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Artificial Sweeteners: Sipping On Poison, Part 1


We are so hooked on sweetness that massive powerful industries are built on the fake chemical version of sugar and our weakness for sweetness. This fake stuff is being put into everything- from vitamins, to soda, to gum, to tooth paste.

Artificial sweetener is poison. How's that for a bold stand on things? Poison is defined as a substance that can cause disturbance to and organism and I therefore, I stick like white bread in the colon by my statement.

The way I see it, the food we eat can be on either side of the fence. On one side of the fence are the foods that build our health. These are the foods that nourish our cells, fuel our brains, aid in digestion and assimilation of nutrients, balance our blood sugar and hormones and generally make us healthier. When it comes to artificial sweetener, I question whether I should even be writing about it here. For one, it is definitely not on the health building side of the fence and two, it is not food. Artificial sweeteners (whether they are 'made from sugar' or not) are toxic.

Now, I don't really give a rats back side whether aspartame causes cancer in rats, as some studies both prove and disprove. I also don't care much for any study that says that artificial sweetener doesn't lead to Alzheimer's, obesity, or neurological disorders. I have never, ever, never seen a study that proves it to be healthy, health building or health supportive.

I don't need to see proof that something man-made in a lab won't kill me, for me to eat it. I want proof that something man-made will heal.

According to a 1998 survey, 144 million American adults routinely eat and drink low-calorie, sugar-free products such as desserts and artificially sweetened sodas and gum. The FDA has approved five artificial sweeteners:

  • Acesulfame potassium (Sunett)
  • Aspartame (NutraSweet or Equal)
  • Sucralose (Splenda)
  • D-Tagatose (Sugaree)
  • Saccharin (Sweet 'N Low)

The reason these sweeteners are intended for health purposes is because they are anywhere from 200 to 400 times sweeter than sugar which means a very small amount is needed to add sweetness, and therefore doesn't register on the caloric scale or on the blood sugar meter. Consuming a small amount may seem harmless, but what if you put it in your coffee, chew gum, brush your teeth with conventional toothpaste, have a diet soda, or even some cookies, candies or cereals a few times a week?  What about every day?  What is the collective load of all that?

Artificial sweeteners are chemicals, and chemicals in the body are toxic. We know that toxins build up and get stored in the cells of our body, specifically, the fat cells. And why do most people switch to low cal sweetener options? To lose weight, right? Two and two my friends, two and two.

Another reason people often use these sweeteners, and dear me, are advised by doctors and dietitians to do so, is because they have no affect on blood sugar. Again this doesn't make it healthy. Our body uses glucose as fuel. When we taste something sweet, the brain sends the signal that calories/fuel/glucose (whatever you want to call it here) are on their way. Alas- our brain just got faked out by a chemical sweetener. We have momentarily satisfied a sweet craving without spiking our blood sugar, but as a result of this fake out, we may find another craving not too long later as our body was all geared up for a little calorie action from food or real, calorie containing sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners, therefore, can cause the poison soda-pop sippers to either keep sipping (that's what I like to call a vicious cycle), or keep snacking (another viscous cycle).

That is  how artificial sweeteners can lead to weight gain. Hmmm, you might be saying, that makes sense. Doesn't it just!

There have been many studies proving the hazards of artificial sweeteners and many more in defense of the little fake devils. You know my stance on these things- When in doubt, keep it out!

Come back tomorrow for more of this common sense all natural, warning label free info. In the meantime, have a gander at this:

Additional Resources/References

I am aware that this post might make the artificial sweetener consumers angry and defensive. That is a-okay by me. You won't catch me defending my stance further or in any way being swayed into adding these foods into my diet. If you wish to comment counter to my opinion, do so constructively, without being condescending or rude if you actually want your opinion shared.

34 Responses to “Artificial Sweeteners: Sipping On Poison, Part 1”

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  2. Kasia said…
    "I don’t need to see proof that something man-made in a lab won’t kill me, for me to eat it. I want proof that something man-made will heal." LOVE IT. Can't wait for the rest of these posts this week!!
  3. Amanda said…
    Love it! I've tried to convince friends and family to stop adding these sweeteners to their coffees but to no avail. I've stopped drinking soft drink and as a treat drink juice or iced tea. It's all water for me! (Or smoothies).
  4. Michelle said…
    I often worry that my dad's consumption of soft drinks over the years has contributed to or caused his Parkinson's.... he cut back on it for a while but I guess I haven't sold him on it's evils. Sigh. I have an aunt who was getting tremors in her neck and cut out the diet sodas and it went away. Thanks for the great info Meghan... it will help people for sure.
  5. Mrs. M said…
    Wuhoo! This is just what I needed to support my own desire to cut diet coke out of my life once and for all. I have a you ever see skinny people drinking diet coke or eating special K?!! It's a huge soapbox rant for me. I once had a lady tell me that aspartame is given to cancer patients to help them GAIN weight. Not sure if that's entirely true....HOWEVER...there's some merit there. It's interesting....that I feed my children and myself in two entirely different ways...children are free eating (GF, CF, SF DF & Preservative Free) while I am a diet coke fiend. Yuck! Farewell DC, farewell!
  6. THANK you for writing this! I try to bring this up on my blog every now and then too! Love to see others doing it as well!
  7. Maria said…
    GREAT post! I stopped consuming AS about a year ago. I am SO glad! I feel much better! Great info here!
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