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Play It Again Week: Behind A Nutritionist’s Closed Doors


To celebrate Making Love In The Kitchen's first birthday, the bestest posts of the last year are getting another turn in the spotlight. These were selected either because they had the most traffic or should have. While together we stroll down memory lane, I will be away on a farm with no computer! We'll chat when I get back.
Behind A Nutritionist's Closed Doors: First Published: March 9, 2009

I teach cooking classes and healthy meal prep workshops from my home. I also see clients for consultations from my home. At least once a week I am asked if I find it hard having people in my home all the time. The truth is that I prefer it. I live the very lifestyle that I preach and promote and am therefore happy to have people see it in action.

Back in December I had a consultation with a client where, following our session together, asked if she could look in my cupboards. Having nothing to hide, I welcomed it. The same thing happened after my Healthy Meal Prep workshop this past Sunday. One of the attendees said that seeing what I had in my cupboards and fridge has a huge impact.

I suppose what is odd about the contents of my kitchen is that I don't really have any packaged foods. I don't have bags of chips, or crackers, cookies, or breads. I have ingredients to make those things. I have ingredients to make soups, and porridge, and salads. I have whole grains, nuts and seeds, lentils and beans all stored in jars- ready to be cooked up into some whole food goodness.

When I go into people's homes to clean out their cupboards, I am not expecting their kitchens to resemble mine, even in the slightest. I am realistic about this. I do expect that they know the ingredients of the foods they are eating. The easiest way to know the ingredients in our foods, is to buy foods that don't have ingredients. Those are the whole foods.

Curious about how to go about cleaning out your own cupboards to help sustain a health plan? Have a look at my tips here.

10 Responses to “Play It Again Week: Behind A Nutritionist’s Closed Doors”

  1. Your pantry looks like mine! Only, I tend away from the exotic (expensive) ingredients like gojis. Just a little out of the budget!
  2. Meghan Telpner said…
    Would love to see yours! And I have a dealer for my berries... really amazing prices!
  3. Leesie said…
    Where do you get most of your produce from? Do you grow your own garden in the summer? My brother and I are going to plant a huge garden together this year (I used to have one years ago). I wish I had a Whole Foods market or Trader Joe's in my area. We do have lots of farmer's markets in season of course which is lovely!
  4. Leesie said…
    OMG, you look like a teenager! lol If it weren't for the Certified Nutritionist and Holistic Lifestyle Consultant professional labels that's what I would still think.
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  6. Kari said…
    Loved this! Thank you so much for sharing. Not that I ever doubted that you practiced what you just gives me some ideas of how I could start storing stuff, and exactly how much processed junk I really do have in my cupboards. Yikes! Sad thing is that 1/2 of it has been there forever so I guess that means I could just pitch it. Oh and I'm eating the garlic with honey as my naturopath recommended it to me to get me feeling better. Couldn't help but smile and think of you when she said it! :)
  7. Catherine Wisniewski said…
    Hello, I am doing a research paper on nutrition and I was wondering if I could talk to you through e-mail and ask you about your field. Do you know if this would be possible? Thank you! Sincerely, Cathy W.
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  9. littlem said…
    What size jars do you use the most? (We need to buy some).
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