Josh Gitalis

If there is one man who knows Meghan well, it would be her preferred clinical nutritionist (and husband) Josh- an unparalleled wealth of knowledge on the science-based side of nutrition.

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Oh She Glows

We’ve been hooked on Oh She Glows for years for her simple, sweet and delicious creations- and the beautiful photography to go with it. Angela got hooked on the UnDiet Ginger Ale and it’s been love ever since.

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Julie Daniluk

An acclaimed colleague in the nutrition world with a best selling book of her very own, Julie is a leader in the field. Meghan + Julie are truly a power duo and could chat forever about everything from quinoa, to book writing, to organic lemonade.

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Heather Crosby is a force as strong as the winds from Chicago (where she spends a lot of her time).  Heather is an UnDiet living rockstar for her commitment to the truest definition of real food and her beautiful work- both how she designs it and says it!

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Choosing Raw

The world could use more women like Gena Hamshaw. Blogging from Washington, DC, where she’s going through pre-med school while staying true to her plant loving ways.

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Get your family eating plant-based and loving it. That’s what Veg Family does in an informed, insightful and simple way. A great resource on helping families get their health on together.

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Fresh City Farms

Flirting with farmers is a favourite pastime and this group of farmers, growing food in urban areas using organic and biodynamic processes is just plain delicious. Meghan’s shameless flirting during this interview is classic.

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Allie Mak

Live Laugh Eat

Allie Mak from Leesburg, VA, has learned, through her own struggles, to find the joy in great food and finding ways to thrive despite challenges. She is the ultimate inspiration for seeking that rainbow after the storm.

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We dream of running on down to Detroit and giving Daedre, the artist behind our essential signature straws, the biggest gold star you’ve ever seen. She’s changing the way we drink… everything. Oh, and saving the world from disposable plastic straws. That’s huge.

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Another wonderful stop to the land down under, this time hosted by the lovely Emma in Brisbane on her blog Gustoso (which means tasty in Italian- how appropriate!)

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Anders Nerman

Dr. Anders Nerman, N.D.

The UnDiet train hits Israel! What an honour to have Dr. Anders Nerman, N.D. post about UnDiet loving- if only every naturopath (and doctor)’s office had a copy on their reading roster.  Dr. Nerman focuses on digestive disorders, so we are thrilled to have UnDiet features on his site.

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Copycat Cook

Sondi Bruner

Sondi came to us  as an intern and we’ve been begging her to come back ever since. As a nutritionists and journalist, her writing is outstanding, her photography beautiful and truly, this woman inspires us to always keep calm and cook on!

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yummy mummy club

Yummy Mummy Club

Making the transition to a healthy lifestyle can be very overwhelming- and Hailey Eisen offers a refreshingly honest perspective on this for the Yummy Mummy Club. We were thrilled to see Hailey had found UnDiet, and hope it will help ease the transition.

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Good Girl Gone Green

If UnDiet is about saying what you think, and then doing it, Stephanie of Good Girl Gone Green from Montreal, QC gets it.  She also gets irate when people call global warming a myth, washes out plastic bags to resuse them and has no filter.  Works for us.

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Two Blue Lemons

Two Blue Lemons, blogging from Martha’s Vineyard, MA makes everything beautiful. A mom, a wife and an absolutely inspiring cook has us coming back to her website often, and leaving it with an ignited appetite and desire to move in with her.

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Live Healthy Simply

Jess of Live Healthy Simply writes from Sydney, Australia. The name of her biz says it all. She makes the healthy life thing truly effortless and it took all Meghan’s effort during their Skype interview not to put on her own Aussie accent.

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Laura Jackson Fit Chicks

Fit Chicks

Laura Jackson and the Fit Chicks are all about sweating it out and getting healthy through fitness and nutrition. (Bonus: Laura is a CNE grad!)

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Alignyo book tour UnDiet


What an honour to be featured in this Clean Eating Books round-up on the superbly awesome Alignyo.

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Pozu UnDiet


We’re so over the moon for all the goodness that Po-Zu does! After months of chatting all things coconuts, we finally put names to faces with Sven and Cecilia.

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