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Baby Steps: Making the Transition


Working for Meghan and not making changes to my diet would probably be impossible.  It has been two months, and slowly I have seen Irish moss, MSM and vegan protein powder creeping into my morning smoothies, which is now consumed through glass straw.  My once afternoon coffee was replaced by a big steaming cup of Dandy Blend.  My meat and dairy intake has plummeted, being consumed minimally here and there and always via ethical supply. Overall, these small changes have begun to make a difference in me - and my health - and it only encourages my desire to take proper care and attention to my diet.

I embarked on the Fab Uplift Detox - if for no other reason than to kick my caffeine habit and clean up my eating. Certain things aren't an issue for me to cut out - meat, dairy and sugar are things that are on my sometimes but I won't miss you list.  Pathetically, it is potentially the worst vices that I realize I can't cut out - like my beloved, beloved gluten (pass the pasta, please) and of course, coffee.  (Oh, are so warm and velvety and dark and...I digress.  You aren't good for me and I know this.  We are like Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown.  Lovers, but not meant to be... Or something).

Having the support of Meghan and the rest of the Fab Detoxers - all 103 of them, what up peeps? - I am confident I can make it through this detox unscathed. Luckily for me, Meghan's recipes make detoxing SO much more delicious - and this is oddly empowering!  Let me give you a little example, my friends.  My all-time favourite dish is a Mildred's Temple Kichen brunch staple - Huevos Monty. Now, considering MTK uses locally sourced, organic fare - I wasn't so offtrack mowing this dish, weekend after weekend, year after year.  It isn't *technically* fab detox worthy, because the flour tortillas and the sour cream...and cheese.  Having left over fresh salsa and black beans from day 1's taco salad, I decided to get creative and make a Fab Detox worthy version of my ultimate dish. Sure, I ate it for dinner not brunch, but HECK it was good.  It was gluten-free, dairy free and vegetarian. I swapped out the avocado creme for a very Meghan inspired avocado cashew creme, used corn tortillas instead of flour and omitted the cheese from the beans.  Even the ol' boytoy gobbled it up happily, a sign that it truly was delicious.

Wish me luck, Meghan's fearless readers!  As the Fab Detox journey continues...

Question of the day: What do you find the hardest to give up during a detox?


10 Responses to “Baby Steps: Making the Transition”

  1. Baby Steps: Making the Transition #cleansing #happiness #health #holistic #wellbeing #wellness
  2. Baby Steps: Making the Transition #cleansing #happiness #health #holistic #wellbeing #wellness
  3. Baby Steps: Making the Transition: Working for Meghan and not making changes to my diet would probably be imposs...
  4. Jennifer said…
    Black tea - I was going to sign up for the Detox just to kick this one... but alas... I'm on day 3, cranky, but managing. I think I like the ritual of my morning tea just as much as the taste, so I'm giving it a go with some herbal tea in the morning.
  5. totally with you Maeve, coffee and gluten are my two hardest things to give up also. I am honestly loving all the support and sharing going on with the detox group... it helps sooo much!! We can do this :)
  6. Shannon said…
    I realized when reading through the menu plan that most of the things I was giving up were things that I don't really eat much anyway. I do eat goat/sheet dairy and meat, but miniumally so that wasn't a big deal and anything else was either a sometimes food or a no go anyway. However, the last 6 months of 2011 I have slid very far away from my no refined sugar rule. There is none in my house and if I cook, it's fine but I was craving sweets ALL THE TIME. So while I'm doing the detox to stop the sweet attacks it will be the only difficult thing. Oh and sweet peppers... I eat them almost every day in some form... but it's 16 days... that's not too bad, I don't crave them I just love them.
  7. Noel Guillory said…
    Good luck! I find giving up processed cards the hardest- bread, pasta, chips, crackers, etc.
  8. Jenns said…
    It is hard to give up favorites but the key is to WANT to do it. It makes it that much easier. If you don't want to but are attempting it anyways, it just won't stick.
  9. @maevecath writes about life in the #fabdetox and without coffee!
  10. FlexiLexi said…
    Great post Maeve - you can do it! When in doubt, just have a smoothie haha. You're in good hands, miss you gals.

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