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10 Simple Ways To Live Healthier This Year


Are you ready to rock the new year? This year, we’re ditching the typical new year’s resolutions and instead just focusing on health, taking on a few new habits to be a little more awesome this year!

See, real goal-achieving magic doesn’t come from shaming yourself into change, or forcing yourself to do things you don’t want to do. Real success starts with weaving new habits into the fabric of your life – ideally, habits that you absolutely love.

Ready to make some magic happen this year? Try a few of these new year’s resolutions on for size:

1. Detox your shower

Switching from tap water to spring water is a great first step, but have you thought about all the water you’re absorbing in the shower? A five- to 10-minute shower is equivalent to drinking anywhere from five to 25 gallons of chlorinated water, and thanks to that nice hot water, your pores are open and soaking up all those chemicals. Protect yourself by installing a shower filter.

2. Start dry brushing

If you’re hoping to get rid of that dimple bum or cottage cheese thigh, dry brushing is a great first step. Beyond being a wonderful way to wake yourself up in the morning, skin brushing has loads of other health benefits, too:

  • Dry brushing increases lymphatic drainage and boosts circulation.
  • It helps your body ditch dead skin.
  • Daily dry brushing can reduce cellulite.

3. Start your day with lemon cayenne water

Okay, I’ll admit it — lemon cayenne water is far from the tastiest beverage, but starting your day with warm water, lemon juice and as much cayenne pepper has loads of health benefits:

  • It helps alkalinize your body.
  • It helps flush your liver.
  • It helps boost your digestion.

4. Do regular (har har) coffee enemas

Planning on giving up your morning cup of coffee in 2014? You may be relieved (or not) to hear that there’s another use for your favourite morning beverage. While drinking coffee can send our bodies into an adrenaline frenzy, taking it via the, err, bottom end actually shifts us into a calm, relaxed state. Doing your first enema doesn’t have to be scary — learn how here.

5. Take digestive bitters 

Good digestion is key to so many aspects of healthy living. Eating bitter foods can enhance secretions of the liver, pancreas, stomach, and small intestine, improving overall digestion. But that bitter flavour that’s so beneficial for our health has been almost entirely bred out of our food. Taking herbal digestive bitters before or after a meal can help.

6. Make your own condiments

You’ve tossed the packaged foods from your cupboards, but condiments can pack some scary ingredients, too. Make your own so you can make sure they’re safe.

7. Forage for wild foods

foraging for wild foods

Go beyond the farmer’s market and forage for your own wild foods, or find a local spring and fill up a big glass bottle with clean, pure drinking water. 

8. Get fresh air

No matter what the weather- we are built for it. Get outside and breathe deeply (preferably while moving and shaking in some form. Fresh air and deep breaths will re-oxygenate the blood, increase your energy, bring down stress and thereby boost up your immune system. Even better is if we can take that breath of fresh air in a natural setting. This is the very best way to tune in and tune up effortlessly.

9. Superpower your soup broth

Goji Berries

Making soup? Infuse the broth with superfoods like goji berries, chaga mushroom, turmeric and maca.

10. Share the healthy living goodness with loved ones

Have you mastered these healthy habits? Share them with your friends and family so they can start feeling just as amazing as you do.

Bonus Tip: Enjoy The Process!

Whatever you choose to take on (or not take on), make it fun. Go at it with an open mind, open heart (open tushie in the case of the coffee enema) and a sense of curiosity. If you aren’t enjoying the process, the outcome won’t ever arrive from your efforts. With all health adventures take on, we must always love what we do, and do it with love!

What’s your 2014 health goal?

3 responses to “10 Simple Ways To Live Healthier This Year”

  1. Florence says:

    Great tips! I’m starting pretty small in that I’m trying to eat two servings of vegetables each day. I’m embarrassed to admit I can go three days without a single one, but in 2014 this won’t be the case!

  2. pamelathelen says:

    I have a question about the shower filter part. I have a shower separate from my soaking tub. So, if I get a shower filter, and I use the soaking tub, I will not have filtered water. What do you do when you want to use the tub to soak? Thanks for your thoughts. Your website and information is amazing. Pam

  3. Judy says:

    I have the same question as pamelathelen. What is the best thing to filter bath water. Do the balls that you swirl through the water do enough?

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