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UnDiet is a fabulous, practical, and modern guide to true health.

Without ever using the word “diet,” I encourage major life changes small step by small step with help from the latest nutritional science, a fun and encouraging voice, and an “abundance mindset.” This book is ideal for those seeking plant-based, health promoting (and gluten-free to boot) way of living offering a very accessible path to health.


UnDiet answers the question many people have when they realize it’s time for a change in their diets, a change in their health, and a change in their lives: Where do I start?

Without being too far off the mainstream, UnDiet offers a simple, attainable, and most importantly, maintainable approach to living life well. Through the book, readers are guided toward optimal gluten-free health by incorporating simple lifestyle modifications. Information is explained with refreshing clarity and vibrant passion, making it easy to follow ideas right off the book’s brightly designed pages and into everyday life.

UnDiet offers a lifestyle based not on deprivation and painful restrictions, but vitality, mindfulness, and joy.

Includes a plan for an 8-week transformation and more than 35 delicious gluten-free, plant-based recipes.

Ready to join @MeghanTelpner in the #UnDiet Revolution and eat my way to vibrant health!


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What’s Inside This Awesome Book?

  • Delicious content: 264 pages of full colour, image rich vibrant living inspiration.
  • Easy to make and Impress Recipes: Over 40 mouth-watering, delicious and simple plant-based gluten-free recipes.
  • A Superhero Posse: Featured recommendations from Meghan’s superhero posse of experts.
  • Quotable Content: Loads of mind-blowing stats, and beautifully designed tips and tricks that you’ll want to share with everyone you know.
  • Recommendations That Fit Your Life: Nothing in here is too over the top. The recommendations made are the baby-steps that result in big transformation- served up with a smile.
  • Accessible At Every Level: From the recommendations made to the fabulous ingredients in the recipes- all can be purchased at your local supermarket.
  • Meal Plan To Rock Your World: A complete seven day meal plan to help you put this into action.
  • Bonus Guides and Info: This book was so jam packed that some of the content had to overflow. We have a complete UnDiet Toolkit where you can download even more info (included with book purchase).
  • Intentions Into Action: A full eight-week transition program so you have guidance every step of the way.
  • Healthifying Your Life Can Be Fun and Easy: And that is just what you will discover throughout this book.

UnDiet Book UnDiet Book


UnDiet Purchase Bonus

I have an additional present for you.

Meghan-TelpnerThe UnDiet Test Drive

The UnDiet Test Drive is a beautifully designed and fun to read three day program to get you ready to rock on the UnDiet. This is a great little ditty to follow while you await the delivery of your book, or to take on while you read the first few chapters of the book, before you get into the juice of the eight week transition program.

  • Five amazing strategies: Little changes with big results. Each accompanied by a task and bonus challenge.
  • A full three day meal plan
  • Loads of recipes to help you along on your Test Driving adventures.
  • Great tweetable quotes.
  • Contests for sharing pics and tweets of your progress
  • Our delightful #UnDiet community across the web cheering you on.

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