company rich or helps a hospital gain more revenue-producing procedures. I’m talking about a simple change in diet that yields incredible and unexpected health benefits in so many more ways than you’d think. And it’s not just about celiac disease, the destructive intestinal disease from wheat gluten that affects 1% of the population. It’s about all the other destructive health effects of wheat consumption, from arthritis to acid reflux to schizophrenia, caused or made worse by this food we are advised to eat more of. It’s about being set free from the peculiar appetite-stimulating effects of the opiate-like compounds unique to wheat. It’s also about losing weight–10, 20, or 30 pounds is often just the start–all from this thing I call wheat belly. The key to understanding wheat’s undesirable effects is to recognize that the total effect on human health is greater than the sum of its parts.

Get more info about Wheat Belly here.

You must listen! He's a wealth of knowledge and one of the friendliest peeps I've had the pleasure of speaking with.

Question of the day: Have you read Dr. Davis' Wheat Belly?


34 Responses to “Podcast Episode 22: Ditching The Wheat Belly”

  1. Podcast Episode 22: Ditching The Wheat Belly: Ditching The Wheat Belly and Muffin Top. Dr. William Davis, a car...
  2. #Podcast Episode 22: Ditching The Wheat Belly #glutenfree #health #drwilliamdavis
  3. my awesometown podcast with @wheatbelly author Dr. William Davis!
  4. Everyone needs to listen to this podcast by @meghantelpner @wheatbelly
  5. peace said… February 21, 2012
    I ordered this book last week! It hasn't shipped yet but looking forward to reading it :)
  6. I'm reading it right now! It's pretty eye-opening. Thankfully my family is already on a gfree diet, but there's always something to learn. I'm an RHN student so I am just soaking it all up :) Thanks for interviewing him Meghan.
  7. MUST LISTEN---> Interview with author of #wheatbelly #GlutenFreeCleanse
  8. I own the book - I bought it a couple weeks ago and am eager to read it. Just must find time to do so! Looking forward to listening to your interview as well.
  9. My interview with Meghan Telpner of Making Love in the Kitchen (yeah, I blushed, too!) . . .
  10. I think Dr. Davis work is so important that I spend an entire chapter in my book, "The No-Carb Revolution" praising it! :)
  11. Make love in the kitchen.... yeah! vía @meghantelpner
  12. Thanks Meghan, for addressing a few of my concerns with food and preparation choices. Otherwise the book was excellent and I learned a lot. I tell everyone to read it.
  13. Mick Hamblen said… February 21, 2012
    Got the book just ordered the t-shirt.
  14. still need proof to ditch the #wheat belly (and muffin top)? listen up!
  15. JMarie said… February 21, 2012
    Great book! Halfway through it!
  16. listened to my #podcast with @wheatbelly author Dr. William Davis?
  17. Have you listened yet? #Podcast Ditching The Wheat Belly #glutenfree #health #drwilliamdavis
  18. I agree. RT @Karlee_BBB: Everyone needs to listen to this podcast by @meghantelpner @wheatbelly
  19. Jacqueline said… February 21, 2012
    Hey Meghan, Thanks for this podcast! Lots of great info. Thanks also for calling him out on the Sucrose as well as the microwave issues. I disagree though, I wouldn't endorse ever using Sucrose...I think even in "remote" areas there is internet access to order natural sweeteners, and there is often local honey or maple syrup. And microwaves, is there ever a reason?
    • Meghan Telpner said… February 21, 2012
      I completely agree with you- I think there should have been something mentioned about what to try and find first, or resources about where to order others online.
  20. Making Love in the Kitchen Ditching the Wheat Belly: Interview with Wheat Belly author Dr. Davis
  21. Bought this as soon as it came out. Love it, share it with my clients. People just aren't aware that wheat is everywhere, masquerading as healthy foods! What I love most is once you give it up, you lose the crazy cravings that are due to the addictive nature of gliadin!
  22. Amazing interview! Thank you Making Love In The Kitchen with Meghan - Please listen to this and if you are...
  23. Podcast - Interview with Dr Davis about gluten sensitivity. via @meghantelpner
  24. [...] Click here for all the Gluten-Free Loving fun and be sure to check out the amazing resources we already have live including my interview with the New York Times best selling Author Dr. William Davis of the book Wheat Belly. [...]
  25. I've started the process of going gluten-free (okay, really I just finished one day so far) and I was wondering if sprouted grain bread is considered gluten-free? Or safe for a gluten-free diet (considering I am not celiac)
  26. One of the most informative and #FUNderwear #podcasts I've ever hosted!
  27. Danielle said… February 26, 2012
    Great podcast! You never fail to ask intelligent questions! Especially the discussion about splenda. Maybe this is something you will already be answering in the emails to come... But I am taking part in the gluten-free challenge. Dr. Davis mentions now that his wife has given up gluten/wheat she cannot eat it - without feeling extremely sick. You mentioned (I think in this interview) that now you have healed yourself from Crohn's, you can have the occasional indulgence (i.e. cake) without feeling totally sick. After giving up gluten for a period of time and then reintroducing back into your diet - will everyone's reaction to gluten be different?
    • Meghan Telpner said… February 26, 2012
      For many people it's a gut integrity thing. Once the gut lining and cilia are completely healed- a little gluten- should be okay. That's not for everyone and even still- I know that if I do eat wheat/gluten, I will have way more cravings and feel really tired the next day. So I don't get sick from a direct digestive discomfort but it's still not good. And I NEVER eat plain old cake- if ever there would be spelt flour. Refined wheat in its grocery store processed style is something I stay far away from- not just from a health perspective but taste. It tastes chemical to me.
  28. Thanks for sharing. I just ordered it off the book depository.
  29. Still haven't heard my #podcast with Wheat Belly author Dr. William Davis?
  30. great interview @wheatbelly author “@meghantelpner: Did you listen to this sweet, sweet #podcast yet? via @wheatbelly”
  31. Ditching the #wheat belly and muffin tops!
  32. Will do what i can ;) RT @DonnaLBishop “@meghantelpner: Ditching the #wheat belly and muffin tops!” take mine too

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