My Philosophy On Food

Vegetarianism is fine, as is vegan, raw, fruitarian, meatarian, macrobiotic, ayurvedic, omnivore, herbivore and what have you- as long as the way you are eating and living works for you personally. In my humble opinion, I think labels are for tin can.

What is my diet? My diet is the UnDiet.

  • Keep it whole, keep it natural, keep it clean, and keep it grown as close to home as much as possible.
  • The food we eat should bypass any chemistry labs or processing factories.
  • Make it from scratch when you can (that means avoiding the packaged version).
  • Eat as locally and seasonally as possible (that saves moolah, the planet and the flavours).
  • Upgrade what you already love (infuse chocolate pudding with avocado and slip some sweet potato into the brownies).
  • If you hate it, don’t eat it (there are other vegetables besides Brussels sprouts and beets).
  • Recipes should be about five steps or less until it’s time to eat (otherwise we’re getting gourmet and that’s just too much for everyday eating).
  • Choose foods with both your health and taste-buds in mind (it’s a love affair we’re creating).
  • Have fun (always. Laughing while you cook makes the food taste better).
  • Make love in the kitchen (interpret however you see fit).

Remember, if we stress too much about always eating exactly the right thing, well, that stress will do more harm than the bad food ever could!

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