Say something nice! An UnDiet challenge.

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Say something nice about yourself. Go on! #UnDiet via @meghantelpner

This past week, we took to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to ask you, our gorgeous, brilliant and dynamic community to say something nice about yourselves.

It’s not always the easiest thing to do – with so many different areas of media & industry marketing telling us that we could be skinnier, faster, more confident, better-smelling, and more successful- all at the same time. It’s easy to publicly share our faults, but what about sharing our greatness?

It’s extra important to keep that positive self-talk running through your mind. Our thoughts become our life! And I must say that after reading all your comments, I seriously want to throw a party in your honour- the honour of this awesome community. We are amazing- on our own and together!

Here are some of the wonderful things you had to say about yourselves:

I have a kind heart and love to help and give back to the world as often as I can - Raheema Somani

I love to make people smile. – Marianne Kay

I consider myself compassionate. I like that! – Irene Lindberg

I’m a good dancer. – Sharon Klingelberg

I have more energy than I know what to do with. It’s kind of awesome. – Amy Height

I am  good mom. – Vaishali Suresh

I have an outrageous sense of humor. – Valerie LaLonde

I’m a great cook and a hard worker! – Hollie Tschirhart

I am loved. – Rebecca Mead

I love my eyes, they always express my true emotions. – Katrina Thomson

My resilience and ability to keep going after what I thought seemed like ‘the end’. – Dana Marie

I choose to see love, and love is everywhere but especially in ME. – Maggie Unzueta

I’m funny. And very thoughtful. There, two things. – sunshine_rainbows4

I love what I do and I am good at it. – jstylz1818

I’ve got great lips. And hair! – Alexandra Kelly

And we in the kitchen thought it might be nice to join in…

I’m a karaoke superstar, not a word of a lie. – Maeve

I can always see the silver lining – Fyfe

I have a ridiculously contagious laugh. I never laugh alone! – Meghan

The next time you start to notice those negative thoughts creeping into your noggin, take a deep breath and replace them with the things you love about you instead. We are all amazing in our own ways, and we can only think, act, and be our best when we know that about ourselves. Be nice to yourself first, and the love will come pouring in.

Say something nice about yourself. Go on! #UnDiet via @meghantelpner

Say something nice about yourself in the comments below!


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  1. Cat Mitchell


    I am a strong survivor and mother for my 2 boys. <3


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