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Running-Man For The Round Up


Here we are again, wrapping up and tying with a bow another week of fun, fun, fun in the land of all things UnDiet, Organic Cherries and Spring Rain and Soirees (you've been on instagram right?). That is really what this is all about. As you know- life might not always be sunshine and rainbows, but when those rainstorms come, we will find the rainbows that follow if we're looking (and if the umbrella pictured below is yours let us know! I found it in the kitchen and have been using it all week!)770632e6c79a11e2a84922000a1f8c0f_7

And sometimes, we might just  find the remnants of a rainbow fairy sprinkled in the grass.

fairy dust

All that to say that after months, and years of work, something amazing is happening. My wicked awesomely massive big BIG dream is coming true.

From the moment I started rocking out this healthy living thing, what I wanted most was to share what I was learning far and wide. And now it's happening. Along the way here, I had so many tell me that the way I wanted to do this was impossible. That I would need to drop some of my values in light of bringing on corporate money to fund my projects, or that I would need to sell product that I didn't believe in one thousand times over. Last weekend I spoke at the Canadian Holistic Nutrition Conference where I told them fair and square that the key to making magic unfold in our lives is to do what we do with true love and true integrity (and lots, and lots of work!) and that this is how we make it happen.

The result of heeding my own advice is that we are just about full on the first running of my Online Culinary Nutrition Expert Program and with that means that we have students from seven countries and over fifty different cities about to become their community's leader on the path to health. Kaboom.

If you are in the Toronto or New York area- or in the mood to travel- check out these two awesome upcoming events:

  • Q & A at The Institute of Holistic Nutriton: June 4th @ 2pm: Mississauga Campus + June 5th @ 2pm: North York Campus More details. 
  • State of Now 2013 (#140conf / #140You) June 18th/19th: Manhattan, NY (Pssst: Attend the whole conference for $199. A savings of $1,096.00! - Hop on over here to register and use promotion code "UnDiet".

And now for the UnDiet cheerleading that happened this week and last.


Dancing Through Life

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

Dancing Through Life

Ashley is a long, long, loooong time friend of mine, having attended my 4-week cooking class series back in the Spring of 2009. We've been muchachas ever since and was so thrilled that she wanted to take part in the UnDiet Book Tour. She asked some great questions so please be sure to check out our interview (and the rest of her blog too!)

Elephant Journal

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

Elephant Journal

It's always a little nerve wracking for me when someone I have never met, and who is brand new to my world and my work asks to review my book. Well the well read and discerning Terri Trembledt at Elephant Journal had only great things to say and truly thrilled she loved the book and will help the yogis of our world get their UnDiet on.

Red Tent Sisters

Wednesday May 22nd, 2013

Red Tent Sisters

You know how much I love these girls! They gave UnDiet a sweet, sweet shout out in their most recent newsletter- or maybe the shout out was for Adrian Grenier. I am sure we were all wanting to chat eco sex with this fine creator of SHFT.com. Either way- Amy and Kim are awesome women and well worth following @RedTentSisters as your go-to resource for all things eco, sexy, natural fertility, natural birth control and all around femme-powering!


Fresh City Farms

May 23rd, 2013

Ran of Fresh City Farms is a babe (as Maeve says- though apparently there's another farmer over there she's got her eye on!) and he digs great food. Here is the interview he did with me to share with his Fresh City Farms devoted posse of carrot, kale and urban farming lovers.

Canadian Holistic Nutrition Conference

Friday, May 24 to Saturday 25th, 2013

Canadian Holistic Nutrition Conference

What an amazing time I had last weekend sharing my passion for running a fun, successful and empowering nutrition biz at the annual Canadian Holistic Nutrition Conference.

Canadian Holistic Nutrition Conference

Most fun was getting to have my booth, right beside my husbands!


And loved getting to chat with so many new-to-the-field nutritionists about the ins and outs of how to make it happen.


Pics from the UnDiet Thank You Soiree

UnDiet Soiree


Back in April, we hosted a fun filled intimate soiree in the kitchen where I got to invite all the people who helped make UnDiet happen. Many of the local Virtual Book Tour hosts were on hand too including:

Jen Ger

Jen Ger-(above) co-founder of Foxy Originals- the fabulous locally made / globally recognized brand that also creates my gorgeous creed necklaces and Franke James (below), the eco warrior artist who will be hosting the a tour stop next week.
Franke James Meghan Telpner


And I also signed loads of books for everyone!

Meghan Telpner UnDiet

You can check out all the pictures from the fun here. 


Last UnDiet Book Club Meeting

Wednesday, May 29th 2013

UnDiet Book Club


Wednesday night we had our final UnDiet book club meeting where we chatted all about natural body care and the importance of loving what you do- and doing it with love (chapter 10). I loved our Wednesday evenings together as much as our regular guests did!

As Cory wrote in the UnDiet Book Club Group...

I feel I purchased so much more than just a book....I linked up with a supportive community who encourages and guides along the way to my health goals. Thank you everyone! xoxo

Thank all of YOU for your amazing and ongoing UnDiet enthusiasm. There are now nearly 10,000 books in circulation just in Canada after only seven weeks. That's a whole lot of people getting their real food, simple living health on.

Have beautiful weekend everyone!


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One Response to “Running-Man For The Round Up”

  1. crlnprs038@gmail.com said… May 31, 2013
    Hey Meghan, congratulations on the hard work! I agree, if you love what you do, are passionate and authentic and true to yourself, your dreams can come true. I love your book and I am slowly integrating UnDiet in my life. I've been seeing a Naturapath for a skin issue flare up and I have used the suggestions in the book to really help me while seeing my Naturapath. I have a deeper understanding of why they are suggesting certain things to be to diminish the inflammation in my body and it has a lot to do with your honest and easy to read yet knowledgeable information in your book. In fact, I've even invited a friend to watch Eating for Awesome Energy and it really impacted her in understanding the sugar highs and lows. So thank you for being your awesometown self, because that's why your business thrives, You are yourself and you continue to follow your own process and live it each day. You are blessing to this community. Thanks, Marlo

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