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Apple A Day


In my creative and perhaps eccentric little Parkdale neighbourhood, my flowered bicycle and I usually get nods of approval, an occasional wave and smile and most often a 'hey flower girl' greeting. My bicycle and I, however, are not contained to Parkdale and lately, as more and more of my clients are the people who spend their days in the office towers of Toronto's Financial District, I often find myself parking my bicycle by the great big bank towers and taking the elevators up to double digit floors to deliver supplements.

As much as I try and keep the evil nutrition eye to myself, it is hard to close my ears to what my fellow elevator riders will discuss. On one such trip at lunch time, a group of women were discussing what they had picked up in the food court located in the concourse below their building. They were all carrying these horrible looking styrofoam containers and I could smell something not so nice seeping out the sides. Apparently that day was meat loaf and mushroom sauce day.  It took all my will power not to pull out my cards and give them to each one of these diet coke holding, meatloaf eating, unhealthy looking women.

This got me thinking- if there were healthy options readily available, would people take advantage of them? I was convinced that they would. How could they not? How could people who persistently complain about their weight, their stress levels and their chronic feelings of fatigue and lethargy not want to feel better?

Well, as I discovered, for the most part, they don't. Apparently taste buds and convenience come first in a culture where work life is more important than a good life. Yes, the former can provide the means for the latter, but a good suit, nice shoes, fancy car, big house, and extravagant vacations won't mean much if we feel like crap. And none of these things can make us well when we are sick. Health and happiness go together.

Should you ever come across a friendly person passing out apple goodness and nutrition advice, take an apple, stop to chat, or at the very least, acknowledge the presence of that person trying to bring a little health and happiness into the world.  And maybe, just maybe, you could give that person a little smile. A wee little one would do.

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4 Responses to “Apple A Day”

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  2. What a great idea Meghan, it is amazing even when you offer someone a really simple solution like taking baby steps in the right direction to whole food nutrition like eating an apple, you may encounter resistance.
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  4. Loren said…
    Happy Anniversary! Thank you for sharing the goodness!

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