Biz Rocking Insider Program

The world has gotten noisy and this noise lends to both opportunities and challenges when it comes to standing out from the crowd, growing a community, and converting that community into incredibly happy and loyal customers and/or clients, and ambassadors for you and the work you’re doing.

For this reason I felt inspired to offer you skills, tools and tips to help you build the most solid foundation in which to build your dream business.

What Do I Know About Business?

I have a passion for business as a vehicle for helping you make your dreams come true. So far, in business, it has been my experience that everything is possible. And this isn’t about having one big launch and then having to do another, and another, creating new products every time. That’s not a sustainable model. Neither is passive revenue made exclusively from affiliate marketing. These are the two most common models being shared in online business training.

A little about my business background:

  • My undergraduate degree was in Fashion Marketing, and I earned the University Gold Medal for the Faculty of Communications and Design.
  • I spent three years working in client service and strategy for various digital advertising agencies.
  • I went back to school to study nutrition, determined that I would run my own business built on my terms, which meant I wouldn’t do work I didn’t love, and wouldn’t work with lame people.
  • I started my business with $5,000.
  • My business started in 2008 and I made $9,000 gross in my first year of business. This is the reality.
  • I hit 6-figures in my fourth year of business and 7-figures in my seventh year.
  • I have experienced consistent community growth and financial growth since starting my business in 2008.


In just the last year Or So…

  • 2016: Awarded the Taste Canada Gold Award for The UnDiet Cookbook
  • 2016: Profiled in Forbes Magazine
  • 2016: Named one of Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneurs, by PROFIT and Canadian Business
  • 2015: Presented the Keynote on “Standing Out in Business” to the BC Pharmacy Association’s annual conference.
  • 2015: Named PROFIT magazine’s Rising Star for the profitability and steady growth of my company.
  • 2015: Presented for the Women In Biz Network’s annual conference on Good Conscious Business.
  • 2015: Presented on cultivating community at The Food Blogger’s of Canada Annual Conference.
  • 2015: Named a finalist in’s annual awards as a “Leader in Online Business”.

I started out knowing very little and through discipline and resourcefulness I have been able to make it happen.

I figured it out and all the bits and pieces that I figure it out is what I want to share with you. 

Meghan Telpner Inside Scoop

How Is This Different Than Other Online BUSINESS Courses?

For the longest time, I resisted the compliments I would be paid about being a smart business woman. I didn’t consider myself a business woman. I was just discovering effective ways to make a living from doing work that I love. And so this is the kind of conscious business I now coach and speak on.

 I am an expert in strategizing achievable ways to make your passion profitable.

To get the most of out this program, you’ll want to bring the following along with you (or be ready to discover it along the way):

  1. Some ideas around what your passions are, what you love to do and what you’re good at doing.
  2. An understanding that every single work/job experience you have had is incredibly valuable and you will be using every bit that you have learned up until now to make your dream career a reality.
  3. An understanding that success is not simply the combination of your desire to learn, and my desire to teach you this material. To get results, you also need to put in the work- in this course and more so, afterwards. I can’t make you successful by osmosis.

My Promise To You

I can’t guarantee that this program will change your life. I mean, if you do the work and apply what you learn, it absolutely will, but that bit is up to you.

It may be some time before you’re bringing in six-figures while working from your hammock in the tropics*.

What I can guarantee is that if you pay attention to the material, ask yourself the tough questions, do the work that goes along with it, kick aside the excuses that are holding you back, and are ready for slow and steady growth with minimal financial investment, then I have some tips, tricks, strategies, tools and lessons to share.

*Even better than making six-figures while working from anywhere, is being able to earn that without having to be working on your holidays!

Meghan Telpner Media

The Program Curriculum Breakdown

Program Begins Wednesday, January 10th, 2018

Level 1: Biz Rocking

Level 1 is a four-week module based program where each week you will receive a new 2 hour (approximately) module that shares key skills, lessons, practices and ideas as it relates to rocking your business. Each module will include a homework assignment. You don’t have to do the homework, but you should. Assignments do not need to be submitted, but if you really want to get the most from this course, you do need to put in the time.

Module 1: Standing Out

Whether you are starting out, or just ready to stand-out, this first module introduces you to the power of taking what makes you special and awesome, and helps you cultivate a brand and brand message that supports this.

Topics covered include:

  • Understanding how and why you will stand out from the crowd
  • Defining your area(s) of brilliance (and then working within it)
  • Your value proposition
  • The one question you need to answer to create demand
  • How to define and refine your brand message
  • Where intention and good karma business fits in
  • The secrets to selling
  • Narrowing your offering
  • Deciding who your audience is and how to target them best
  • The elements that make a business rock
  • Clarifying the message
  • Effective communication with your audience
  • Tying it all together for a total offering

Module 2: Crafting That Brilliant Idea and Getting It Out There

A brilliant product, service, online program, book, or idea gives you a super buzz. The first step, however is to work out if it actually is awesome as a business (enthusiasm from your mom, your friends or your partner does not ensure success, likewise those same people telling you that you are being foolish is not always based on fact). So, how do you know if what you want to create will work? I’ll explain more in this module. And I’ll also guide you through the process of getting your brilliance out there too!  You need to make what you’re doing be known by those in your circle and beyond.

Topics covered include:

  • Putting your brand out into the world
  • Visually communicating what you do
  • How to not look like everyone else!
  • The branding tools
  • Role of biz cards, brochures, blogs, websites, events, email campaigns, social media: What do you need? How can you use them most effectively? Do you need them at all?
  • Best practices for email campaigns
  • Key blogging tips
  • Paid advertising: print and online: What works, what’s broken, what’s worth your money
  • Making the most of the promotional channels you choose
  • The power of event participation (live + online events!)
  • Benefits of online marketing for both online and offline business
  • Making your website awesome looking, and effective
  • How to organize website information for the best user experience
  • Blogging for business
  • What every great piece of writing must include in order to do what you want it to do.
  • Participation in local events + networking

Module 3: Making Money

The difference between a business and a hobby is that a hobby costs money and business makes money. We’re here to talk business and so money needs to be part of the conversation. Whether you work for yourself or a larger company, what you’re worth (in a business sense) is directly related to the revenue you generate. The way to become invaluable to a business is to be super awesome, creative, self-starting and/or make a lot of money.

Topics covered include:

  • Understanding money making
  • Creating multiple revenue streams
  • Establishing your rates/pricing structure
  • Why network marketing could hurt your business
  • Creating + Selling hard goods
  • Creating + Selling digital goods
  • How to make the sale- why people buy?
  • Lessons on launching
  • Best business investments
  • Worst business investments
  • Understanding your value
  • How to charge for information services and how to make others see the value
  • Understanding profit margins
  • Increasing profit margin

Module 4: Social Media Untangled

Most people either love social media or despise it. The reality is that if you are a new business, business owner or trying to become invaluable to your current company, you need to know what social media can do for you. It is a gift to new and/or small businesses in that it gives you an opportunity to make yourself known, without needing to wait for a big and mighty gatekeeper to decide you’re good enough. You are great! And social media lets you celebrate this. It’s all up to you and that’s remarkably empowering– when you use it right!

Topics covered include:

  • Why being social is important
  • Professionalism in social media
  • Uses for social media
  • Personal vs. professional uses of social media
  • Best use of your time online and in person
  • Role and uses of social media
  • Content generation
  • The social media channels and how to best use each
  • Effective social media content
  • How to decide on the best social media platforms for your use.
  • The power of amplification
  • Favourite social media tools

Level 2: The Inside Scoop

Everything outlined in Level 1 of the program is about choosing yourself. It doesn’t require a lot of outside endorsement. As we move into level 2, we really start to explore how to get your work, your brand, your awesomeness out into the world. In Level 2: The Inside Scoop I will share my best tips on how to get media coverage, what you need to land your book deal and how to be the one people think of for that next speaking engagement or job.

Module 1: Passing the Gatekeeper: Establishing Yourself as The Expert And Getting Coverage For It

I do believe that being able to get up and rock your business with little more than a computer is pretty fantastic. That being said, there is also a lot of value in getting the nod of approval from outside of your immediate circle and there are strategies to achieving this.

  • How to qualify yourself as an expert
  • Pitching Content
  • How to pitch media
  • What to do after your media appearances
  • Getting speaking engagements
  • Most effective presentation tips
  • How to pitch a publisher
  • The role of an agent
  • Traditional publishing vs. Self publishing
  • Getting ‘hired’ for the job

Module 2: The Secrets of My Business

How do I do what I do? And how is my team so awesome (and when did I realize I needed one!)? This is how I do things around here- what has worked and what was just an atrocious idea!

  • My absolute greatest success
  • My most embarrassing fail
  • How I know when and who to hire
  • Top product/program launch tips
  • Why I pretty much ignore all the “six-figure” business experts
  • How to handle not knowing what to do next
  • Getting aligned with the right people
  • Why giving back matters
  • My favourite tools to make business easier

“Participating [in The Biz Rocking Insider Program] is the best investment for you and your business. I had that awesome feeling of making a really good financial decision as soon as the program started. There is just so much great information supported by real-life examples. I’ve taken lots of business courses and read tons of business books but Meghan Telpner’s Biz Rocking Insider Program is heads and shoulders above all others. It felt like a behind-the-scenes tour of the incredible business she has built.”

– Kelly Clark, Toronto, ON

“I would recommend this course to anyone who needs hand-on experience from an entrepreneur who knows how to run a successful business. Meghan makes no false promises, gives no short-cuts, but simply shares her many years of experience very honestly. This program forced me to clarify my business goals, my area of brilliance, to re-kindle with the meaning of hard (but meaningful) work, and raise my hope to achieve great things.”

– Laurent Causse, Montreal, QC

“The Biz Rocking Insider Program was an eye-opener for me! I had my own private nutrition practice many years ago. After finishing the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program, I knew that I wanted to re-start my private practice, but in a much different way. [This course] gave me the tools and information that I needed to launch my new business by teaching me the necessary steps to insure my success. I feel passionate about what I do and the services that I can provide, and confident that I’m capable of being a resource and an expert in my field.”

– Jessica Grosman, Baltimore, MD

Meghan Telpner Business Speaker

Full Program Schedule

Program Begins Wednesday, January 9th, 2019

Delivery of Information:

  • Each module is approximately 2hrs in length
  • Presented via streaming video (nothing to download)
  • Combination of slides and video of Meghan
  • Slide handouts available for reference/additional note taking
  • Live coaching calls are approximately 90 minutes each

We run this program only once per year. If you have any questions please email