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UnDiet Adventures This Week


Adrian Grenier

It has been another delightful week. As the boom, pop and shebang of the initial UnDiet party settles, the UnDiet inspiration only continues to grow as my long-time loves get reacquainted with UnDiet living and so many newbies are finding their way to me. This has been a truly humbling experience as we get so many notes and emails about the fear, and worry, and challenges people continue to face as they seek optimal health.

I was feeling so overwhelmed with gratitude for being granted the honour of being able to live, teach and inspire vibrant living, that I decided, rather last minute, to throw a shindig in my kitchen for my friends in media, biz partners and sponsors that have made all of this possible. I will have loads more photos to share soon- but I did have to share one. You know who that is up there? Yep. Mr. Adrian Grenier of Entourage fame popped by the kitchen to soak up a little UnDiet inspiration (and eat a whole lot of my Almond Power Cookies). It was a fun night and I can't wait for all the ones to come.

Notable Upcoming Events:

Saturday April 27th, UnDiet Live In The Kitchen (Sold Out)
Wednesday, May 1st UnDiet Book Club kicks off (be sure to register here).
Monday, May 6th: UnDiet at First Canadian Place
Tuesday, May 7th: UnDiet signing at Toronto's Detox Market
Wednesday, May 8th: Taping of CityLine (request your tickets to attend the taping here)
Saturday, May 11th: UnDiet signing at Chapters Runnymede
Wednesday, May 15th: General Registration Opens for the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program
Thursday, May 23rd: UnDiet Live In The Kitchen
Saturday, February 22nd: Costa Rica baby!!! You coming?

And now this week across the web...

Enlightened Life
Sunday, April 21st

Enlightened Life


Dani of Enlightened Life and I met eons ago- seriously. She volunteered to help me out an event I was doing in a tower on Bay Street and we've been in touch ever since. I was delighted to see her smiling face at the Indigo Corporate event I did there a few weeks ago. Dani is now a holistic nutrition herself and was kind enough to write up this review of the book and share one of UnDiet's most popular recipes, the Berry Crumble. Read, cook and eat! 


Women of Influence
Sunday, April 14th


Women of Influence

Nothing quite like UnDieting at work! On the Women of Influence blog, I shared my 5 tips to do just that! They came back at me on twitter asking whether perfume was THAT bad. We know the answer to that, don't we? Don't we??? Read On!


She Does the City

Tuesday, April 23rd

She Does the City


I loved Jen McNeely's write-up about UnDiet for her ragingly popular site She Does The City. Jen herself is hilarious and currently on her own path to awesome health. She summed UnDiet up perfectly with the last line of her post. You're going to have to read it for yourself here. 


Choosing Raw
Tuesday, April 23rd

Choosing Raw


Gena is a delight and her website is amazing and she's in pre-med. I am one step away from a starting a campaign to ensure whatever medical school she wants to get into, let's her in and welcomes her with a human pyramid. The world needs more people like Gena in powerful spots that make decisions about health. Her interview questions for me were tough ones! So in depth that I accidentally wrote UnDiet Part 2 in answering them. Your reward at the end of reading it all is the Orange Zest Infused Stew from UnDiet. Enjoy!

Coral TV

Wednesday, April 24th

Eva Redpath, a fitness trainer here in Toronto came by the kitchen to talk about fuelling up for running. As can be expected, I did not delve into carb loading and sports gels. Instead- I gave her some no nonsense UnDiet tips to get her run on, and get the sugar out!

Catherine Farquharson Documentographer
Thursdsay, April 25th


You MUST hop on over to Catherine's blog. Her photos are outstanding. She is the photographer of my life- from my very first head shots, to family portraits to my wedding and now- my book. She is the whiz, the gem and one of my dearest friends who's talent makes the book pop. The pictures in UnDiet are hers and, well, if you have the book, they speak for themselves. I LOVED Catherine's account of the 4-day shoot and the beautiful montage she put together of some of the behind the scenes shots. Please, please, please go visit her site and check it out!


And here concludes another jam-packed week of love, fun and getting our health on.

Have a gorgeous weekend!



P.S. If you missed yesterday's post, please take the time to watch the interview with the inspiring Jeff Pulver. You don't want to miss it!

2 Responses to “UnDiet Adventures This Week”

  1. I feel like an epic jerk for giving you such long questions! But I'm selfishly glad, because I got SUCH amazing answers. <3
    • Ah Gena, it's always so refreshing to see the real questions. Ones that are thought-provoking and thought-full. And yes, Meghan came prepared with fabulous answers, it was a great post!

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