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20 Holiday Treats To Knock Your Christmas Stockings Off


It's because I love you so that I put this list together for you. It's also my love for you that has me wanting to ensure you get through the holidays season indulging in the best kind of sweetness, without all the crappola.

And so here I have a list of my favourite holiday treats, some from me and some from some of my bestest health-cheerleading, culinary-nutrition-rockstar-living kitchen kings and queens.

1. Grain-Free Apple Tart
from MeghanTelpner.com

Grain-Free Apple TartThis was originally crafted as a single tart, but after some of my students decided to make them into individual servings, I was all for it. This one also works great with pears (which is how they will be appearing in my upcoming cookbook). This is always a HUGE winner and great for every occasion.


2. Molasses Spice Cookies
by Elana Amsterdam of Elana's Pantry
molasses-spice-cookies-gluten-free-rowI've been a huge fan of Elana's grain-free, super simple recipes since I began doing this work. Her entrees are some of the best out there, but her desserts? These I LOVE!


3. Chocolate Turtles
from MeghanTelpner.com

chocolate turle recipeI can't get enough of these. For one, they are super simple to make, and the caramel filling -- made mostly with dates and a little almond butter -- is actually mighty confusing. Confusing because it is so much like actual caramel. These are a must try!

4. Pumpkin Cornbread Waffles
by Lindsay Isaac of Kitchen Operas
Pumpkin Cornbread WafflesI mean, come on! Just look at those. These waffles make a super awesome gluten-free base to all of your favourite sweet or savoury waffle toppings.

5. Chocolate Pomegranate Bark
by Sondi Bruner

Pomegranate Bark Sondi Bruner

I love Sonderson. I have ever since she spent three months working in the kitchen many moons ago. Her recipes are always very thoughtful and well thought out, and this deliciously flavour-balanced Chocolate Pom Bark is a perfect example!



6. Black Bean Lava Cakes
by Davida Kugelmass of The Healthy Maven

Black Bean Lava Cake recipesIf anyone were to ever believe that good-for-you, real-food desserts weren't possible, that conversation would end right here with this decadent and absolutely beautiful creation by Davida. Her whole blog is pretty much rockstar awesome.

7. Baked Apple Gingerbread Cake
from MeghanTelpner.com

Apple Gingerbread Cake

This cake is rich in spicy holiday flavours, spices that also add a super healthy dose of immune power. This is the perfect weekend afternoon cake to be served with a hot cup of tea.


8. Vanilla-Rooibos Fig Newtons

By Sarah B of My New Roots
Vanilla Rooibos Fig Newtons

Remember Fig Newtons? These are the delicious, healthified version from Sarah B over at My New Roots. Not only are they an upgrade in taste, but these tasty treats are infused with rooibos tea, which makes a great conversation starter at your holiday parties!


9. Raw Hazelnut Chai Brownies

By Green Kitchen Stories

Raw Hazlenut Chai Brownies

Another tea-infused dessert? Yes, please! This time, we are talking the perfect marriage of chai and hazlenut from our friends over at Green Kitchen Stories.




10. Snack Pack Vegan Cheesecake

By Lisa Pitman of Vegan Culinary Crusade


This is a perfect snack for on the go!  The cashew cream and delicious almond date topping are packed full of protein. Plus, who doesn't love to eat dessert out of mini mason jars?



11. Coconut Black Rice Pudding

By Sarah B of My New Roots



This is NOT your Grandma's rice pudding!  It's sweet and creamy and tastes like a tropical dream. No one will even suspect that dessert is good for them.


12. Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Cups

By Sara of Sprouted Kitchen

Almond Butter Cups Sprouted Kitchen

Remember those peanut butter cups you used to eat as a kid (and maybe perhaps still crave every once in a while)? One bite out of these bad boys and you'll never go back.



13. Butternut Squash Brownies
From MeghanTelpner.com


I first made these years and years ago for a test pilot for a show where I was to make three amazing things using butternut squash. These brownies were a keeper, and are now a favourite!


14. Triple Chocolate Chipotle Cake Truffles

By Jenni from The Urban Poser

Triple Chocolate Chipotle Cake Truffles

Chocolate? Check. Cake? Check. Chipotle?! Triple check. These truffles are crowd pleasers, no doubt about it.


15. Anti-Inflammatory Ginger Cashew Cups
By Amanda Maguire via Academy of Culinary Nutrition
Anti-Inflammatory Ginger Cashew Cups

This is one of the most popular recipes that we've featured over on the Academy of Culinary Nutrition blog. Created by one of our star students, Amanda Maguire, she has successfully made chocolate our favourite medicine of choice!


16. Vegan Salted Bourbon Caramel Ice Cream

By Dana from The Minimalist Baker


Holiday booze, only better! Add some frostiness to your desserts as a extra special treat. Or better yet, make some extra cookies for Santa and whip up some ice cream sandwiches!



17. Gluten-Free Pie Of Your Choice
from MeghanTelpner.com

GlutenFree Pie Crust Recipe

This is one of my recipes that is most often requested -- a gluten-free pie crust. You can add your most favourite filling and voila! Know that since we don't kick it with shortening and other fractioned fats, this won't be a traditional flakey crust.


18. Dark Chocolate Donut Holes

By Andrea from Barre3

Chocolate Donut HolesChocolate snow ball fight -- eat this, Timmy's! These healthy donut treats will be a winner around any table.


19. No-Bake Tartelettes with Raw Chocolate Ganache Filling
by Gena Hamshaw of Choosing Raw
no bake tartelettes with raw vegan chocolate ganache filling

I adore Gena. Her new book, Choosing Raw, is awesome and she's absolutely delightful. All of her kitchen creations are amazing, but her desserts always win my heart. This has been a long time favourite.

20. Wait... What About 20?

I got you! The 20th is for you to offer! The 20th of the top 20 is for you to share in the comments below. This list wouldn't be fully complete without your input. What is your favourite, go-to, gluten-free holiday treat?

Please post links below and we can keep building this awesome resource!

10 Responses to “20 Holiday Treats To Knock Your Christmas Stockings Off”

  1. Gena said…
    This is a lovely roundup, full of incredible talent, and I feel really lucky to be included! Happy holidays, Meghan!
  2. Seriously awesome round-up! Thanks for including me and for the sweet shout-out :) You're the best Meghan!
  3. Erin Harner said…
    Thanks for a great list of recipes Meghan! This is on my top 20 for sure: Gluten Free Dairy Free Chocolate Truffles with Raspberries (here: http://www.erinharner.com/whole-food-recipes/chocolate-truffles-with-raspberries/)
  4. sjheathcote said…
    I bring these to share at holiday parties when I know I can't eat any of the desserts. I've eaten them instead of pie at Thanksgiving. The topping is a must. They are beautiful with the topping and chopped pecans on top. Your list looks fabulous. I can't wait to try some of them!! http://detoxinista.com/2012/09/grain-free-pumpkin-bars/
  5. Leesa said…
    OMG Meghan - I don't know which to try first!!! Kinda leaning toward the butternut squash brownie, though... One of my FAV gluten-free chocolate treats is Body Unburdened's "Superfood Snack Bites" http://bodyunburdened.com/superfood-snack-bites/
  6. Anna said…
    Amazing Meghan! Here are the festive, chocolate treats I've been making variations of and eating for breakfast for about a month now. http://topnutritionals.ca/blog/chocolate-protein-moringabits.html
  7. This is a great list! I love checking out new-to-me blogs and this list had a few! I have some really delicious but healthy cookie recipes that I'll be bringing along to get-togethers over the holidays this year, but my special dessert for Christmas will be this raw and vegan white chocolate cheesecake slice: http://www.mynaturalkitchenblog.com/blog/2014/12/7raspberry-white-chocolate-swirl-cake-with-dark-chocolate-crust
  8. Satkiana said…
    I can't wait to try out the dark chocolate almond butter cups! And, my number 20 would be the ever so fabulous chocolate cream pie recipe from The Gluten Free Almond Flour Cookbook by Elana Amsterdam: http://elanaspantry.com/chocolate-cream-pie/ Mmmmmmmmm! Happy holidays everyone:)
  9. Claire said… December 6, 2016
    Great list! All looks delicious! I also love mince pies this time of year.... https://deliciouslyella.com/mince-pies/
  10. What a great list. My #20 would be the traditional Canadian Gluten-Free Maple Syrup Butter Tarts. http://www.fromourhideaway.com/recipe/gluten-free-maple-syrup-butter-tarts/

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