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Living Beauty: Banishing Blemishes and Abolishing Acne


Written by Nadine Artemis.

Diet, Hormones and Acne! Oh my.

Acne. If you have it, you want it gone.

Hormones, digestion and modern skin care are the cause of most acne problems. Fortunately, there 5 easy steps that you can take to get your skin smooth and healthy again.

5 Steps to Banish Acne:

  1. Introduce fermented foods and probiotics into your diet. A healthy gut is lined with billions of beneficial bacteria that boost our immune system. The helpful bacteria found in fermented foods and probiotics keep your digestive system moving quickly and efficiently. Try kimchee! You may like it.
  2. Minimize inflammation. Optimize your insulin levels by eliminating gluten grains and processed-sugar from your diet. When insulin levels are normalized, the underlying inflammatory conditions that promote the unfriendly bacterial growth on your skin disappear. Minimize the dietary causes of inflammation and your skin will heal and glow.
  3. Keep a clean colon. Constipation is no fun, for many reasons. If your digestive system is backed up, hormones are not effectively processed by the liver, and this can cause hormonal acne around the jawline and chin. Also, proteins, pathogens and toxins that are not processed through the digestive system are often sent to the skin to be excreted, resulting in acne and blemishes. If you will remove from your diet glutens and foods with low nutritional value, and have a series of colonics, you can clear up constipation. This will free up your digestive system to do its job of eliminating waste so that you skin can do its job: protecting you and looking radiant.
  4. Balance your hormones. Women, have your 28 day cycle.  Birth control pills wreak havoc with hormone levels! There are also few simple dietary changes that will help clear up excess estrogen that can lead to acne: eliminate soy from your diet and eat your broccoli! Soy stimulates estrogen production, which leads to hormone surplus. Cruciferous veggies, such as broccoli and cabbage, are high in Indol 3 carbonyl which helps the body excrete estrogen, so it is very important to fill your meals with those powerful veggies. Also, supplement your diet with herbs like partridge berry and vitex, which are powerful, and safe, hormone stabilizers.
  5. Rethink clean. Your skin does not need to be stripped squeaky clean with soaps, alcohols and chemicals to be clean! That beneficial top layer of skin that is so harshly stripped away is comprised of the Hydro-Lipid-Barrier and Acid Mantle. The lipid barrier is your skin’s water-proof seal, enabling the skin to retain water and shielding you from foreign substances trying to enter your body. The Acid Mantle is the natural layer of acidic-oils on the skin that fights acne causing bacteria.  Healthy skin is home to friendly flora that are a vital part of the body’s immune system, which thrive only on skin with the top layer of lipids in place.

All modern skin care regimes break the skin’s water proof seal and obliterate the acid mantle, leaving the skin vulnerable to acne-causing bacteria and even inducing inflammatory acne in response to the toxins in harsh chemicals. Stripped of its natural lipids, the skin reacts by producing more oil to regulate its own moisture. When the bacterial balance is compromised, blemishes will occur until the Hydro-Lipid-Barrier is established.

Clean your skin gently and thoroughly, with oil like jojoba and without harming the acid mantle or lipid barrier. For specific care of blemishes, topical applications of essential oils like rosemary, immortelle, niaouli and carrot seed are helpful. They are astringent and anti-bacterial, and can be applied to acne and acne-prone skin with superior, glowing-skin results.

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4 Responses to “Living Beauty: Banishing Blemishes and Abolishing Acne”

  1. Adi said…
    I love cleaning my face with a little olive oil. Warm it between your hands and massage it into your face and rinse with warm water and a washcloth. Bonus, it also help dissolve blackheads (at least on my face).
  2. Christie said…
    All GREAT suggestions and for most people they will clear up acne. However it should be said that these wonderful protocols; or should I say healthy lifestyle habits, may not be the 5-step cure-all for everyone. Unfortunatley. I've had acne for over 15yrs (I'm 26yrs now), follow a raw vegan diet, make saurekraut, take probiotics, etc, only use natural skincare, and I still have acne :( One thing not mentioned here that I believe is a 'biggie' in healing acne, is healing self-worth issues and learning to love yourself. You've gotta live in your skin and look at it everyday; acne (or any other skin condition) is the best teacher for us to learn to love ourselves in our own skin :)
    • Marie said…
      Acne has haunted me for many is a constant in my life and it is hard some days to not let it get to me. I have been questioning my diet, trying things, I thought vegan was the solution, then I read 'nourishing traditions' and thought my diet lacked in animal fat. I am now back to plant-based mainly, trying to listen to my intuition and not over think it. A good lesson in letting go of control! Although it has made me feel deeply flawed and has left scars. Still working on those feelings... Great website, always inspiring. I would love to work with you one day! Day dreaming ... ;)
  3. Lindsay Towner said…
    Washing your pillowcases at least twice a week and STOP TOUCHING YOUR FACE! ...Said with love of course!! YOu'll be amazed at how many times a day we touch our faces- stop spreading the bacteria an exfoliate at night, it activates the oil glands:)

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