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Nori and Sprouts In Bed Together

Nori and sprouts are two of my most fave things. They are both super powered foods and do wonderous things for our health. Throw in some other raw veggies and perhaps a sprouted sunflower pate and these fine goodies make love together all rolled up and tangled together.

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Muesli As The Swiss Rock It

In the winter time, there is nothing more warming and filling to start your day off than hot off the stove cooked oatmeal. Come summer, however, the thought of eating that warm mush just isn’t rocking my world so much. I often go for super powered smoothies, the water and meat of one young coconut nut and a Superhero Ball, or steamed veggies with hemp-seeds. There are also mornings that I just want something a little more filling and a little more grounding.

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Save A Zoo with Plants and…well, Plants!

When it comes to eating meat, there are several things we prefer not to think about. The whole notion that our food had a face, a mom and a dad, and likely some form of a personality is a little too touchy-feely for some meat eaters. The other thing about meat is the horrifically unhealthy way the majority of animals are being raised. I like to focus on the good rather than the bad, so I will not go into the details here in any great depth. For that I can leave you to watch Food Inc or Fresh.

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Spice Up Your Immune System with Spicy Dahl

It is possible to kick start the immune system with herbal and nutrient supplements, but you can also do it with amazingly potent and powerful anti-microbial, anti-viral, and ant-fungal spiced cooking. This, my dear lovers, is what I call Food as Medicine. Oh Hippocrates, you were so wise!

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Look Younger with Plants and Burgers

I am not referring to big fat, smelly, dripping with grease burgers covered in cheese, bacon, fried onions, all cozied up between two slices of spongy white bread. As if. The only thing a burger like that would do for us is make us fat, smelly, greasy and spongy. We are what we eat.

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Create Your Own Burger Adventure

I am pretty sure there is nothing easier than pulling dinner out of the freezer, popping it in the oven, and having freshness come out. For this reason, I am all over the easy peezy patty shaped food. I love the vegetable veggie burgers, the falafel and even this Indian spiced patty-liciousness.

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Boost Immunity with Plants and Pizza

Now of course there is a catch. I am not talking about the post bar, greasy cheese and pepperoni pizza. That pizza will give you that nasty greasy face/mouth feeling and likely a stomach ache. I am talking about good, whole pizza. The pizza that is going to make your immune system kick in to high gear is one that is loaded with yummy in the tummy fresh as fresh can be vegetables.

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