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5 Recipes. 3 Women. 1 Big Mess. This Is Recipe Testing


messy kitchen

We LOVE these kind of ‘work’ assignments around here. The kind that invite us to put on some tunage and rock out while making massive messes in the kitchen. And then we get to look at each other and be like-

this is our job! Yaaaay!

Kristin and Jen came by yesterday morning, picked up the shopping list and spent an hour out and about gathering ingredients. It was then time to divide and conquer the recipes and get cooking. These recipes were being created and tested for a major Canadian Magazine and will be appearing in their October issue. The theme… foods normally made with meat, made without meat. As you can imagine, the beans, tofu, tempeh and mushrooms were abundant!

I am often asked how I come up with my recipes. In short- the process goes like this:

  • Fully understand the criteria for which I am creating.
  • See what I have already created, know and love that can form the base.
  • Research cook books and online about specific ingredients, recipes that look/sound good and begin a massive amalgamation (most of my recipes start as mine and than work in tips and tricks from five or six others until I have created a brand new one to call my own).
  • We get cooking. We take notes as we cook. We modify, tweak, revise, tweak some more, re-write and often re-test.
  • Then we write the recipe in the simplest way possible, eliminating steps where ever we can.
  • Then I share with you!

The best part of course, what I call is getting down and dirty as we Make A Little Love In The Kitchen.

cutting green chili'sLatexed up to handle the green chili peppers.

cutting in the kitchen

Jen shows the onion who’s boss and below Kristin sheds a tear or two over this onion.

cutting onionschopping broccolitime for the processorsauteebig mess

Adam, who joined our last 6-week cooking program lives right across the street. Who could smell the goodness wafting from our kitchen into his place across the road and came knocking. Our green curry was Adam approved!

Adam eating

And this is just one of our stoves!pots of goodness

making love in the kitchen

dancing in the kitchen

The chaos was, well, chaotic. But we made some of the best of the best new recipes we’ve tasted here in a long time! So what was it that we cooked up?

Fine… I will tell you but you don’t get the recipes… yet! We made a Green Curry with Tofu and Cashews, a mushroom and mixed bean chili, a spicy sweet potato and black bean burrito, squash chickpea burgers and spaghetti and tempeh balls with fresh tomato sauce.

So good!!!

Question Of The Day: What is the very best part of the job/work/interest that you love to do most of all?



13 Responses to “5 Recipes. 3 Women. 1 Big Mess. This Is Recipe Testing”

  1. jamie said…
    You ladies look like you are having so much fun! Whatta job! I love my job too. I also get to help people feel their best and heal themselves with the power of good food. I enjoy seeing clients one on one to create nutrition and lifestyle plans that will help them live their best life possible! Cant think of a better job...except for maybe working with you ladies in your kitchen ;)
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  3. Ami said…
    ohhh can't wait for the recipes!!! I <3 me some green curry (it's my fav of all the curries)!!!
  4. Odelia said…
    Oh, this is rad! Thanks for putting up all the pics! I'd say my favourite part of my job is right now just putting on my thinking cap a lot and helping my boss put her creative ideas to work and talking with clients, asking them about their day and how they feel and what they want! My equally favourite thing is meeting everyday people everywhere and realizing that they enjoy being listened to, validated, and that they appreciate nutritional suggestions for some of their ailments if it comes up! I ain't no doctah, but this happens daily, sometimes a few times a's such an awesome experience to connect with people this way. :o) Gives me the warm fuzzies. Help me do more! Have a sweet cookin' day ladies, Odelia
    • Jen Rotstein said…
      Get ready Odelia! Lots of fun cooking times are coming your way soon :) !!
  5. Meghan, I really enjoyed this post, AND it made me SO jealous, its a happy time sharing my cooking days but hardly ever get to do it right now. HOW MUCH FUN IS COOKING! In answer to the question you raised on your post...I love (at last) what I am doing in life now. Travelling, cooking and writing my blogs. I am working at making my passions my's the only way to go! Any tips always gratefully recieved...
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      So any people ask me about this. Perhaps this workshop coming up might be of interest:
  6. Alisa Fleming said…
    What fun! To be honest, recipe creation is the hardest for me, because I hate wasting food and the two of us can't eat it all fast enough for trials. I'm trying to get more into it though.
  7. Andrea T. said…
    Adam is a lucky man. :) The very best part of my job: I want to hang out with my colleagues outside of work. We've done evening movie outings, evening theatre outings (one of them performs in musical theatre & a couple of music groups), a vodka bar (a send off for our departing Russian co-op students - some of us may have gotten a wee bit tipsy) and after-work celebrations at pubs (see "tipsy"). Last Saturday evening colleagues from 2 offices celebrated my manager's birthday with him and his non-work friends at a restaurant/bar. It reminded me of how lucky I am to work with people who feel like friends, and I didn't even touch alcohol that night, so the feeling was genuine. :) One of my colleagues who used to work on my team was my lunchtime shopping buddy. We once bought the same dress at the same time & she's been my enabler for other outfit purchases. I call her my "work BFF" and sometimes my "former work wife". When the job itself doesn't feel so glamorous, it's good to have that. (The second best thing: The flexibility of 8-hour days that don't require me to be at work at a specific time, so I can work 8-4, 10-6 or any other similar time frame.)
  8. Adam said…
    It was pretty tough work being a tester and all. It was delicious, however. If you ever need more 'help', you know where to find me!
  9. Chelsea Young said…
    ooo i can't wait for the recipes!!!
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