Excite And Inspire

Meghan’s ability to tell a story, integrate personal anecdotes, nutritional gems, and a dash of science, all while keeping her audience engaged and smiling is her winning recipe. Her ability to write and present with a playful vocabulary while making her points clearly and succinctly lends to quotables that are shared across the dining room table and social media platforms.

Meghan Telpner Keynote healthy living


Meghan offers tangible ways to excite, inspire, and motivate. She engages her audiences on how vibrant living impacts every aspect of a person’s life from professional productivity to personal relationships and optimal health.  With humour and a contagious passion, Meghan empowers her audience with the knowledge that they are immediately capable of implementing and executing change that will revolutionize the way they live.

Selecting a keynote is one of the most important decisions for your event.

Your chosen speaker is the guardian of your event and will lend the inspiration that will have people talking about it for days to come. Meghan works directly with her clients- to ensure content and a delivery that makes you look awesome and  has every attendee ready to carry the message, the action and inspiration out of that event and into their lives.

Keynote Topics Include:

  • UnDiet- 10 Ways To UnDiet Your Life Right Now
  • Fuel Your Life: The Pillars of Health
  • Whole Foods For Whole Health
  • The Adrenaline Lunch
  • Powering Productivity

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“Thank you on behalf of the Daniels Corporation for your wonderfully informative presentation! Your keynote was the hot topic this morning in the kitchen. The feedback from our team was excellent. Thank you again for your energetic and very enlightening talk!”  - The Daniels Corporation

On Site Demonstrations and Trade Shows

Meghan offers a wealth of experience, knowledge and tireless enthusiasm to any event. Meghan would be available to run a booth, or participate at your booth. Even better is to pair this with a demo.  Are you looking for representation in a geographic location? Meghan knows how to effectively demonstrate food and lifestyle products, communicate with people on a familiar level- and understands that niceness is nice, but closing the deal is the goal.

“Working with Meghan is always something I look forward to! Meghan has the unique ability to inspire others, whether they are experts or just starting out in the field of health and wellness. Meghan’s stage presence and role as an influencer is unparalleled. She never ceases to come up with innovative and interesting ways to engage with her audience and it is beyond a shadow of a doubt that she has been and will continue to be a trend-setter and a leader in her domain”
- Lindsey Simpson,  Prana


Meghan and her existing online programs are available for fundraising opportunities.

  • Effective way to offer health inspiration for your fundraising efforts.
  • Raise money with close to 100% going directly to the cause.
  • Offer your supporters an inspiring product for their donation.
  • Opportunity for sponsorship and branding to your not-for-profit organization or the NGO of your choosing.

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Movember Fundraiser

Let’s Create Together

Meghan has worked in a variety of creative ways with businesses and product developers to healthify their initiatives. Meghan offers inspiration and insight on the most effective ways to grow reach and influence in the health market across demographics and platforms. Meghan’s previous career in advertising, merged with her nutrition knowledge make for a unique skill set that has created success in her own business and for others.

Working with Meghan was a pleasure. She is not only incredibly knowledgable but very inspirational. Meghan worked with the kitchen on alternative menu improvements, as well as consulted with guests on efforts they can make on holiday and at home to improve their health. My students were motivated to improve there own health and the health of their future clients. Meghan makes nutrition accessible, fun and delicious.
Tracey Ferrin,  The Body Holiday at Le Sport, St. Lucia

Send Us Your Proposal

Please send the following details to caitlin@meghantelpner.com and we will follow up with a quote for your event or offer further information on the servives Meghan offers for your business or your event.

  1. Date/Time
  2. Title and brief description of event.
  3. Length of presentation requested or amount of time for event (ie 1hr lecture, half day, full day).
  4. Expected number of attendees.
  5. Demographic of audience (Age range, sex, interest etc.)
  6. If cooking demo:
    • Is full kitchen, tools and equipment available?
    • Will ingredients be provided?
    • Is sampling required and for how many?

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Highlight of Past Events and Keynotes

  • 2013 Random House Canada
  • 2013 First Canadian Place Author Series
  • 2013 Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine
  • 2013 George Brown College
  • 2012 Whole Life Expo
  • 2011 University of Toronto Medical School
  • Ontario Hospital Association Keynote (2010 and 2012)
  • Transamerica Canada Keynote Wellness
  • Environmental Defense Eco Beauty Market
  • 2010 Health Achieve Conference
  • 2011 Hot and Spicey Food Festival
  • 2001 National Home Show
  • Realstar Property Management
  • 2009, 2010 and 2011 Vegetarian Food Festival

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