From Montreal and Back: UnDiet Adventures This Week

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Detox Market UnDiet

I am still riding high on the UnDiet train, or perhaps I should say plane, as last week saw me hop a flight and spend 40 hours doing some serious UnDiet cheerleading over in Montreal. More on that in a moment. First two grand-slam things to share.

1. Registration for my Culinary Nutrition Expert Program opens on Wednesday. Kaboom! If you sign in over here, you’ll be privy to some sweet exclusive free videos from the courses that make up that program that no one else gets to see. Check it! 

2. Come play this Saturday! This Saturday, May 11th from 2-4 I will be kicking it at Chapters in Bloor West Village. We start out with a little book intro, followed up by a Q & A with you and then I sign and we chat. Fun. To make a full day of fun for you, we’ve planned a totally awesome West-End UnDiet Retreat. You can find your itinerary here!

Now, on to this week’s (and some of last week’s adventures in the UnDiet Virtual Tour

View the Vibe

Tuesday, April, 30th

view the vibe undiet


View the vibe is an awesome go to resource for all things hip, hopping and happening in Toronto. In this interview we chatted about how ridiculously great Toronto is to live the UnDiet life, no matter where you dine. Read the review here. 

The Sweet Potato Chronicles 

Wednesday, May 1st

sweet potato chroniclesThe ladies of Sweet Potato Chronicles and I have a long and very serendipitous connection. I don’t want to spoil the story but I will tell you it involved them being in this building on the day I met with publishers and there were sweet potatoes involved. A great resource for busy moms, this site is worth checking out- and their story of how we met is for sure worth a read. Check it here. 

Borden Communications

Thursday, May 2nd


Borden Communications
It’s no secret, I don’t think, that Lisa Borden bullied her way into my life many years ago and has since made everything better. She is a force like no other, a colleague and mentor to me, and a friend. Spending some time with Borden Communications was an important stop on the tour for UnDiet as I knew what she wrote would matter, a lot. And do it was, that when Lisa’s post came out, I discovered that my made up lingo isn’t just for my own amusement when I write, but also important to cultivating a community that speaks it along with me. And she explains, how I coined the term UnDiet. A little by-the-way for you- Lisa’s wisdom is also featured in chapter 8 of UnDiet.

May 2013 issue

Tonic Magazine UnDiet


I’m not going to tell a lie. It’s true the review of my book both in the print edition and online for Tonic is great. What I loved most, however, was the graphic they made for my book that makes it look like a massive encyclopaedia. That bit is the most fun. 

Montreal Media Blitzing

Friday, May 3rd

What a time I had in Montreal. Seven interviews in seven hours! I didn’t understand the saying “She talked until she was blue in the face” until this! I was turquoise by the end!!! Next week I will share more on my UnDiet travel tips, but for now, some highlights from the quick trip.


The first stop was CJAD for an interview with Andrew Carter- not sure when that one will be aired but I will let you know.



I then headed down the hall for a great interview with Tommy Schnurmacher. We chatted a bout the book, he flirted with me and then we had callers and texters send in questions. Was a great time! Extra factoid- Tommy and my father, it turns our went to Carlton together to study journalism in 1973. Ha! Listen to the full interview here (at about 31:30 on the countdown, or listen on iTunes at about 16:02.

Book signing Chapters

It was then off to some book stores to sign copies and get french “Signed by Author” stickers put on the covers.


This was maybe my fave stop of the day at CFMB Montreal for an interview that will air in a few weeks. Look at that studio! Hello 1968 with carpeted walls.

CBC Montreal

Saturday morning, May 4th, my delightful interview for CBC Radio 1 Montreal aired. Listen to it here: All in a Weekend Montreal. I had so much fun chatting with Elizabeth that even after we stopped recording, we had so much fun loving to chat about- from water and cayenne to my painted kitchen cabinets.

Sammie Kennedy
Monday, May 6th

Sammie Kennedy UnDiet


Sammie is one of my esteemed and awesome graduates of the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program and also founder of Booty Camp Fitness. Hey now! In this delightful interview Sammie honours me with the title of being her mentor and guru- I was honoured.

Sammie writes:

Meghan is an incredibly knowledgeable, enthusiastic, humourous, fun, vivacious and vibrant individual. She has re-taught me almost everything I “thought” I knew about nutrition and transformed my lifestyle completely and for that I am forever grateful. 

When Meghan told me she was writing a book to share her wealth of knowledge about nutrition and transitioning to a healthy lifestyle I was totally stoked! Now people around the globe could have the same experience as me and learn to live life happy, strong, energetic and nourished!

Meghan certainly delivered. With her hilarious quips, her knack for making things clear and simplified, and her contagious excitement about all things healthy, she’s inspiring people around the globe with her extraordinary publication “UnDiet

Now go check out her full review and interview.

UnDiet at First Canadian Place

Monday, May 6th
UnDiet First Canadian Place

Yes, off the plane and onto the stage! Monday I hit up Toronto’s financial district for back-to-back talks to full houses, to inspire a whopping total of 400 people to UnDiet their life. A great crowd and so much laughter!

Detox Your Life

Tuesday, May 7th
Detox Market UnDiet
Such fun I had Tuesday night signing, sipping green juice and Tonica Kombucha and chatting at Toronto’s Detox Market with UnDiet lovers old and new. It was a great chance to connect with some of my favourites, including Zoey- pictured above, the queen of Tonica Kombucha.

Carrots N Cake

Thursday, May 9th


Over here in the kitchen- we were just digging the honesty of Tina over at Carrots N Cake who is dealing with her own digestive health challenges. I was so thrilled that she was so into UnDiet for I knew that if she takes on some of the recommendations, there’s a good chance she can suffer a little less and every bit counts towards awesome health. Check out her review and her share of the Almond Power Cookies. You can also enter to win a copy!


Well then- that just about covers it and I must say, I will be taking this weekend to heed my own advice and run around outside, play, laugh, eat and rest. Oh, and hug you and squeeze you should you make the right move and come out to visit me at Chapters Runnymede on Saturday, May 11th at 2pm. I’ll even sign a book for your mom too. Yes, it makes a great gift!


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