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Save A Zoo with Plants and… well, Plants!


When it comes to eating meat, there are several things we prefer not to think about. The whole notion that our food had a face, a mom and a dad, and likely some form of a personality is a little too touchy-feely for some meat eaters. The other thing about meat is the horrifically unhealthy way the majority of animals are being raised. I like to focus on the good rather than the bad, so I will not go into the details here in any great depth. For that I can leave you to watch Food Inc or Fresh.

What I will share are some basic stats such as  the average annual meat consumption per person in the USA in 2005:

Beef: 63 pounds
Chicken: 60 pounds
Pork: 48 pounds
Turkey: 14 pounds

A total of 185 pounds (around 84 kilograms) per year. And for those of you not American, and so believe you are off the hook, how do these numbers feel to you? Canadians are on the leaner side of things eating a total of 62.61 kilograms (around 137 pounds) per year and the Aussies take the zoo eating award with a total of 109.9 kilograms (around 242 pounds) per year [1]. Want to know what that breaks down to in a lifetime? I know. Me neither. Here it is anyway:

I used an "animals saved" calculator and entered someone 75 years old, For a person to be vegan for 75 years, they would have saved: 6652.9 animals
(10.306 cows, 2262.4 chickens, 25.138 pigs, 75.415 turkeys, 6.0332 ducks, 4273.5 fish). That is like eating five zoos or something.  Going vegan for just five days will save roughly 1.32 animals. As I write this, I now have 59 people registered to go vegan for 5 days. That means, collectively (including me), we'll save 79.2 animals. That's pretty cool.

So if you are going to eat meat, make wise choices. Buy free-run, hormone and antibiotic free animals. Buy wild fish over farmed fish. Buy local. Know your farmer and pay more. You get what you pay for, and the more you pay, the more you will value this food. Perhaps, most importantly, when you are eating animal based foods, do so mindfully with full awareness of what went into growing this food and bringing it to you.

Now, I am not an animal lover. To be honest, I am not even really an animal liker. I do however greatly appreciate them. I have stopped eating meat for the most part and what did it for me was my time at Everdale Farm.

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One Response to “Save A Zoo with Plants and… well, Plants!”

  1. Thanks for the informative post! I love learning about this - learned alot about food and society information in college, and I always liked being aware of the facts. It is very sad to see so many animals killed for food.

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