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Is Your Old Acne Regime Responsible for IBS?

We are super duper excited to introduce a BRAND new member of our Superhero Posse, Dr. Shawna Darou! Shawna is a naturopath focused on women’s health, and runs her clinic in downtown Toronto. Check out her full bio below, I…

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Meet The Newest Member Of My Superhero Posse: Dr. Holly Fennell- Naturpathic Agent Of Health

Now, would you believe I have yet to meet Holly in person? That doesn’t mean she can’t be a super-powered amazing member of my superhero team.

I am often asked for recommendations for a naturopath in the city. I am usually quick to recommend the person I think is the greatest nutritionist, but sometimes people want something different and options are great!

I am super excited to introduce you to one of Toronto’s greatest naturopathic doctors. The greatest thing about a naturopath, in addition to that fact that they are trained in a boat load of modalities, can requisition blood work, offer dietary and nutritional recommendations is that so many health plans cover a portion, of not all of the costs of seeing one. How I LOVE that we are slowly getting more and choice in how we wish to manage our health.

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