UnDiet Virtual Tour Kicks Off… HERE!

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UnDiet In the KitchenYes! The time has come. UnDiet hits stores in two weeks on April 2nd (and has already hit #7 on Amazon’s top 100 books list!).

To support the love sharing of this book, and the planet, we have put together the best book tour there ever was. Why is it the best? It is friendly to the planet, we are able to visit with our most favourite people from around the world, and you can join in for each and every stop on the tour.

Our book tour for UnDiet is kicking it virtual. We are taking you from Melbourne to Montreal, Vancouver to the Caribbean and back again. There will be book reviews, interviews, videos and giveaways. You’ll get to meet some of the people I think are absolute rockstars. We handpicked each and every stop on the tour and over the next six months,  we invite you to keep up every step of the way.

Why follow the UnDiet book tour? We have handpicked those we think are most awesome, and we’re not limited by time zones and oceans. Through the tour you will be introduced to thought leaders who are breaking their own rules and living their own version of the UnDiet life. Through the interviews and reviews, you will be getting more UnDiet inspiration, more tips and tricks, find out how non-nutritionistas make UnDiet happen for themselves and learn loads more about me, and my own lifestyle. As you well know, I have no censor. When I am asked a question, I answer it and then some.

Get started on the tour! Follow our Virtual Book Tour Posse on Twitter, and gander the full awesome list of stops on the tour here.

All aboard for the #UnDiet book tour. It starts here! via @MeghanTelpner.

The first stop, is right here, right now!

For our first stop on the tour, I decided to introduce the UnDiet lifestyle by having my amazing team ask me their burning questions about my own version of UnDiet living and how I apply it in my life. Much of our team work virtually so there is no grand group picture, but enjoy the one above from left SaraK, Maeve, moi and our autumn intern Laura.

Maeve G., our in-house director of online, outreach and sponsorship asks:
What is your idea of the perfect meal (food, setting, company, etc)?

Meghan: My perfect meal would be in the summer, at my cottage with my family. It would likely include a giant quinoa salad, some chickpea burgers with a dollop of cashew sour cream and my barbecue sauce, a cob of organic corn on the side, a purple sweet potato salad, and a tall glass of kombucha to sip on. We’d follow up with mixed berry crumble and a heaping scoop of coconut ice cream. Clean and simple and UnDiet loving.

Caitlin M., our director of Smooth Operations asks:

What is the craziest or silliest thing you have done or made in the kitchen?!

Meghan: The thing about being in the kitchen- the UnDiet way- is that if we can laugh, have fun, find the silly and the crazy, it makes the whole thing something to look forward to. Something silly happens to me in the kitchen everyday. My husband calls me the torrent. One of my silliest was probably the time I was doing a workshop for an audience of 20. I always tell people to make sure their blender is on low to start. As I was saying this, I turned mine on. It was on high, the lid came off and covered me in green smoothie. Here’s the thing about that- the 20 people in that class, will never ever forget it and I couldn’t stop laughing- even as glops of green smoothie continued to drip off me.

Patrick., our web developer extra-ordinaire asks:

What is your favourite music that helps inspire you?

Meghan: I love music that makes me smile. Maeve calls it “bro-rock” and I’m okay with that. I LOVE Brett Dennen, Jason Mraz, Mishka, and The Lumineers. Many others will come and go but the kind of music that makes you want to have that dude around, strumming his guitar and singing at the beach… yeah- that’s for me.

Cheryl S., our-function-before-beauty-but-make-it-beautiful-designer asks:
What was the most challenging recipe to develop in UnDiet and why?
Meghan: Good questions Cheryl, good question. It was the cinnamon buns for sure (chapter 7). Baking is not my area of expertise and when you throw gluten-free, egg-free and no refined sugar into the mix, well that makes it even more tricky. Gluten-free baking is a fine balance of mixing flours, with binders, and often vegetable fibers (in this case there was pureed sweet potato and apple sauce) to make it stick, be moist and still cook through. These cinnamon buns were first made in the summer, and whenever I make them in the winter they turn out completely different. Still delicious but different. Though UnDiet is not a cookbook, there are recipes. As I imagine my audience, for the most part, will be fairly new to this way of cooking, I worked super hard to make sure my recipes were fault-proof. There is no room in UnDiet for discouragement. That’s a rule we don’t break!
Sara K., our kitchen manager asks:

You are one busy lady with all of the amazing things going on in your life, how do you make sure that you live the UnDiet life throughout the day? 

Meghan: I have you Sara! No, seriously though- when I taught my cooking classes here in the kitchen it was easy- too easy almost. I definitely got used to there always being something ready to heat up or toss with some dressing. This was the case for nearly five years! Now, without all those classes going on, I had to read through chapter 5 (Making Love In the Kitchen) and chapter 8 (There is No Away) of my book, and then sign myself up for UnDiet Meal Prep Made Easy to get a refresher. I’m partially joking. It did take me time to remember the importance of making time to meal prep each week, get re-inspired about great grab and go snacks, and quick health-building meals. I also use my own meal plans very often. This is one of the best tools for making sure I know what I’m making for the week, buy everything I need to make it and then make it happen. The short answer to this question would have been plan ahead!

4 Responses to “UnDiet Virtual Tour Kicks Off… HERE!”

  1. slpstanley0414@yahoo.com


    fun questions and answers! so anxious to get my copy….looking forward to learning a new way of thinking when it comes to food. i live on a farm and have wanted to embrace a new lifestyle for a while. recent gall-bladder surgery was my wake up call…bring it on!

    • Meghan Telpner


      Yes! I hope you love it!

  2. Marilene


    How do you do all this amazingness?! This virtual book tour sounds like so much fun and so much learning! Soooo excited for April 2nd.

  3. Stacey


    Today’s the day. I did my pre-order. Why hasn’t the book been downloaded to my iBook shelf? I even loaded extra $ in my iBook account to be sure all the bases were covered. I’ve checked 3 times today already and no book yet…
    Is it obvious I’m itching to started?!


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