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10 Reasons Why THIS is a Better Breakfast Than THAT (Apple Yogurt Breakfast Parfait)


I do my best to steer clear from the peeps who call themselves "nutrition experts" and then promote processed crap. Now, I am not into judging or labelling or any of that jazz- so to help me exercise my non-judgment exercises I just avoid. Sometimes, though, it builds up and gets tough to ignore.

When in the span of a few short weeks, I was sent articles written by "nutrition experts" who  promote the consumption of nitrates, saying they are a-okay (how I despise studies funded by companies that have a vested interest in our increased consumption of poison), and the same 'nutritionist' who is a paid promotor of healthwashed processed deli meats. "Natural Deli Meat" is an oxymoron unto itself.

Then there are the "nutrition experts" who  health wash our very own "Healthwashing" title by declaring an Egg (Mc)Muffin a better breakfast option than a bran muffin (and also suggests deli meat over a tuna sandwich and instead of granola bars- um... more deli meat?).

All of this makes me want to change my job title to avoid being lumped together with this nonsense.

Instead, I will offer you some real food. It is not a THIS versus THAT issue, it is more about common sense, trusting your instincts, staying away from packaged food as much as possible and keeping it whole.

This was lifted from somewhere and sent over to me:

The healthiness of your diet is determined by what you DON'T eat - not by what you do eat... "Superfoods" typically have some various vitamins and compounds that are good and so feel free to include them as part of your normal diet. BUT if you are just adding a superfood to a crappy diet and expecting that to do the work for you, you will be disappointed.

Now then- we can pretend that the THAT here is a bran muffin, an Egg McMuffin, toast and cheese, fried eggs and bacon, pancakes, waffles,  a milkshake disguised as a smoothie, or deli meats. It doesn't really matter. Great health promoting foods don't need to be leaned up against crap to be great, they are just great for being great. Love it, right? Can I get a Hey now for THIS breakfast! (Click to tweet that!)


10 Reasons THIS is a Better Breakfast than THAT

  1. Raw, live, enzyme rich component of fresh seasonal fruit (in this case, an apple).
  2. Raw, live enzume rich and probiotic goodness from a fermented yogurt (in this case, coconut kefir)
  3. Diverse sources of plant based proteins (hemp seeds, yogurt, and Sunwarrior protein powder)
  4. Dash of fresh cinnamon for blood sugar balance
  5. Ideal balance of omega 3 to omega 6 in the hemp seeds for anti-inflammatory benefit
  6. Drizzle of low glycemic coconut syrup as a sweetener.
  7. This is 100% gluten-free
  8. No cook time required.
  9. Made from scratch.
  10. Delicious.
So there you go. No need to look for the lesser of two evils- just go straight for the goods. No need to take the reading glasses to the supermarket, no health claims or "nutrition experts" needed to know that THIS breakfast is better than THAT. It just is and common sense will tell you that!
Apple Yogurt Breakfast Parfait


Prep time: 

Cook time: 

Total time: 

Yield: 1 serving

  • 1 apple, cut into ½ inch pieces
  • ½ cup coconut kefir or organic sheep milk yogurt
  • ½-1 Tbs Sunwarrior protein powder
  • 1-2 Tbs hemp seeds
  • Dash of cinnamon
  • Coconut syrup to sweeten

Make It Like So
  1. Add apples to bowl, dollop on coconut kefir or yogurt with optional protein powder mixed in.
  2. Sprinkle with hemp seeds and cinnamon.
  3. Drizzle with coconut syrup.

Question Of The Day: What are some of the most ridiculous bits of "nutrition wisdom" you have encountered?


37 Responses to “10 Reasons Why THIS is a Better Breakfast Than THAT (Apple Yogurt Breakfast Parfait)”

  1. Eleanor said…
    Hmmm I'm a huge fan of making raw goat milk kefir at home and am curious about using coconut milk instead for a vegan alternative. Is it possible to use milk kefir grains to make coconut kefir without them eventually going bad? Or would water kefir grains work better?
  2. Talia said…
    Hey, Meghan, always love your blog and its colours and feel-good attitude. However, I do disagree with one thing: a healthy diet is defined by what you don't eat. Most people don't get the 10 servings of fruit and vegetables that they need a day to meet their nutrient and fibre requirements. I think that, if people simply made an effort to hit this target, changing little else (well, not consciously changing, at least), then they would experience a huge difference in how they look and feel. While if they're having McDonald's Big Macs at every meal, but still getting their 10 servings of F and V, I think they would have a significantly healthier diet. When I travel or go on a road trip and am forced to eat out it becomes apparent how little fruits and vegetables are emphasized in meals and I start to clearly see the difference. By at least making sure I get my 10 servings (this is the minimum, by the way, we could always do with more!) then at least I know that the other foods I ingest are the "gravy". Not to mention you don't have room for the extra big mac when you've had a huge salad for lunch or a large amount of fruits for breakfast...
  3. Taryn said…
    I'd like to think of myself as being well-educated on the realms of gluten free after being diagnosed with celiac for three years. However, I have always been confused about kefir. I used to consume awesome kefir yogurt growing up but was scared off of the grains upon diagnosis. Can someone point me to some literature on the matter? I trust this community rather than some of the contentious or misleading advice on celiac forums. I also just really dig the science behind our food. My breakfast today was a happy farm fresh egg cooked in walnut oil with organic brown rice, steamed sweet potato with organic garam masala spice mix and broccoli and it was quite bad ass if I do say so myself. Awesome, super quick breakfast recipe. I'd likely throw some nuts in their as I am ravenous in the morning.
  4. @sheribets Inspired by @meghantelpner's post but changed it a bit. Will post the recipe on my blog! #glutenfreecleanse
  5. Did you see this @rosereisman @theresaalbert? Thoughts? by @MeghanTelpner #healthwashing
  6. Let's HEAR IT! RT @LisaBorden: Did you see this @rosereisman @theresaalbert? Thoughts? by @MeghanTelpner #healthwashing
  7. [...] A couple people asked what’s in it. Well, it’s just a tweak of Meghan’s recipe for Apple Yogurt Breakfast parfait. [...]
  8. Ick! Avoid these #healthwashing breakfast ideas- eat real food.
  9. melissa k said…
    The timing of this post is hilarious because I are cookies for breakfast, somerhing I do a couple times a year...and they were the chocolate chocolate ones I made yesterday using your recipe from your site. They were a hit with the people last night! Don't worry. I followed up with my daily eggs.
  10. @rosereisman @rockitpromo @29Secrets did you read this post by @MeghanTelpner ? would love your thoughts, thanks again!

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