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Drink Up That Pickle Juice


Is it possible that our little Snookie of Jersey Shore is missing the best part of her pickles? The pickle juice! Now granted, pickles themselves are tasy and delicious and wonderfully healthy, when fermented in a traditional method- the juice is certainly worth a squeeze.

As I continue to evolve my own diet to get more adventurous (or perhaps more odd by conventional standards), I am bringing you along with me.

So here’s the deal on pickle juice. It’s good for you. Really good. Athletes have been on to it for some time as an alternative to sports drinks. The high mineral content is great for providing the body post work out electrolytes which help ward off muscle cramping. Additionally, the probiotics in the lactic acid fermentation process of pickles will help feed the good guys in our gut. This lends itself to boosting digestive function, and supporting immune health. Raw foodists have known the goods on pickle juice for ages, now it’s time to join the pickle juice party.

And I kind of just like saying pickle juice. Makes me laugh in the same way ‘nut sack’ (as opposed to nut milk bag) does.

My Fave Ways To Have Pickle Juice

  • A few ounces post high intensity exercise to replenish electrolytes
  • Mix in to salads, egg salad, bean/sweet potato salads or anywhere that pickles might go
  • Mix a few spoonfuls into yogurt (goat, sheep or even vegan sesame) to make an awesome chip or veggie dip
  • Add to marinades for fish, tempeh, chicken or whatever you might be marinating
  • Use in place of vinegar in your favourite salad dressings

And for those of you martini drinkers, you can also use pickle juice in place of olive juice if you make it dirty.

Question Of The Day: What is a food you eat, that you think everyone else might or does think is grossitating? No judgement here!

And if you are wondering, that video was shot a few weeks ago. My finger is mostly healed up. The estimate was a month. I did it in ten days- cheers to great nutrition!

29 Responses to “Drink Up That Pickle Juice”

  1. Janice Herren said… May 1, 2016
    I have always had a shot or to of pickle juice when ever I start having a sore throat, and it has always helped. I think the viniger and salt help. My children and Grandchildren also know and love this trick.
    • That would likely help numb your throat but the really super powers are likely the probiotic benefit- essential for immune health.
  2. Roger said… May 27, 2016
    Finally. After years of being labelled odd by family for my love of pickle juice (since I was a child) the heaven's opened and revealed this bit of truth. Thank you!

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