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A Lesson In Patience


The sun was shining. A little Spring warmth was in the air so I rode my bike over to my favoruite produce market and what did I see calling my name from out in front of the store?

A big sign that read "Organic Strawberries. 2 boxes for $5".

I collected a few other things but the thought of biting into a fresh, ripe juicy strawberry kept my attention. At last I gave in and bought them- along with yet more squash, more root vegetables and more apples (over the winter fare).

I put the strawberries in my basket and rode home. I washed a couple up and bit into one and.... ugh. It was awful. Sour and mostly tasteless. Not juicy at all. I began to wonder where in the world strawberries were actually in season as they certainly weren't in bloom here in Toronto. Ah- the box said California. Wait a minute...


As I read further down I noticed something else. The company was from California, the strawberries were from Mexico.


In a moment of weakness, a moment of great impatience for the sweetness of summer, I broke 3 of my 4 produce buying rules.

1. Local organic
2. Local
3. Organic
4. Nothing from Mexico (it's a fertilizer issue)

I suppose I have learned my lesson and will just chill out until this Spring moves on and summer moves in- ripe with fresh, local, organic strawberries. And I was reminded once again to read the small print on food packaging.

What will I do with these two great big things of strawberries? I suppose I might try strawberry (almond milk) ice cream, or maybe a fruit crumble. Any suggestions?

Update: I ended up doing something delicious with them! Check this.

6 Responses to “A Lesson In Patience”

  1. Kari said…
    Well the pictures sure do make them appear as though they would be absolutely delicious...what a bummer. I'm excited for summer as well. My mother in-law usually goes strawberry picking and I'm going to make sure that this year I go with. I try really hard to eat local foods when the markets are open. Thanks for the support on my change of plans. When she started Diet Rehab I linked it to my page and have been following it since. I'm excited and a little scared. The scary part is not knowing what some things are in recipes. But I've just been starting to good ingredients so I can get an idea of what it looks like so I'm not aimlessly walking through the grocery store about to give up. lol.
  2. Marinella said…
    but..but... what about champagne and strawberries! chocolate covered strawberries, strawberry shortcake, strawberries shared with friends... damn mexico! i say we take a trip down south and tell them how you really feel... I will come and eat ... in strawberry fields!
  3. Coconutgal said…
    Freeze them for smoothies? Or cook them up in oatmeal! I totally know that feeling of disappointment.... bummer!! Please do tell about the fertilizer issue?! I want to know what this is about! Also, what do you do when the only organic products you can find aren't local? Give in and buy them or go hungry?
  4. [...] or so ago, I was caught up by Spring fever and found myself throwing caution to the wind and buying strawberries way out of season and imported from far too far away. The result was a heap of the worst strawberries you ever did [...]
  5. What a drag. And they look so good! I'm anxiously awaiting for my CSA delivery to start up again, so I'm a bit impatient as well. I agree with coconutgal, freeze them for smoothies.
  6. They look deceptively good. Our farmer's market just started up and so we are excited about getting more local produce options as spring and summer roll in.

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