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The UnDiet Celebration Guide: Making Holidays Easy!


Too often we use holidays as an excuse not to just fall off the wagon, but to take an intentional leap (combined with a double twirl and somersault) that lands us in the post-holiday pool of bloat and regret.

Don't do it!

I heard your pleas and I have come to the rescue.

For some of us, taking a recipe designed for six to eight people and making it work for 12 or 24 is an easy switch, swap, add and subtract equation.

For the rest of us, we are totally and hopelessly lost and so we resort to old family traditional favourites of giant birds (or piggies), tons of starch in the form of bread rolls and potatoes, and a healthy side dose of IBS-inducing creamy desserts and beverages.

Here's the secret...ย 

Diving into the that bloat-y, regretful swimming pool is completely optional. The key is to be informed, prepared and empowered.

The UnDiet Celebration Guide

Bring UnDiet deliciousness to your family celebration.

I looked at my most popular recipes and mixed-and-matched them with a few brand new ones to create a beautiful holiday menu that will work with any style of eating. I paid close attention to ensure that vegans, non-vegans and paleos alike would have equal opportunity to enjoy the goodness. The menu is proudly and deliciously:

  • Dairy-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Paleo-friendly
  • Family friendly
  • Really, really delicious!

This is the menu...

UnDiet Celebration Menu

This guide also includes:

  • 15 recipes
  • Top UnDiet celebration tips
  • Recipe options for serving 12 or 24 (no fractions required!)
  • Paleo/vegan options
  • Shopping list with quantities for 12 and 24, and also for the vegan and/or paleo options
  • A stress-free meal prep schedule
  • Printable menu cards with both colour and black & white options
  • Beautifully designed to view onscreen or print
  • Only $10... come on now!

Sample recipe UnDiet Celebrations

Bonus! Combine this product with any of our online courses and get a copy of UnDiet mailed to your door! (details below)

Get all the details and buy your copy now for instant download.

ย Thank you Catherine Farqueharson for this awesome photo!

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