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At Last Prevention Makes Headlines


Well hallelujah! Prevention is finally given the credit it is long overdue.

Just yesterday I was having a cup of tea with a friend when the story of my little health challenge of a few years ago came up. He was astounded when I explained how I had gone about 'curing' my case of Crohn's disease with acupuncture, herbs, diet, yoga, meditation and sunshine. I shared with him my unshakable belief that when the body receives what it needs to be well, balanced and strong, it will be and that our natural state as human beings is to be healthy and happy.

The challenge is that we tend to get in our own way of this. We always seems to get to our worst point, before we take action to get ourselves back to our natural state of health.

A report has just been released by the World Cancer Research fund tooting the horn of the importance of prevention. This report is being covered in the newspapers, on the radio and on TV.  The following was taken from The Policy Report Overview:

"The Second Expert Report is the most authoritative and comprehensive report ever published on diet and cancer. It lays out personal recommendations for people as well as goals for the population as a whole. However, setting these targets is just one step. Equally important is understanding how to achieve them successfully..."

The report essentially outlines the responsibility of every person and group needed to make a difference- from individual families, to governments to the united nations. Some of the responsibilities include:

GOVERNMENT  Aim: Use legislation, pricing, and other policies at all levels of government to promote healthy patterns of diet and physical activity

MEDIA Aim: Sustain increased coverage of public health and well-being and prevention of obesity and chronic diseases including cancer.

WORKPLACES AND INSTITUTIONS  Aim: Institute and implement policies that promote physical activity, and healthy meals and bodyweight

PEOPLE Aim: Act as members of households and communities and as citizens, not just as customers and consumers, in achieving healthy ways of life.

It may take some time for institutions, organizations and governments to get on board. We can't wait for all of them. We, as individuals control what we do with our spare time, what we put in our shopping carts, what time we get into bed at night. We can start preventing cancer, and any other disease today.

It is very simple: Move more, eat better, sleep sounder, smile often.

Now go on, cook yourself a whole foods based dinner. Some chicken soup perhaps, or maybe quinoa with some sweet potato and cauliflower. A sweet cookie for dessert perhaps and maybe, you just might share the meal at the dinner table with friends, family and some light-hearted conversation.

The only challenge I see left is that for most of us, we haven't a clue what a healthy meal is anymore. That's where my colleagues and I come in. We're hear to help!

Here is the link to the report site and here is a link to a summary of the report from The Globe and Mail.

2 Responses to “At Last Prevention Makes Headlines”

  1. Tht is excellent, a step in the right direction!
  2. Leesie said…
    Unfortunately, I have an actual sad and scary story to share with you. A popular chiropractor who worked here in town recently died from stage 4 liver cancer. This chiropractor was married to his business partner, had two wonderful children (a boy and a girl) and lived and preached a healthy lifestyle. He taught his patients everything he knew about nutrition and offered nutritive supplements and such as well. I should know, I was one of his patients. How could this have happened to someone like this? It is a question that has remained on my mind and in my heart and will burn forever. Is there an explanation??? Just wondering...

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