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Best Recipe For Leftover Grains


Oh my goodness was this the best "Leftovers For Lunch" lunch that I've ever had! Remember that barley salad I shared?

Well this is what I did with the leftovers. Given that I write a food blog and am forever trying to think of new, inventive and easy ways to re-purpose recipes and leftover- mainly because it cuts down on my workload, I tend to only eat things once, then have to find a new and exciting way to enjoy them.

So when I had leftover barley salad and not a lot of time to jazz hands it up, I went for something quick, easy, messy and deelish. So these nori rolls may look a bit like a hot mess to you, but that's okay. It's really only because my knives are due for a good sharpening. But these were amazing and I was extra excited that I had all my fave condiments stalked in my fridge. Forget sugary nonsense like ketchup and relish.  These goodies are my go tos!

I accessorized my nori rolls with naturally pickled ginger, some horseradish, umeboshi plumb paste (I know, I need to blog about this goodness), some naturally fermented tamari and a squeeze of lemon. Pure lunchtime fast food perfectionIMG_2236

In addition to the leftover grains, I rolled my nori rolls up with some ripe avocado and a mix of sunflower sprouts and broccoli sprouts and rolled it all up on a sheet of nori.

Get Rolling

Rolling Nori

  • Place Nori down on the bamboo mat. Typically, the shinier side is put face down.
  • Layer filling in a neat row, leaving about half an inch of space at the edge of the nori closest to you.
  • Rub a bit of warm water on the edge farthest from you. This will help the two sides of nori stick together.
  • Holding the closest edge of the bamboo mat, roll the away from you.
  • Tighten the roll as you go, the same way you would a rug to minimize excess space. Be careful not to make it too tight, however, or fillings may start to fall out.
  • Once tightened, you should be able to unwrap the bamboo without the roll coming apart.
  • Cover your roll with the bamboo mat and press your hands over it to further pack the roll.
  • Move your full roll to a cutting board. Slice it first down the middle with a very sharp or serrated knife. From there you can cut it into sixths or eighths, whichever you prefer.

Want more Nori Rolling ideas? Try these two goodies!

Question Of The Day: What is the most inventive way that you have re-purposed your leftovers?

6 Responses to “Best Recipe For Leftover Grains”

  1. These look delicious! I haven't thought of making nori rolls with other grains than rice, what a fantastic idea! I need to try this :) xo
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  3. yum those look delish, i'm obsessed with making sushi at home its so simple!
  4. Alisa Fleming said…
    This is one of my favorite lunches! Not your salad exactly, but I throw all kinds of leftovers in nori rolls! So, so good.
  5. Ricki said…
    I adore nori rolls--and what an innovative roll this is! Love it.
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