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A Meghan Style Bachelorette


We are making our big, big announcement tomorrow here on the blog- so make sure you check back with us.  Had to make sure everything was just perfect for you peeps, and the anticipation is killing us!

Yeppers. It's now feeling really official that I am getting hitched.

The wedding will be at the end of this summer - less than five months away- and our sweet planning is just about complete. We all know I didn't need a part time job planning a wedding so keeping it all simple and true to my man and I is the name of the game. With that in mind, when it came time to plan a stagette, my sister-in-law and best girlfriends went to work to create an evening that was pure joy- Meghan style. There was no need for late night drinking or strange naked men flipping their their floppy about. We're all in our 30's after all, so it was time to do something mature...

Enter hula-hooping and scrapbooking! Yes, this was the party of my nutritionista dreams.

We started out with some Hula Hooping lessons with my dear friend Elana. The giggles were out in full force!

After hooping, we headed to Belmonte Raw for a most amazing private dinner!

My dear friend Carol Belmonte went all out with this menu. It was the best meal I've ever had! Below is my sister-in-law Carly and my mom (I know, I know- we look alike), quenching our thirst on a most delicious pear, granny smith, beet, lime, kombucha and sake cocktail. Is there anything better than fresh juice!?!?!
My newest sisters-in-law Sharna and Carmi made a little sandwich out of my oldest friend Macy (we're talking since kindergarten here). Gorgeous!All the ladies were loving their bevvies.And then dinner! We started with a 'roasted' (that means dehydrated in raw food terms) red pepper soup and amazing stuffed tomatoes. We also had juice pairings with each course. With this one we had a tequila like shooter made with lime and aloe in a glass rimmed with coconut crystals and cayenne.Following it up with a lemon kale salad and a shepherds pie made with portobello mushroom, walnut meat filling and amazing raw creamed cauliflower. With this course we had a pairing of fresh grape and beet juice mixed with a splash of balsamic. I was amazed that my friends, old, old dear friends- some from kindergarten, summer camp, junior high, high school, and a few from nutrition school, plus my sisters-in-law, and my cousin were all loving to bits all of the amazing food and fresh juices. It was a treat for everyone. Goes to show that EVERYONE can appreciate amazing healthy food when prepared well, and presented beautifully.

And of course there was dessert, a vanilla cardamom ice cream with orange ganache cake along with a tall sip of raspberry hibiscus puree. This was unreal. 

And then more fun was to be had. On to the arts and crafts! It was scrap booking time. As soon as I found out I started collecting stuff. I am not so good with 2-dimensional products! And yes, I did proudly  wear a sparkly "bride-to-be" crown. Of course!We all got to work crafting and sipping our wine and giggling. Everyone was instructed to bring pictures or mementos from our time together.The result was AMAZING. and the process was so super fun! When do we ever get to play like this?My mom of course had the most on me- she included in her page parts of my grade 7 report card (straight A's except for B's in Phys-ed and science- the irony), naked baby photos, me during an unfortunate dreadlocks/braid phase, among other things.My sis-in-laws Sharna and Carmi made sure Josh was in the mix.And I of course had to bring some flowers into it.

So who says a stagette has to involve getting sh!t-faced-pukey drunk, watching naked dudes flaunt their thing and have a night of obscene indulgence? Not I.

When we start to question convention, and find the things that bring us pure, sweet joy, we best choose to also be present enough to enjoy them. In fact- we'll likely want to be. For the evening that I got to spend with my oldest and dearest friends, have them all meet each other, and enjoy some fun play time, amazing food, and getting creative, I wanted only be "Here and Now".

The work that I do is not my job, it is my life. To be able to celebrate it and share it with those I love most is the greatest gift of all.

It can be challenging to question what is expected of us, and I am learning this as I plan a very important ceremony- that of my marriage to my dream boat. We have been questioning a lot of stuff lately and it seems that though this may not be the easiest way- going with the flow often requires less research and less thought.

What we are learning along the way is that finding creative ways to share our values with those that love and support us, is proving amazingly sweet and rewarding.

Thanks for letting me share a bit of my life with you!

Big love,





Question of the day: What be your dream activity with your best friends?

20 Responses to “A Meghan Style Bachelorette”

  1. Kristin said…
    Love it! Such a "you" party :D If I had to do my bach party over again, it would definitely be something similar! :) xo
  2. Bhavna said…
    So perfect! Thank YOU for sharing such a beautiful part of your life with us!
  3. Bonnie Duchscherer said…
    Thank you for sharing with us Meghan , it really brings a smile to my face and warms my heart to see the joy in your life, you are blessed but so are we to be able to share in your joy. Your man is very special, I can see why you are so happy, and this is just the start of your life together. Give my regards to Josh, I also think the world of him. Love and cheers, Bonnie
  4. Angela Farthing said…
    What a beautiful Staggette! Wonderful ideas and so fun!
  5. Christa said…
    Aw Meghan, my heart just melted into a big puddle! So glad I read this before my day started... this makes me very grateful for what and who I have in my life. Thank you sharing! PS. your private dinner looks ah-mazing!!!
  6. Samantha Angela said…
    Your bachelorette party sounds unreal! That is SO much fun. I love the scrapbooking idea especially. It's good memory of the bachelorette party that you can keep forever!
  7. Thanks for sharing this! Looks like so much fun! You are a lucky girl to be surrounded by so much love :). I love seeing you break free from the conventional "mold" and celebrating in a way that is truly YOU and makes YOU happy... it takes some great friends/family to help you do that as well. I hope you will share a glimpse of your wedding with us too, I can't wait to see it!!
  8. Shannon C said…
    Wow...okay girl, you've made me cry at my desk. What a beautiful post - thanks for sharing it with all of us! I love how genuine, creative, fun and down to earth your stagette was. Wonderful ideas for celebration, and memories I'm sure. Also - very inspiring! So happy for you and Josh (I look forward to meeting him in February!).
  9. Vaishali said…
    Meghan, you are so lucky and blessed to be surrounded by people who truly love you, support you and who understand what total health really means.
  10. Ashley said…
    So you. So perfect. So excited for you and your love and your big day ahead. xo

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