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Best Fat-Fuelled Breakfasts and Morning Elixir Recipe


I gave up oatmeal breakfasts years ago. They weren't working for me at all. I was gaining weight despite doing all the right things like loading my oats up with coconut oil, nuts and seeds to bring down the glycemic load. It was simply too much carbohydrates for my slower metabolic type.

Carbohydrates continue to be that macronutrient of debate. Some people can thrive on a diet that is rich in whole grains, lentils and beans, and others do not. As you UnDiet enthusiasts already know, there is no one diet for all.

After years on a predominantly vegan-style diet, one that would be described as healthy and balanced,  I was gaining weight, hungry all the time, and my sleep was impaired. I developed cavities in my teeth, and my nervous system was slowly being blown to pieces until adrenal fatigue kicked in. I felt hungry all the time and after a car accident in 2011 when my body and mind just couldn't recover, I knew some changes needed to be made.

That is when I swung the door open and welcomed in the dreaded macronutrient, the one that we've been taught to fear by mainstream media and yogurt makers alike: fat.

I was already eating loads of coconut oil, flax oil, olive oil, nuts and seeds, but my body needed more. Increasing the fat in my diet changed my health.

Increasing the fat in my diet changed my health.

I welcomed in ghee (clarified butter) by the bucketful (okay, maybe not bucketful but by the heaping spoonful for sure). I started cooking with it, adding it to my morning elixirs, tossing steamed vegetables in it and smearing it on my almond bread.

Very rapidly the extra weight I had been holding dropped without effort, my body pain from the car accident decreased, my eczema and psoriasis healed and my sleep improved. All of this happened very quickly.

What Fat Does In The Body

  • Helps form our cell membranes
  • Offers us a rich source of energy
  • Protects our nervous system
  • Helps us make hormones
  • Forms our brains
  • Supports effective functioning of the nervous system
  • Nourishes our skin from the inside out
  • Stabilizes blood sugar levels
  • Lubricates our joints
  • Tastes delicious!

Choosing Your Fats

The key for me was incorporating more saturated fat, and I chose to find options that were more sustainable to where I lived. Sure, I could have feasted on avocados and coconuts and their oils, but in Canada, we're a far way from the tropical climates that house these culinary delights. So I turned to grass-fed, traditional saturated animal fats.

When it comes to saturated fats, or any fat for that matter, quality counts. We need to avoid conventionally raised animal derived foods that have not only been abused, but are full up with drugs and diseases. Check out your local farm or farmer’s market to ensure you are buying products that come from high-quality, sustainably raised, grass-fed animals.

Get To Know The Traditional Saturated Fats

Saturated fats (ghee, grass-fed butter, grass-fed meats, cold pressed coconut oil etc), work to protect the unsaturated fats (the fats found in nuts and seeds) from damage in the body - almost acting as antioxidants to protect the beneficial properties of those fats. In general, the North American population has been encouraged to decrease consumption of healthy saturated fats and medium-chain triglycerides, through predominantly unfounded research and propaganda from various lobbyists (I see you margarine and the Health Check programs). As the saturated fat is lowered in our food, most often denatured polyunstaturated fats and chemicals are increased to provide the flavour and mouthfeel feel humans love so much from fatty foods.

The quality does count and when I talk about saturated fats, I am not referring to french fry grease and caged feedlot animals.  Quality counts far beyond quantity. A little saturated fat goes a long way.


Clarified Butter - Ghee

Best Uses:

  • Cooking oil
  • Added to warm elixir drinks
  • Melted over steamed vegetables
  • In place of butter in all recipes

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

Best Uses:

  • Delicious in baking
  • Melt and drizzle over popcorn
  • Stir into warm elixirs
  • Cooking oil for soups
  • Homemade body care
  • Personal lubricant (though not compatible with latex)

Tallow and Lard

Best Uses:

  • High heat cooking
  • Stir fry or light pan fry
  • Roasting vegetables

My Favourite Fat-Rich Breakfast

Fat-rich breakfasts are a staple in my life, a daily affair that keeps me full, satiated and energy stable until lunch. I eat less grains than ever before, more fat and feel better than ever.

This is my experience. Every body has its own unique needs and your job, as the wonderman or wonderwoman in charge of your body, is to tune in and pay attention to what is working, what isn't working and be brave enough to make some changes when the changes are needed. It can be tricky when we've subscribed to one way of eating for an extended period of time.

We’ve been told so often that fat in the diet is bad for us and causes serious health problems like obesity, heart disease and cancer. Newer research is showing that the low-fat diet craze was based on a load of hooey.

In this video I share everything I love about ghee and the other fat fuelled foods that get my day rocking.

Fat-Fuelled Elixir


Prep time: 

Cook time: 

Total time: 

Yield: 1 serving

A fat-rich morning elixir to keep blood sugar stable, your immune system humming and your skin glowing.


Make It Like So
  1. Place all ingredients in your venting blender and blend until smooth.
  2. Enjoy
  3. Note: If you don't have a venting blender, you can blend this with regular water and heat over the stove or blend with a small amount of regular water until mixed, transfer to your mug and add the hot water.


Inspired to eat more fat for health. This looks delicious! via @MeghanTelpner

More Fat Fuelled Breakfast Ideas

Layered Chia and Almond Parfait

Chocolate Almond Parfait

by Against All Grain
A delicious and easy make-ahead breakfast that incorporates the delicious fueling omega 3s from chia seeds, along with a creamy scoop of almond butter.


Grain-Free Almond Bread

Grain-free paleo almond bread recipe

One of my own favourite recipes. We bake up a loaf of almond bread nearly every weekend. We use whole almonds and grind them in the food processor which makes this far less expensive than already ground almond meal. You can make this vegan by swapping the eggs and using chia paste.


Grain-Free English MuffinsPaleo English Muffins

by Running To The Kitchen

As I am allergic to eggs, it's always tough to find baking recipes that don't use eggs as the main binding agent. That these english muffins are grain-free and egg-free makes me extra happy about this recipe.


Veggalicous Quiche

Vegetable Quiche

Feature in The UnDiet Cookbook and available at Dahl House Nutrition

This is one of my favourite recipes from my cookbook. And my friend Kristin also loved it so much that she featured it on her blog, too (hence the link above). I most often make this without the crust so it's more like a tortilla. If you make the vegan version with tofu, it won't be as fat-rich as if you use eggs, but you can always whip up a cashew mayo to slather on top!


Huevos Rancheros with Avocado Salsa Verde

Huevos Rancheros

by Cookie and Kate

Savory Mexican-style breakfasts are the best! Load up on avocado or guacamole for all of that fat-fuelled glory, plus you'll get a load of protein from beans and eggs. For an egg-free version, substitute some scrambled tofu.


Avocado Green Smoothie


by Love and Zest

The combination of avocado, greens and coconut milk provides a simple, satiating breakfast. If you wanna be hard core, you can swap half (or all!) of the frozen fruit for a green apple.


Slightly Sweet Grain-Free Granola

Grain-Free Granola

by Pure and Simple Nourishment

For those of you who crave cereal in the morning, this grain-free granola will satisfy you because it's packed with fat from nuts, seeds, coconut oil and coconut butter.


Coconut Cashew Hot Smoothie

Coconut Cashew Hot Smoothie

by Kitchen Sanctuary

Coconut milk, cashews, toasted coconut, maca - it's like having a warm hug in a glass. Instead of white chocolate, pop in a tablespoon or two of cacao butter (you know, the original white chocolate).


Get empowered! Enjoy this directory of Healthwashing resources that will empower you to understand food labels. Learn More

Ghee Image: iStock/marekuliasz
Coconut Oil Image: iStock/sitriel

31 Responses to “Best Fat-Fuelled Breakfasts and Morning Elixir Recipe”

  1. Judy said…
    Meghan, thanks for all these delicious looking breakfast ideas. Have you found a way to bake the English Muffins in an oven, rather than a microwave? I will experiment with it, but thought I'd save time if you have already done this.
  2. Tanya said…
    Love this for the morning!! I made it with colostrum instead of collagen (cause that's what I had!) which added a nice smoothness and used Four Sigmatic XOCO hot chocolate with Chaga in place of the cacao. Delicious and I can almost hear my brain sighing with satisfaction :) Thanks Meghan!!
  3. […] with food, and you want to go the extra step to choose even healthier options, here’s a link to an article that has some even more whole food saturated fat […]
  4. Erin said…
    Hi Meghan, Are you able to share some brands of ghee from gas fed cows that is available in Canada? I wasn't able to read the label during your video. Thanks, Erin
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      I get my favourite brand, Ancient Organics (the one in the video), in the states. However, there are some good ones available in Canada - check out the health food store or natural grocery in your area. You can also make your own, it's super easy! You can learn to do that here:
  5. Arrio Hoffman said…
    Meghan, I think that my consumption of sugar and carbs in the morning— and possibly during lunch— contribute to my feeling extremely drowsy at times and wanting to crash. I came across an interesting post that claims that consumption of refined sugars and carbs as the culprit of this energy-plummet. Have you found that to be true? And if so, do these kinds of breakfasts help to prevent those kinds of crashes given that they mostly consist of fats? Thanks, Arrio
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      Hi Arrio! Yes - sugars and refined carbs do greatly impact our blood sugar and consequently, our energy levels. I wrote about this in detail here: Having a breakfast that includes protein, fat, complex carbs and fibre will help to prevent cravings and crashes.
  6. Barb Thompson said…
    The breakfast elixer tastes great. I did not have the dandy blend or elixer but used cacao powder. Wondering this a stand alone breakfast or something you drink with other things? How often do you recommend drinking this? Daily? Thanks!
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      It depends on your appetite in the morning – this could be a small stand-alone breakfast, you could pair it with something else, or you could bulk it up by adding a full-spectrum protein powder, nut/seed butters, hemp seeds, almond/coconut milk, etc. I drink elixirs often, though I like to change it up with different flavour profiles for variety and nutrition. More recipes are here:
  7. Barb said…
    I have been drinking this for 3-4 mornings per week. Feel great! I have added raw hemp hearts, blueberries, maca, cinnamon, ginger, vanilla, and dandylion tea. About 600 calories but not having my midmorning snack anymore. Thanks for sharing your other recipes. Have really been seeing a difference since cutting out all processed foods!
  8. Jennifer said… February 2, 2020
    Isn’t it interesting how there’s no one size fits all diet? I spent years eating like you describe here, believing a diet higher in healthy fats was best. (I’m a certified health coach and had done my research.) But my weight just climbed and climbed no matter what I did. Recently I’ve been testing out a high complex carb, low fat plant-based diet on myself. One month in of eating as much as I want this way, and I dropped 6 pounds effortlessly. I need to lose another 40. My friend inspired me to do this after she lost 58 pounds last year. It goes against everything I thought I knew about carbs and fats, and now I’m concerned that maybe I’m not eating enough fat. But I need to lose the weight, so I think I will see how far I can get eating like I am now, then add more healthy fats back in when I reach my goal weight and see what I can tolerate. Balance is key. And I do believe we need fats for all the reasons you say. I do feel better cutting out oils and will probably keep it that way.
  9. Michael said… July 7, 2020
    I eat a lot of fat in the form of butter and cheese. I used to severely limit my fat intake but kept gaining weight. I did not start getting healthy until I let fat into my diet. Also, reading labels, eliminating un-natural foods, etc., and most importantly, listening to Megan's advise. One word of caution about lard: they put BHT in it to keep it from spoiling. Sounds poisonous to me.
  10. Brooke Nisbet said… July 11, 2020
    Hi Meghan! Thanks for the Fat Fueled Breakfast blog. I have tried EVERY eating protocol to heal my body (and supposedly the fringe benefits of everything I try is to lose weight) to include zero fat for months and months to support what I was told was a sluggish liver. I didn't feel much better and I didn't lose one pound. I tried high (good) carb (no grains), didn't lose one pound. Raw vegan til 4pm diet for a year - didn't lose weight. Mostly eat leafy greens and sweet potato (at lunch) and fruit smoothie for breakfast (no protein powders) for 3 years, didn't lose weight (and so hungry in the mornings). Medical Medium 28 protocol and liver rescue 9 day protocol (basically no fat again)...didn't lose weight. I have been trying to figure out what will work in my body for 7 years, as I also heal naturally. (And I've had all of my blood tests, including thyroid, and of course, everything looks great every time.) ANYway, do you still eat this kind of breakfast and do you still feel satiated until lunch? For how many years did you/have you been eating this high fat vegan breakfast? What you said, "Fat-rich breakfasts are a staple in my life, a daily affair that keeps me full, satiated and energy stable until lunch." This so resonated with me, because I've been searching for this, too! I've basically watched so carefully what I put into my body and have been very restrictive and basically hungry for years. So, are you still eating this way (didn't see this blog's date) and do you still feel satiated until lunch? I really need something like that! Thanks!
    • Hi Brooke! Probably the most significant change for me in my life since I wrote this post is that I cut out all sources of sugar (even the natural ones). So I will still have elixirs in the morning, but I don't have the sweetener. Generally, I am to have breakfasts that are rich in fat and protein and what I eat will change depending on the season as well. It sounds like you have tried a number of different protocols. Have you tried working with a health practitioner? If you haven't seen the results you want doing a self-guided protocol it's helpful to work with someone who can pinpoint the root cause and come up with a customized protocol. Something to consider!

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