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After Dinner Mint (Chocolate)


Oh my love sweet lovers. I can only go so long without sharing some sweet, sweet chocolate love.

I created this gem for the attendees at my Raw Food Power workshop a couple weeks ago. I always have a challenge when I do the same workshops over and over again.

See- I come up with the plan, the recipes, the flow and then I do it once and need to change it up. As a little girl, my parents would go out for the evening and I would decide with my baby-sitter that it was time to rearrange the furniture in my room. This happened a lot! Who new one French Provincial furniture set could have so many potential configurations.

Recently, my main man, told me that he thinks it's good for me to have creative projects. And I once had a boss tell me that he fears the trouble my idle hands may cause. So it goes. When I get restless these days and can't move all my furniture around (although my recent move to a new home was exhilarating and almost everything in my kitchen is on wheels for a reason), can't job hop or be the queen of first dates (all past hobbies), I create new chocolate recipes and then proudly share them with guests at my classes.

The response I usually get is "Where's the recipe for this". My answer- "I'll get it to you. Isn't it delicious though!"

For this layered mint chocolate treat, I wanted this to be refreshing, satisfying, just sweet enough, and loaded with the most nutrient packed goodness I could squeeze into one square of chocolate. This had to be the perfect summer chocolate and my goodness it is! Hence the name: Summer Mint Truffle.

The magic ingredient in this truffle is the mint essential oil. I used the brand new ones I am carrying from Living Libations.  When it comes to using essential oils in our food- we need it to be top of the charts amazing. We want the best of the best. Seriously. And I am pretty sure Living Libations is the best of the best.

Here are my top five uses for the peppermint essential oil.

  1. Mix a drop of mint with a little jojoba or coconut oil for the best muscle soothing massage oil.
  2. Add a drop to your morning smoothie for a refreshing lift.
  3. Add a drop to your water bottle (glass or stainless steel of course) for a refresh to your water.
  4. Keep a bottle in your purse for travelling- great as an anti-nauseant. Drop on a tissue and inhale.
  5. Use as an instant disinfectant. Those pink soaps in public bathrooms creep me right out. I dab one drop of peppermint oil onto my hands and rub it around for anti-bacterial/viral/fungal/microbial benefits.

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  5. Rachel said…
    Where can I find the recipe for this please??

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