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Apple A Day: The Sequel


For the second year now, I decided to take to the streets with my flowered bicycle and baskets full of apples. Last year I hit up the intersection of Bay and King, in the heart of Toronto's financial district. This year, we went for a slightly different demographic, venturing a little further North to Yonge and College. Though there are many areas of the city that could use a little boost of nutrition, I chose this one because the four corners of this none-too-pretty part of the city plays host to Tim Hortons, Starbucks, Tutti Frutti (a candy store), a Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacy and just off from the corner is Frans, a 24-hour greasy spoon diner,  McDonald's,  Burger King and numerous pubs. These, friends, are potentially the greatest contributors to the ill states of mental and physical health of which we suffer.


I was curious to see if I could persuade anyone to forgo their lunch time coffee and instead have an apple. The little stumbler of this plan was that I kept catching people coming out of the coffee shop and so their hands were already full- a coffee in one hand and a ciggie in the other. No room to spare for a bite of health in the form of a locally grown Macintosh apple.

Once again, people were dumbfounded by catch-free generosity, though I must admit, unlike the suits down at King and Bay, they were mostly willing to make eye contact, lots of big thanks, and some people even came around again to grab another.


The highlight, of course was when my new friend Ron, who also goes by the moniker 'The Street Professor', decided he wanted in on the love sharing. He explained to me that he was a superior salesman thanks to his  'unmatched gregarity', and that he has been working in sales forever. Ron is the anti-Meghan, wearing head-to-toe-black, and big scary skull and cross-bone jewelry. Watching the video when I got home, I realized that as he was chasing people down the street harassing them to take an apple and my biz card, he also kept taking calls on his ear piece and pumping fists with random seen-better-days people. Now, I don't like to make assumptions, but something tells me The Street Professor and I, we're not selling the same kinda goods.


IMG_6971All I know is that it was fun; as much fun as last year with the added benefit that no strangers asked for hugs this time around. If at least one person decides to take an apple as a snack this week instead of getting a Tim Hortons donut or a Starbuck half-caf-double-soy-vanilla-mocha-coffee-free-latte or a bag of fuzzy peach candies, well, then my job was done well. At the very least, I know that 100 or so people had a great, health building snack today. For that alone, I can sleep well tonight!

For those of you who generously made donations. Thank you from the itty bitty bottom of my big heart. That money went to a very great cause.IMG_6965

29 Responses to “Apple A Day: The Sequel”

  1. Mle said…
    I loved watching your video on this last year and loved this one even more! You are so sunshiney and adorable, inspiring me to wear more COLOR! Nothing but goodness can come from it! Now that song is going to be stuck in my head all day..... Keep up the health-spreading-love!
  2. Taryn said…
    College and Yonge isn't sketchy! Unless of course you were referring to the food options. The only place that I will eat near campus if I am stuck without enough food is Ginger, which is actually called Green Fusion or some such now. The situation is quite dire!
  3. I love it! great idea. You gotta give us word next time you plan on doing it... It sounds like a hoot, and who can say no to free apples? btw, you may want to check out the toronto couch surfing group... i think they give out free hugs at kensington on sundays
  4. massybird said…
    Would you mind sharing your stewed apples recipe? I love hot breakfasts, especially this time of the year :)
  5. Meghan Telpner said…
    Yay! I love that. Any photos?
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  7. Monica said…
    Omigod, I haven't heard that song since I was a kid. Nevermind the apples, the colours, that song made my day. I'm going to be giggling to myself all evening! hahahahahahahahaha

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