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Bay Leaf Tea Makes The Tummy Sing


Cold and flu season. It comes around every year and every year we wait and see if we'll get struck down, like we always do. As Baby proclaimed to Johnny in Dirty Dancing, "It doesn't have to be this way." We can start amping up our immune powers now by incorporating some simple and delicious practices into everyday life.  And that is where bay leaf tea comes into the mix to make your tummy and your immune system sing.

We know bay leaves, right? Of course we do. We tend to use them sparingly, adding a leaf here and there to soup stocks, chilis and everyone's favourite homemade spaghetti sauce. But come on now. We know that the herbs and spices we add to our meals offer more than just flavour. These true flavour enhancers are also super powers in the functional and culinary nutrition realm. They pack a punch. And bay leaves are part of that party.

Health Benefits & Uses of Bay Leaves

Bay Leaf Tea

The best way to get to get the benefits from herbs and spices is to brew or decoct a tea.

Cinnamon Bay Leaf Tea


Prep time: 

Cook time: 

Total time: 

Yield: 4 servings

A simple soothing bay leaf tea to boost immune function.

  • 4-5 dried bay leaves
  • 1 cinnamon stick (or 1 tsp ground cinnamon)
  • 1 liter of water

Make It Like So
  1. Add leaves and cinnamon to the water and simmer for about 20 minutes. For a weaker brew, chop up the fresh or dry leaves, pour hot water over and allow them to steep.

Photo: iStock/BreakingTheWalls

95 Responses to “Bay Leaf Tea Makes The Tummy Sing”

  1. Rosetta Ballard said… March 2, 2020
    I am so glad I have this information about bay leaves. I use them in cooking, now I can use them for health purposes.
  2. Linda said… April 23, 2020
    bay leaf tea is excellent
  3. Pauline said… April 27, 2020
    Got some fresh bay leaves today...noticed there is a difference. The tip of the leaves are round compare to the ones bought at the store. Even the ones I googled have pointed tips. Is the large round-tipped ones safe?
  4. Adebukola said… May 5, 2020
    I've learnt about bay leaves for long but just make the tea yesterday night and hmm to my surprise all my painful legs was relieved..a diabetic patient
  5. Michael said… May 10, 2020
    I have a bay tree un the garden. Can I use fresh leaves instead of thecdry leaves?
  6. Debra Kapitan said… July 25, 2020
    I have a GINORMOUS Bay Tree in our backyard (20"x15") - never dreamed it would get that big. I use it in all my cooking when I can and I also use the Bay in my grain shelf(ves) to keep insects out- - -my grandma used it that way and so did her grandma, as well as many of our neighbors now. Never heard of using it in Tea until today - I'll keep you posted. Another good use for this monster in my yard🌳🌳🌳😀
  7. Erika said… July 29, 2020
    How many cups of bay leaf tea should I have a day ?
    • Hi Erika! There is no set amount of any type of tea that people should have daily. It's really about what you enjoy and what your health needs are.
  8. Phindi said… September 22, 2020
    I drank bay leaves tea with cinnamon, yes my blood sugar levels dropped but at night I woke due to chest pains, I'm not sure whether I drank too much, please advise

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