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A Weekend With Meghan: Making The Most Of Summer Loving


Is this what weekends are like for non-biz owners? Where you get to come home at the end of the day on Friday and play all weekend long to your heart’s content? On Monday I asked what you were doing to squeeze the last bits out of summer (though I may have used the words testicles and tittles somewhere in that paragraph).

Last weekend I had the whole weekend to play. Things are about to get chaotic. VERY chaotic to say the least so the J-Man and I set out for some fun. I get oodles of requests to post my ‘daily eats’, which as I have said, is not really something I want to post about. Snooze fest I’m sure plus trying to eat what someone else eats is a bit like trying to squeeze into someone else’s panties. Slightly uncomfortable and perhaps a little icky.

Besides, as the following will show, without fail, I always forget to take pictures of my food before I eat it all up. Now, equally important to the food we eat is the fun we have. And this my lovers was one of the most fun summer weekends there ever was!

The first stop was to the BloorCourt festival which, to be honest, was rather underwhelming but I was back on my bike after nearly four weeks following the car accident so I was happy!

We then made our way down to Parkdale- as I had to pick up something from my kitchen… oh and stop for a wild blueberry sorbet from the brand new Boreal Gelato Company. Who knows, perhaps we’ll soon be offering classes together!

It was then off to the Conscious Food Festival where I got to sport my media badge and play at no charge. I attended the Conscious Food Festival a few years ago and it has come a long way. Two years ago, there was nothing I could eat. It was booze and beef galore. Was so happy to see some awesome veg loving presence and had an amazing sprout salad from Sprouts For Life. Some stevia sweetened lemonade, a fresh coconut, and a corn tortilla from Chocosol.

Was also nice, of course to catch up with my peeps. Below with Lulu of Real Foods For Real Kids, and also ran in to the delightful nutritionist Julie DanilukFoodie411’s Joel Solish and Lisa Borden.On our way home from the food feast, we happened upon a play in the park. What fun!

Seriously fun!

Went home for a quick change and were then off again for a delicious dinner…And then to one of my most favourite events of the year, the Bicycle Film Festival. If you read Vanessa’s book then you know all about my first adventure there. But you gotta love the bicycle valet service.

Sunday morning it was time for me to enter the world of cinnamon buns. Have no fear, I will have my version of the recipe up next week. They were amazing! Look at them!

And finally, Sunday evening, we decided to meet up with the Critical Mass riders for a Blackout Anniversary ride.

We had no idea that riding with this group of cyclists…

Was going to culminate in a massive street party!

With drummers, a full horns section, clowns, dancing, and good old fashioned fun.

And let me tell you. On this full moon weekend. Toronto showed me the best time ever.And summer loving is having a blast!

And now- we start to seriously gear up for the Fall. Fun times are coming!!!

Much love and great summer health to you,


6 Responses to “A Weekend With Meghan: Making The Most Of Summer Loving”

  1. vanessa said…
    Meghan, when are you bringin' your lovin' to Vancouver? The East gets to have all the fun - not fair!
  2. Annie Summer said…
    Your food is great; your metaphors will always bring me back...
  3. caren said…
    Made me miss TO :( I loved your podcast with the "chef" boyardee gal. You were brilliant. Way to go M!
  4. julia said…
    your helmet. i LOVE it. what a pretty way to protect your cranium! where is it from???
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      The company is called NutCase. I got it at my friend's bike shop. If you're in Toronto, check Sweet Pete's

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