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Are You Living The Creed?


I wrote the creed in about 10 minutes. For real. I had been thinking about it and when it came to put pen to paper (or index fingers to keyboard- yes, two finger typer over here), it just flowed out. Why? Because I live it of course. Every mindful moment of my day, I do my best to lighten up, smile and always remember that Today, most certainly, is the day.

We have been getting emails and letters (and even photos!) from around the globe, with people sharing how they are doing their best to live this creed as their own manifesto. It's become art on their walls, backgrounds on their phones, wallpaper on their desktop, and of course- their go to tote bag.

For this reason, I have something I would like share... in a moment.

First- we made a few creed inspired changes around the kitchen (that went with a few changes on my biz site). We took down my old signature decal that greets guests in my kitchen.

And using a small army that included Josh, and Kristin, and even her husband Nick pitched in and a little yoga style twister moves...

We got it up. Turns out they sent me the wrong thing and the next morning it was on the floor. But our permanent version is now on it's way... from Malaysia I think.

Today is the dayMake it ridiculously awesometownEat fruit, lots of cherries, while thinking good thoughts. Love what you do, and do it with love. Smile at strangers. Be youthful, truthful, playful and funfulLaugh at the ridiculousness of seriousness. Ride bicycles covered in flowers. Sit through the storms, for the sunshine and rainbows will follow.

Question of the Day: How do YOU live my creed?

P.S - Share today's tweetable and spread the word!

32 Responses to “Are You Living The Creed?”

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  4. Lisa said…
    A focus this time of year for me in Canada is "slurp up the sunshine" - last weekend some beautiful sun was streaming into my apartment at 8:30am on Sunday morning, and I found myself moving my chair across the room into the rays, and then following it from east to west for the next two hours. I felt like a cat! It was warm and peaceful, yet energizing and totally amazing.
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  7. Kat said…
    The line "labels are for tin cans" stuck out...labels aren't just for tin cans sillies!!! Talk about awesometown, chalkboard labels rock!!! Check out my blog post ( for a pic!!
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