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*8Things: F*ck Conventional Wisdom list


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I rarely play along with these blog games- but I love this blog and given certain things I have been told of late, and have been exploring personally, I wanted to play this one. I think you should too!

What *8Things do you need to stop listening to? What does “everybody” know is true, but doesn’t work for you? Tell that stuff to take a hike in your *8Things: F*ck Conventional Wisdom list.

Here is my list:

1. You must have a business plan for a successful business: Well then what do I do with that brilliant idea that I come up with tomorrow that wasn't part of the plan but that is now gonna change everything for the better?

2. Think It Through. You can think your way to whatever conclusion you want. I'll live it out and then see how it all went down.

3. No Pain, No Gain. If that's the case, is gaining really gain if it hurts so bad? Hmmm... I think instead I'll just breathe more, accomplish more, and hurt less.

4. Filling Out Forms Is a Part of Life: Not my life. Forms make me dyslexic and I am forever filling in the wrong boxes with the wrong information. What I have to say won't ever fit in a box, or a multiple choice or a true or false. I am slowly outsourcing all my form filling needs- one form at a time.

5. Family Is The Most Important Thing: Love is the most important thing. Family is a feeling and if you don't feel it, you don't feel it. The person practicing yoga next to me is likely more a part of my family than most of my blood relatives.

6. Freedom 55. No way. Freedom 30 is feeling great!

7. W-O-R-K doesn't spell F-U-N. Really? What does W-R-O-N-G spell?

8. I'm sorry to tell you, but you have _____ disease and you have to learn to live with it. I'm happy to tell you that you have symptoms that present as such and such a disease, but if we will get to the root cause of your symptoms, address the root cause rather than carpet bomb your symptoms with a collection of toxic chemicals, and you will no longer have the disease, or the symptoms that add up to that disease. You will have peace of mind and a healthy body.

11 Responses to “*8Things: F*ck Conventional Wisdom list”

  1. Bravo! I am particularly fond of Number 2 -- Gabrielle Roth says, "You can't think your way to clarity." Yep. And number 5 -- this has been, for too long, an excuse to tolerate and "forgive" horrible treatment that we would never accept from anyone who was NOT related to us. This is one of the best of these lists I've read. :)
  2. Ricki said…
    I love this! Pretty much every one makes total sense to me. And Freedom 30?? Good for you! (too late on that one, but I'll aim for 55 and be happy). ;)
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      I think it's all about how you define freedom :) It's possible this present definition of freedom might be slightly altered should I, one day, decide to bring babies into my life.
  3. seriousWhimsy said…
    absolutely love your list! I'm almost to 30 and I swear, every year gets better. love the wisdom in each of these. can't wait to poke around your blog now :-} xooxx
  4. Aletheia said…
    #5 made me muse, and #6 made me think that you're incredible. All in all, this is why I love you. Because you're like a Revolution.
  5. Kendall said…
    Never once have I had anything to do with anything military/marine corps/army/navy etc etc but this list makes me want to yell "HOO RAH!" #7 is great. Doing it 'w-r-o-n-g' is F-U-N!
  6. Lexi said…
    What a fantastic list! Reading through these had me screaming YES YES YES!
  7. Leslie said…
    Really liked #8!!!
  8. Alisa said…
    Awesome - thanks for this - it made me feel better today :)
  9. I've been learning to say goodbye to Number Two as well. Time to turn off my thinking and do more doing! Thanks for playing. I learned a lot from your wisdom today.
  10. Kristina said…
    #8 I agree and disagree. Not all diseases can fit into this blanket statement. I am all for holistic health and nutritional therapies, but sometimes the therapies work. Sometimes the therapies are not as toxic as the media portrays them to be, ie bio therapies such as the Interlukins used to treat renal cell carcinomas and metastatic melanomas. Do I think "modern" medicine is lagging behind in the nutritional component to therapy or recovery. You betcha! But please be careful with these blanket statements.

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