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Should Sugar Be Regulated Like Ciggies and Booze?


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Should sugar be regulated like other 'drugs' we can so easily get our hands on if we want? This was all over the news last week and I thought I should offer my view. It may surprise many but hear me out on this.

The argument in favour goes like this:

"Sugar poses enough health risks that it should be considered a controlled substance just like alcohol and tobacco, contend a team of researchers from the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF)". Read the full Times article here.

I opted out of going on to the mainstream news to discuss this because what I really wanted to say isn't what the peeps over in mainstream generally smile upon. Understandably- as it tends to offend a lot of advertisers. Since I don't allow advertisers that I think are part of the problem to advertise, I have no one to please but you, my mom and my dad.

So- here are my thoughts.

Question Of the Day: Should sugar consumption be regulated?

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6 Responses to “Should Sugar Be Regulated Like Ciggies and Booze?”

  1. Anita Alvarez said… February 7, 2012
    I totally agree, Meghan. Let's require that food producers be transparent. Why is this so hard to do??? And people should take a little more responsibility with regards to what they put in their mouths. Well said!
  2. I think you hit the nail right on the head here! My thoughts exactly- great video response! xo K
  3. Totally agree! Unsneaky labeling is the key! And eating food that doesn't need labels :)
  4. Gabby Ouimet said… February 7, 2012
    Excellent video, I completely agree! Let's advocate for responsibility at the corporation and consumer level :)
  5. Amy B said… February 7, 2012
    Well said! I am on the same page completely! Producers should be responsible to the consumers to let them know exactly what they are eating.
  6. Karen said… February 7, 2012
    Totally agree with you. I try very hard to stay away form sugar but I love my sweets. I can at least control how much I use!! So getting after the companies and not subsidising is the way to go.

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